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Announcing Control-M Workbench, a no-cost, self-service, standalone development environment allowing users to code, test and debug jobs the same way that any other coding activity is performed. Control-M Workbench expands the Jobs-as-Code capability of Control-M Automation API introduced in 2016. As a refresher, Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces that allows developers and DevOps engineers to use Control-M in a self-service manner within the agile application release process. Control-M Workbench improves the quality of job flows and shortens the time to production.


The Control-M Workbench environment will be familiar for developers with JSON, REST APIs and node.js CLI for creating workflows. Control-M Workbench can be used to create different types of jobs including big data, database and other enterprise workloads. Control-M Workbench is publicly available to download and you will be able to run jobs in minutes.



  • Shortens the delivery cycle- Embedding workflow automation as artifacts aligns the development and operations environments and helps avoid delays
  • Cost-effective and low risk- The self-contained, publicly available environment gives developers quick and easy access
  • Consolidates tools- Developers get everything they need to create, validate, debug and run jobs using their existing CI/CD tools
  • Improves application quality- Shifting left job definitions helps to identify defects or bugs earlier on, reduce costs and increase application quality


Download Control-M Workbench here.


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