Check out our multi-talented but anonymous (at his request) performer who came up with this amazing April Fool’s day song!

(mp3 attached below...)


I was justified when compute was new

To manage jobs, I typed commands a few

Times are changing, now the kids just tap But the fever's gonna catch you when the batch gets back


Post a picture or just check in

Even write an email, that’s not a sin

I can batch the jobs at your hack-a-thon I get high running workflows, it’s a lot of fun


It's the batch, It’s the batch

Oh the batch is back

Stone cold sober as a matter of fact

I can batch, I can batch

`Cause I'm faster than you

It's the way I compute

Algorithms I do


I entertain by running jobs

Process Big Data, even DB BLOBs

Scheduling jobs, my God, what's that

Oh it's nifty doing work when the batch gets back


Batch, Batch, the Batch is Back.


Now it's your turn! Record your favorite version of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Batch", AC/DC's "Back in Batch" or "Batch, Batch...Baby" (a little '80's ice here...), MC Hammer's "U Can't Batch This", or any other song that related to batch, scheduling or workload automation - and share it!