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Technology continues to evolve and new innovations are launched every single week and Control-M is no exception! Every year we spend countless hours gathering customer feedback, improving functionality, and streamlining the user experience to help you with your digital journey. Don’t get left behind by staying on Control-M versions 7 or 8.


Here’s a look at what you’re missing if you’re not on Control-M 9. Contact us today if you have any questions about upgrading.


Control-M 7


Upgrade your Control-M environment to Control-M 9 to enjoy automated agent deployment, a new and improved user interface and promotion between environments.


Control-M 9’s automated agent deployment feature allows you to upgrade one or many agents to version 9 or install a fix pack deployment in a few simple steps. This feature also applies to the EM GUI client component and has a wizard interface to take you through the upgrade process. Upgrade quicker and with less risk, resulting in significantly reduced TCO for managing your ever-expanding workload environment.


The Control-M 9 user interface is more logical and easier to use than ever before. Whether your role is an administrator or a business user, a scheduler or developer – Control-M 9 retains and adds new features in an interface that is easy for all roles to use and master. With Control-M 9, you’ll involve everyone in the organization in the workloads that are so critical to your business.


Promoting jobs from dev to test, or test to prod across your various environments usually involves a lot of manual work like search and replace, and inconsistent operations. These methods can introduce errors at the most inopportune times.  With Workload Change Manager and the Promotion feature, manual work is replaced with promotion rules that operate the exact same way 100% of the time.  You’ll have complete control over the promotion process with consistent, fast, and error-free deployments and production will run smoother and more reliably than ever!


Control-M 8


Upgrade from Control-M V8 to Control-M 9 and enjoy automated agent deployment, a new and improved user interface, promotion (above) and Application Integrator.


Application Integrator is a web-based design tool that guides you through developing custom job types for your Control-M environment.  Relying on scripts or other brute force methods for custom applications can be costly to maintain and can leave you vulnerable to compliance issues. Application Integrator allows your application development and operations teams to work together in order to create custom job types that can be easily built and deployed, allowing you to manage all of your custom application workflows with the same power and efficiency you have with the out-of-box integrations Control-M has today. Application Integrator also give you access to a crowd-sourced community where AI created job types are available for you to use.


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