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Ever wanted to be a part of something truly unique? Now’s your chance! Introducing the
Control-M Workbench Beta program!


What is Control-M Workbench?

Control-M Workbench is a complete, standalone development environment that allows developers to code, debug, and test workflows without requiring any additional services. Control-M Workbench provides developers with a Control-M sandbox as a virtual appliance that runs on MAC, Windows and Linux environments.

Shorten the delivery cycle with Control-M Workbench and connect development and operations teams to help avoid delays. The environment will be familiar for developers with JSON, REST APIs and node.js CLI for creating workflows. Control-M Workbench can be used to create all types of jobs including big data, database and other enterprise workloads.


When will it GA?

Control-M Workbench is planned for general availability around the middle of 2017.  The Workbench will be publicly available. You will be able to download the appliance and run jobs in minutes.


How do I sign up?

Be among the first to join the beta program and help evolve Control-M Workbench! Get a free DevOps t-shirt when you participate!

Sign up here:

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