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BMC digital IT powers 82% of the Fortune 500 companies. Our innovative software solutions enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. Control-M is transforming digital enterprises across the globe and customers rely on Control-M every day to keep critical systems driving their business, running smoothly. Whether it be financial services, information services or banking, Control-M is changing the lives and businesses of those who use it, and is behind the scenes of happy customers all over the world.


Raymond James Financial manages $500B in customer assets with optimized workload automation

Raymond James, a regional investment and financial planning services provider, has become a leading international financial services firm with over $500 billion of assets under their administration. Raymond James serves nearly 2.7 million client accounts in more than 2,600 locations worldwide. Over the past 10 years they have grown exceptionally and the emergence of digital and mobile technologies have increased the importance of their IT organization getting things done faster. Control-M manages RJF’s nearly 2 million monthly jobs across hundreds of applications that access the company’s data warehouse and consolidated data store. Nightly processing ensures that senior management and their 6,500+ financial advisors have the data they need each day to help clients with investment decisions. Control-M is their primary tool to identify, escalate and remediate issues that might delay their batch processing. Simplified monitoring, self-service, and predictive analytics has helped their IT organization absorb a 42% increase in monthly job executions over the past year and Raymond James audit prep now only takes a couple of hours where it previously took two to three weeks. “With Control-M, we can look at applications across the enterprise, identify recurring issues and inefficiencies, and work with people across the organization to figure out how to make things better.” – Chris Haynes, Manager of Workload Engineering, Raymond James Financial

View the Raymond James Customer story video here.


RailInc leverages big data and automation to help keep 1.6MM railcars rolling across 140K miles of track

RailInc, an industry leader for railroad IT and data services headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, supports railroads and their customers with essential information to improve safety and optimize rail operations. RailInc has implemented Hadoop for storing, processing, and analyzing data captured from disparate sources. Control-M supports programs like Railinc’s Asset Health Strategic Initiative, which develops tools that enable customers to track equipment usage, identify equipment issues for timely repairs, and safely and efficiently coordinate the movement of millions of railcars. Control-M automates the processes that support analysis of data of 1.6 million railcars across North America. RailInc processes 11 million data points daily and they are expecting to double their growth in data volume from 50 to 100TB in the next three years with the help of Control-M. "The order in which we bring in data and integrate it is key. If we had to orchestrate the interdependencies without a tool like Control-M, we would have to do a lot of custom work, a lot of managing. Control-M makes sure that the applications have all the data they need." - Robert Redd, Release Engineer, RailInc

View the RailInc customer story blog by Robert Redd here.


Itaú Unibanco transforms banking with new digital services

Itaú, the 10th largest bank in the world, and the largest financial conglomerate in the Southern Hemisphere has over 94,000 employees, 4,000 branches and 46,000 ATMs that serve a global customer base. Over the last decade, significant advances in mobile technologies have led to increased consumer demand for new digital-first banking services. Control-M is the bank’s primary digital business automation platform, processing over 14 million jobs per month and automating diverse batch application workloads for transactions in retail locations, through ATMs, online and on mobile devices. Itaú Unibanco is leading the industry with the new client-centric banking services it’s rolling out. The bank now opens almost 10% of its new accounts directly through its mobile application. “Control-M is a very important tool that we have. If Control-M stops, the bank stops.” - Leandro Araujo, Head of Production and IT Services, Itaú Unibanco

View the Itaú Unibanco customer story video here.