Control-M has been the leading batch job scheduling and workload automation solution for decades. Because of constant innovation it remains a critical solution for thousands of companies.  File transfers are also critical to your business, and robust integration between both your file transfers and related application workflows would give you a competitive advantage.


Well, look no further! Control-M Managed File Transfer delivers highly efficient file transfer management and a single point of control for all your file transfers, along with all the dynamic scheduling capabilities Control-M is so well known for.


It provides a dashboard view of file transfer status and endpoint activity.  This dashboard delivers instant visibility into all file transfer operations, including the status of the transfers, throughput levels, and endpoint details in an easy to use interface.


With advanced search capabilities in both the product client application and the self-service web-based interface, users can easily find details of a specific file transfer, using any number of data points like transfer status, source or destination host information, filename or many other values.  No matter the role a person has in the organization, assuming permissions allow, they can search and find what they need in the way that makes sense to them. An operator might typically search by job name, whereas a member of the file transfer team can search by file name.


With Control-M Managed File Transfer files can be transferred securely with FTP, secure FTP (SFTP), FTP over SSL, or PGP encryption.  It delivers a built-in file transfer server and provides centralized configuration and administration options, making deployment and upgrade activities a breeze.


It also includes an automatic conversion tool allowing for rapid and reliable conversion from

competitive file transfer products. 


And it delivers these file transfer capabilities along with all of the amazing features Control-M is known for like self service via both web and mobile devices, service level management, forecasting, historical views, change and audit control …… the list goes on and on!


Stop building messy homegrown file transfer scripts that require lots of care and feeding and quit using 3rd party file transfer tools that are complex and high priced.


Attend our Control-M MFT session or one of the hands-on labs at BMC Engage in Las Vegas!

  1. September 8th: “Introducing BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer” by Subject Matter Expert, Will Lewis and Tom Geva

Hands-on Labs:

  1. September 6th & 8th: Hands on Lab- "BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer” by Avner Waldman
  2. September 9th: Hands on Lab- "BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer" by Will Lewis and Tom Geva