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It’s that time again. As VP of Operations you’ve just been handed a change management request form for hardware/software maintenance. This time it relates to a workload automation upgrade. On the form, the checkbox for “critical services interruption” is selected, and the “expected downtime” assessment value is high enough to potentially affect operational efficiency. And to top it off, the budget requirement doesn’t quite fit in with the latest cutbacks handed down through organization. For all these reasons (and the fact that upgrades like this require a lot staff time), you know you’ve got to do some research before giving approval. While inspecting the upgrade process history, you find that past workload automation upgrades were painful, to say the least, and resulted in unplanned downtime of critical applications.

So, how do you ensure this upgrade will go smoothly? What must be done to avoid critical interruptions that may adversely affect your KPIs and budget? If you struggle with these questions every time you need to upgrade your workload automation solution, here’s one more reason you should switch to Control-M!

Control-M 9.0.18, the latest version of BMC’s Digital Business Automation solution, features near-zero downtime in-place upgrades. Forget about the tedious, expensive and risky upgrade process you’re used to. You can upgrade Control-M and access all the latest features in minutes.


How does it work?

Here’s how Control-M 9.0.18 simplifies the upgrade process:

First, it reduces the upgraded downtime to almost zero. That helps you maintain business continuity and maximize service availability. It also accelerates the upgrade approval process. In beta, customers reported that negotiation activities for the proper upgrade window could be reduced by 50-70%.

Second, it reduces the time and cost of the upgrade. The new in-place upgrade method eliminates the need for parallel environments. You can now safely upgrade in the same environment you are working on, gradually moving up components. This maintains backward compatibility with the rest of the solution. By eliminating the need for a parallel environment and data migration, you will realize significant cost and time savings. This is especially true in large environments where new IPs are required and the opening of firewalls for large numbers of agents become particularly time consuming. Customers in our beta program with large data centers reported that FTE and other resource savings during the upgrade preparation phase could reach 70-90%.

Beyond simplifying and shortening the negotiation and preparation phases, Control-M 9.0.18 reduces risk during upgrade execution. If you experience issues at any time during the upgrade, the environment can be easily rolled back to the previous version until the issue is resolved.


Deploy innovation faster

Starting with Control-M 9.0.18, BMC will begin releasing major updates annually, with fix packs in between. Not only will this will help customers better plan their upgrade activities, it also showcases our commitment to investing in continuous innovation. We’re already hearing from customers that the new annual delivery model will change their upgrade strategy. Today, market dynamics are changing faster than ever! Having access to a regularly scheduled stream of innovation that is quick and easy to consume through in-place upgrades, is fundamental competitive advantage that will help IT organizations achieve true digital business automation”

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