Technology is evolving faster than ever, and it redefines your clients’ expectations much faster than your organization’s ability to manage change. Change can be challenging, and change management processes are still slow. Oftentimes organizations resist change, believing that the risks outweigh the benefits.

Software upgrades are no exception. If you work as a software administrator, you know how hard it is to stay up-to-date with your products’ maintenance levels. By the time you have completed your latest product upgrade, you find that newer versions have often been released. Yet, you know how important it is to keep your workload automation solution updated.

BMC understands this challenge, and with Control-M 9.0.18, we’ve solved the problem! We’ve introduced new features that make timely (and costly) upgrades a thing of the past.


In this blog, I’ll share some of the new upgrade features. See my next blog in this series, “There’s No Time for Downtime – Part 2”, to read about additional upgrade features.


Before Control-M 9.0.18:

In large organizations, the  process to get a new Control-M version in place can take a long time. Upgrades are usually delayed for as long as possible, and when they are undertaken, regression tests, data validation, and compatibility tests are required, making the upgrade even more challenging. 

Beyond the time required for budget approval, order fulfillment, environment build and set-up, the potential risk to production is often the biggest barrier to getting approval for a Workload Automation upgrade. Downtime requires significant preparation and a communication plan because workload automation is vital to a company’s most mission-critical services. Business users are often reluctant to accept any downtime of services they rely upon.

Administrators must negotiate the upgrade time with end users by submitting a request for approval. Gaining approval means everyone has to articulate his or her personal business case for changing. The greater the downtime impact, the harder it is to get approval, and the longer it takes to negotiate the upgrade window.


With Control-M 9.0.18: near-zero downtime and automatic rollback

Control-M v9.0.18 now features near-zero downtime, making the planning and negotiation much easier. If an end user’s requirements or priorities require rolling back to the previous Control-M version, it can be done quickly and easily.

In addition to the near zero-downtime upgrade and simple rollback features mentioned above, the latest version of Control-M has many new features – all designed to help you consume innovation faster. I’ve detailed them in the next blog in this series, “There’s No Time for Downtime – Part 2”. We’re constantly evolving Control-M to help you  consume innovation faster and deliver on your digital transformation initiatives. Now it’s easier than ever to stay on the latest version of Control-M.


What customers are saying:

“Control-M v9.0.18 has shown a near-zero downtime. By minimizing the business impact on applications and end-users, it accelerates the approval for upgrade requests, and it could reduce negotiation activities in large environments by 50%-70%” - “Stefano Sensale, Senior Consultant, Beta 80 Group”.