Control-M Workload Automation is used by thousands of people across the world. Control-M is critical to the business and these days it isn’t just operators and schedulers who care- but everyone in the organization. Recent additions like Application Integrator and Workload Change Manager have expanded the Control-M audience and that trend continues with our recent release of Control-M Automation API, embedding Control-M directly into Application Development!


What is it? Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces that allows developers and DevOps engineers to use Control-M within the agile application release process. This builds automation and consistency into the development process so new business services go from concept to production faster. Using JSON notation for job definitions, GIT and RESTful APIs for validation, configuration and deployment, workflow scheduling artifacts are seamlessly integrated with preferred tools used to automate the application release and deployment process. Now, applications and the workflows they depend on can be developed together to eliminate inconsistencies and save steps in the deployment process.


Key benefits:

  • Aligns Development and Operations
  • No need to learn a new toolset- Developers and DevOps can use their preferred environments and tools
  • Fully consistent delivery pipeline- Applications run more reliably and errors are diagnosed more quickly


This version of Control-M Automation API adds support for File Transfer (both AFT and MFT) and Database jobs to Hadoop and OS jobs types already supported with the initial version. Extensive operational actions such as Order, Kill and Rerun, security enhancements, new job properties and the ability to directly manage resources and conditions combine to enable every Control-M customer to now get value from Automation API.


Since Automation API requires a Control-M 9 environment, this is a perfect time to reach out to your customer base. It is immediately available for all customers on Control-M 9 fix pack 3.


Attend our Automation API session at BMC Engage in Las Vegas!

  • September 8th: Hands-on Lab- “BMC Control-M Automation API” by Anat Ben-Shmuel