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In dealings with customers, I have heard many times that the ease of implementation of Control-M is a huge plus as migrating from one workload automation software solution to another is a enough of a challenge. It was always nice to hear that the out-of-box conversion Tool allowed them to “move heaven and earth” within their migration projects! With the Control-M Conversion tool, the majority of the conversion effort is automated! And the 9.0.03 release only makes moving those tasks easier!

conversion tool 9.0.03.jpg

Some key features in the latest release include:


  • Control-M Flow Update module - Simplifies mass updates at the Control‑M flow level, when converting from Operating System type jobs to either Control Module (i.e. File Transfer, SAP, Database, etc.) or Application Integrator created jobs.  Quickly find generic or scripted jobs according to specified criteria and replace them with the appropriate application specific Control-M job type.


  • Tidal FTP Jobs - The Conversion Tool now converts Tidal FTP jobs into the equivalent Control-M MFT jobs.


Consider this – you’re an existing Control-M customer using a generic Control-M OS job with underlying scripts for IBM Sterling Connect:Direct workloads. With minimal manual effort, you can automatically convert that job into a Control-M Managed File Transfer type job!  Single view – single console – single solution for jobs and file transfers. That’s a win-win for your team, no question.


These latest Conversion Tool enhancements allow you to support your diverse workflows even better – no matter the job type, we’ve got you covered!