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Converting data from an existing scheduling solution to Control-M concerns many organizations, as business-critical processes rely on the copious amounts of data within a scheduling solution. Manually converting data increases both conversion time and risk. Using the Control-M conversion tool, will remove the risk of costly errors which may happen in manual conversion when such a tool is not used.


After travelling around many different countries, I discovered that the Conversion Tool not only helps new users to migrate their jobs to Control-M, but is also a powerful tool for large multi-national organizations, which are expanding, to bring new workloads into Control-M. Organizations that are converting from Cron tabs or MS schedulers, or replacing their file transfer solutions with MFT, will enjoy the automated discovery and conversion to Control-M jobs and its applications.


If you haven’t heard about Control-M Conversion, you must watch this Conversion video.


Just recently we have released the Conversion Tool version 9.0.05 introducing some major new capabilities that you should know about.




  • Control-M OS to Application Jobs module (next phase of the Control-M Flow Update module) – Simplifies mass updates and automates conversion from an Operating System job type to either an Application Plug-in (e.g. File Transfer, SAP, Informatica, etc.) or to Application Integrator created jobs.  You can quickly find generic or scripted jobs according to specified criteria and replace them with an appropriate application specific Control-M job type


  • Control-M Self Conversion is a new web interface tool that allows you to build new conversions from any Scheduler, Application, or "homegrown" to Control-M folders and jobs








So let’s talk briefly about what you can do with the Self-Conversion Engine. Clearly, there are so many scheduling tools, file transfers solutions, or any other applications which you’d like to convert to Control-M. The traditional Conversion Tool has a long list of out-of-the box supported schedulers and applications, but of course, not every application or scheduling tool can be supported. With the understanding that the Control-M Operations team is very familiar with their data and business processes, we provide the tool to create conversion rules, and convert, test and upload to Control-M. And all that by yourself! (Well, of course, BMC teams will always support you in case you need it


Check out these latest capabilities and more, or contact the Control-M Conversion team for more info.