In the past, it was challenging for customers to utilize cloud based services like AWS, and RDS with Control-M…but that is changing! We are very excited to announce Control-M on the cloud, our latest enhancement to Control-M designed for I2T folks and to appeal to our customers who are moving to the public cloud. In addition to on premises and hybrid cloud models, companies now have the option to address their changing business needs by moving to a public cloud enterprise job scheduling capability with Control-M. 


Companies are aggressively moving applications to the public cloud, to augment their private and hybrid cloud and on premise infrastructures. Key drivers include reducing infrastructure and licensing costs by taking advantage of cloud capabilities and providing easy access environments to support DevOps teams. Running Control-M on the cloud will leverage the capability of public cloud solutions to decrease on premises infrastructure, storage and labor costs all while delivering 100% of the benefits of Control-M.  With these new Control-M capabilities, you can now provision and install within minutes and it’s much easier to take advantage of cloud based services lowering effort and cost.


Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the time required to provision and configure Control-M environments
  • Ease of use as deployment is now managed by the cloud provider
  • Huge cost savings on infrastructure and storage


What’s even better is every customer has access to Control-M on the cloud. Existing Control-M 9 customers will be able to obtain the license key from BMC Support. Control-M on AWS Marketplace will be available with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and will be available as a VM extension on Microsoft Azure.


Attend our Control-M on the cloud sessions at BMC Engage in Las Vegas!

  1. September 8th: “Deploying BMC Control-M in Cloud Environments” by Subject Matter Expert,Olga Paker
  2. September 9th: Hands on Lab- “Run Control-M on Cloud Using Amazon EC2” by Olga Paker and Eyal Sharon