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Simply put – the next generation of leading workload automation software is now available.  Don’t delay – download now and see what makes Control-M 9 the best yet.


ctm_wallpaper_1920x1080_Updated.pngAnd yes, while I am biased (I’m not afraid to admit it), I am also confident in the statement above.  Being relatively new to the workload automation space (after years with systems and applications performance management, IT asset management and service support solutions), I have the unique position of a fresh set of eyes when it comes to workload automation solutions. The more I see of the solutions available on the market and the more I hear from customers and prospects, the more I realize Control-M is a precious gem.


But enough about what I think. It’s really about what you think.  While I can highlight some of the latest features and benefits, it’s how you are able to adopt and leverage the capabilities within Control-M to make your life easier – lower your total cost of ownership, improve the value you deliver to the business and of course deliver applications faster, right? Here are some new features that should do just that:


Automated Agent and Client Deployment – Using the Control-M 9 automated agent and client deployment capability, you can reduce manual upgrades and maintenance. However long this has taken you in the past, it will take less time now.  We have customers that will go from months to days and some from weeks to hours.  The agents and clients can be updated in a single step or the update package can be transferred and deployed at a later time increasing the flexibility you have around updates and deployment all of which will help keep your costs down (and we all know if you can help save on costs, that earns brownie points with the boss).

Runtime Estimations.png

Run Time Analytics – Control-M 9 features

advanced out-of-the-box insight into all jobs in an enterprise view at a glance, significantly improving run time estimation with Batch Impact Manager analytics without being defined as a part of a Batch Impact Manager service.

High Availability – Control-M High Availability enables you to maximize production environment uptime, prevent data loss, and ensure business continuity in the event of hardware failure or for maintenance. Both automatic and manual failover capabilities are supported and both are managed from a single point of control.


Automated Application Workflow Promotion – Using Workload Change Manager, you can now automate application workflow promotion across environments, from test to dev to production, accelerating application change and deployment cycle times.  Because during the promotion process all job definitions are modified and validated according to your Site Standards of your target environment, workflow deployment time can be reduced by up to 80%. This one will go a long way to making your life easier – what’s better than eliminating human errors and manual work?

In addition, Control-M for Databases is also releasing an update. Control-M for Databases offers intuitive, interactive, secure, and seamless integration with database systems. Key features include:

CTM DB 9 - connection profile add.png

Open platform support for JDBC-compliant databases – Simply put, you can now configure connection profiles to any database platform with user-provided JDBC drivers such as SAP Hana, Teradata, MongoDB, and MySQL. 

Support for MSSQL Integration Services Catalog (SSISDB) – Of course you likely already know that SSISDB is a central repository included with MSSQL 2012 (and later) that allows users to manage and monitor SSIS projects with related configuration and parameters. Control-M for Databases 9 supports properties overrides, options to select relevant environments and the ability to browse for SSIS packages in the SSISDB.


Support for new database platform releases – out-of-the-box platform support now includes native 64-bit Linux, MSSQL Server 2012 and 2014, Oracle database 12 and IBM DB2 10.


Additional enhancements include a secure connection to MSSQL, having a set number of characters in the output columns, leveraging a custom separator in CSV outputs, and the option to keep Oracle comments and hints.

So now you have the highlights – and you want to know more.  Here are some key resources that will help you as you plan to update your environment to Control-M 9.


Datasheets: Control-M 9 / Workload Change Manager / Control-M for Databases

Videos detailing new features for Promotion and High Availability

A new whitepaper – Control-M is Free: The Economic Benefits of Workload Automation – I’m including this one because it’s a phenomenal paper – not from BMC but from one of your recognized peers, Brian Anderson at HSN. See, I’m not the only one that thinks Control-M is quite something!  (Brian will also be presenting at Engage if you want to ask him personally about his experience with Control-M. Session 95: Building your Brand: Are you an “Automation Profit Center” or a Faceless Black Hole of IT Spending - Select Keywords and enter "95" for the Session ID.)

If you missed this last week it’s work watching – Alf’s Zoo latest blog focused on an interview with Robby Dick and Tom Geva from BMC discussing Control-M 9.  A great way to spend about nine quick minutes if you didn’t read the details in this post!

Engage 2015.pngIf you’re going to be at Engage be sure to attend Session 314, “What’s New in Control-M 9”. This is an advanced technical session with our experts Joe Goldberg and karol smeczechowski. And don’t forget about the hands-on labs for Control-M 9 – one for the administrators (LL42) and one for the schedulers and operators (LL43).  I love that this release is close to Engage – what a great way to get all the information you will need to know for your update!  For more details on what’s being covered around Workload Automation at Engage take a look here (select track: BMC Control-M Workload Automation). And most importantly – don’t forget to come take a swing at the BMC Control-M: Powering Innovation Power Drive booth (aka golf simulator).  When it’s virtual we can all be Tiger Woods you know!  Or Rory McIlroy…or Jordan Spieth…or Sergio Garcia…you get the idea.

And finally, as if that wasn’t enough – we want to make sure that you have a chance to ask your questions about Control-M and get answers direct from our awesome product management and development teams. Details on the Google Hangout set for mid-October will be coming soon. Look for them here, Twitter (@BMCControlM), LinkedIn and Facebook – yes, Control-M is definitely social!

Can't wait to hear what you think about Control-M 9!