Do you rely on Forecast or Batch Impact Manager for daily operations?  Ever wonder how you can use advanced features like What-If scenarios to simulate the influence of the unavailability of a specific Control-M Agent on your flow?

Did you know that through Runtime Estimations and Ad Hoc services you can now see estimated runtimes of all the jobs even if they’re not part of a BIM service? If an Agent Host or Group needs to be taken off-line for maintenance, how will that affect your job flows?  Forecast can show you!


To learn about these and other advanced BIM & Forecast features, we invite you to watch this Connect with Control-M recorded webinar on last Wednesday, November 30th where Erik Rudi demonstrated features such as:




BIM & Forecast What-If scenarios

Estimation Assistance

•      Ad Hoc services

•      Execution trend reports
•      Improved web interface


This is the link on YouTube to the recorded session:


Connect with Control-M: BIM & Forecast Advanced Features - YouTube


Here is the Q&A for this webinar  (Connect with Control-M: Forecast & Batch Impact Manager 9 Advanced Features)




Q: How does BIM work with Smart Folder?  Does the main folder need to be complete or just a job within the smart folder if it is tied to a BIM flow?

A: If the BIM job is linked to the Smart Folder itself then that Folder must complete for the BIM flow to continue.  If it is only a job within the Smart Folder, then only that job needs to complete.



Q: What benefits does having an actual BIM service have for me if I can open analysis on any job?

A: A BIM service allows you to monitor your job flows and important business services in a predictable manner and lets you alert if there are problems.

The Ad Hoc analysis is limited in what it displays and there are no alerting capabilities with Ad Hoc services.



Q: One of the problems that I have encountered in V8 and earlier, is that you have no way of seeing Statistics outside of the AJF.  We need to be able to look at statistics from the planning domain, instead of forcing a job in on hold as a workaround.

A: This does not really relate to BIM or Forecast, but statistics can be seen via a report in the Reporting Facility or you can run the ctmruninf command on the Control-M/Server to see individual statistics for a job.



Q: Can I globally apply what-if scenarios to multiple services at the same time?

A: What-If scenarios are applied to one service at a time.  Jobs within any given service are typically meant for that one business purpose and the What-If makes sense applied to one at a time.



Q: If there are two agents defined in CCM that point to the same host ip will the What-if Downtime know that another agent will be down too if we only selected one of the agent name?

A: The What-If Downtime won't know that potentially other Agent names point to the same physical name.  It can only account for the Agents that are selected.



Q: Can I use the BIM web interface to view an analysis viewpoint for a service?

A: An analysis viewpoint is only visible in the EM GUI



Q: What web browser would you recommend for the new HTML5 interface?

A: Any browser that supports HTML5 is valid.  Chrome is often a good choice, but this is up to your preference.  Older Internet Explorer versions do not support HTML5.



Q: Are all these features available through the web sls client? We make only the web interfaces available to our clients, and they will love some of these new features and tools such as the estimation tool.

A: The Analysis Viewpoint and Estimation Assistance Tool are only available in the GUI



Q: Does the What-If Downtime scenario work for multiple Agents in the flow or just a single Agent?

A: It will work with one or more Agents that are part of the service you run the scenario against.



Q: For Runtime Estimation on jobs that have not run before, is the run time always 5 minutes?

A: For any job whether part of a BIM service or not, that does not yet have statistics BIM will assume the job ran for the length of time in the DefaultAverageTime EM system parameter which has a default value of 5 minutes.



Q: Is Auto Export something that is handled by the Audit & Annotation feature as well?

A: Audit and Annotation relates to what actions a user performs and giving justification to that.  Auto Export is a Control Shell activity which is not covered by Audit.



Q: Is it possible to export the View Schedule into excel or pdf formats?

A: The schedule can be exported to a text format



Q: We use BIM/Explorer in our computer room and would prefer it does not time out. Can we change the timeout for a single user?

A: The User Inactivity Timeout parameter is only global so is not something that can be set for individual users.



Q: We have many server available conditions that prevent Forecast from working without spending hours adding what-ifs, any way to add these conditions automatically?

A: Adding one or more BIM/Forecast rules in the CCM should work best so that What-Ifs don't need to be added.  A rule is always in effect and can be customized to one or more scenarios.



Q: Does the BIM support Cyclic jobs as yet?  This is a feature we would love to get working.

A: This relates to RFE QM001792874 found in Knowledge Article 000074352.  The tentative target is for this to come in the Nov 2017 release (Subject to change).



Q: Is BIM required to use the what-if scenario in Forecast?

A: What-If scenarios can be used if you only have Forecast (or only BIM), or if you have both installed.



Q: When you use a what-if rule in Forecast, does it display what rule you are using?  And can you override the rule so it is not used?

A: If you define a What-If scenario it will show in the panel on the right side of the Forecast screen.

If a Rule or System Parameter Assumption is applied then in the Forecast panel at the bottom, click on Forecast Analysis List and you can select/deselect the options for Assumption and/or in the list look at the column "Influence by Assumption"



Q: In forecast, can you select more than one folder? I know you can select all of them, but a subset would be nice

A: Yes, you can enter folder names separated by commas, or you can use wildcards:

Example 1:  Folder1, Folder2, Folder3

Example 2:  Folder*



Q: When you do a View Schedule on a folder the jobs are listed based on creation date of each job. Is there a way to have the jobs sorted alphabetically?

A: At this time there is no sorting option in the View Schedule for the jobs in a folder.



Q: Can we save a timeout value for one user in the BIM/Web interface?

A: The User Inactivity Timeout parameter is only global so is not something that can be set for individual users.