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blog1.jpgIsn't documentation a wonderful thing? Knowing exactly how "Tab A" fits in "Slot B" or how to connect your shiny new electric car to the charger or how long to bake those brownies is a good thing, right? When "winging it" is not an option, where do you turn?  “Read The Free Manual”?  That’s like stopping to ask for directions… “I know where I’m going!!!”  Why should you take time to read the documentation or the instructions or the recipe?  If only I followed my own advice… The “do what I say, not what I do” mentality works, right?


When I started at BMC five years ago, I did a lot of trial and error.  Lots of cool new stuff to learn. BMC, as everyone who uses and loves Control-M knows, does not rest on its laurels.  Control-M is continually being enhanced and improved with new features, functions and innovations.  New applications and platforms come down the pike every day.  From ETL tools to ERP tools to Big Data applications to Managed File Transfer the frequency and volatility of change is increasing.  And that level of change will only accelerate.


So how do you keep up? How do you handle this change and all these new tools and applications when you’re asked to schedule jobs blog2.jpgfor them? I decided to take a step back and look at this from a comfortable place; I put my scheduler hat back on and looked at this from a “how to” perspective. I figured out how to build jobs in Control-M and then created a “cookbook” document for it.  A Cookbook, as you know, is made up of many recipes on “how to make something”.  This revolved mostly around the Control Modules, each of which all have unique requirements and connection profiles to enable us to schedule that work.


Creating these “recipes” in v7 and updating them for v8 and v9 and then added new documents as new integrations came out took quite a bit of time. As the library grew it became clear a more “formal” process needed to be put in place to keep this information up-to-date.   To that end, the Control-M cookbook documents are in the process of being transitioned into the Control-M documentation. The “how to” documents will be melded with existing and new documentation as new versions and releases are introduced. And as new features and functions are added, this “cookbook” or “recipe” approach will continue to be incorporated into the documentation.


Where do I go? Here is a basic list of the contents of the “Cookbook Library”. The topic headings should be self-explanatory:


•    Control-M Best Practices and ITIL

•    Control-M CM & Agent How-to Examples

•    Control-M Non-standard Integrations

•    Control-M Other Procedures


As this transition proceeds you should see this “cookbook/how-do-I-do-that” approach be folded into the documentation. Until that transition is fully realized, I will keep updating and “publishing” cookbook articles. You may always ping me to get PDF versions of these documents until they are fully incorporated into the Control-M documentation. I have added the docs to Dropbox so you can grab the ones you need. I don’t pretend to have created a document for everything; I’ve tried to hit the high spots/most frequently used CMs and some of these docs are still v7 and v8. But once you delve into these documents, hopefully you will see some value and will be able to short-cut your learning curve. There are also quite a few documents other BMC SCs have contributed for “other processes and procedures”. I have added those documents to this Dropbox as well.


Use as you see fit and hit me up if you have questions. Happy scheduling!!