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Informatica Job Form.pngAre you still automating Informatica workflows with the PowerCenter internal scheduler? Or are you using homegrown scripts to schedule Informatica workflows with an external scheduler? Now is the time to boost your integration with the new release of Control-M for Informatica, and enjoy all the benefits of the best workload automation solution in the market!


BMC Control-M for Informatica provides a simple and easy way to automate Informatica workflows and integrate them with other enterprise applications (such as Hadoop and SAP), technologies (such as WebService, database processes and file transfers), and batch activity that runs on various platforms (mainframe to distributed and everything in between). It provides single point of control for all your workloads (including Informatica), SLA management, secured authentication, automatic error recovery, and Self Service access via web and mobile devices.


In July 2014 Gartner published their Data Integration Magic Quadrant where Informatica was positioned as the leader vendor in the data integration market. The Control-M for Informatica solution is one of the most widely used among all Control-M application plugins.


BMC has recently released version 8 of Control-M for Informatica, which includes the following enhancements:

  • Secured authentication via LDAP
  • Start or rerun an Informatica workflow from a specific task
  • Schedule a single task of an Informatica workflow
  • Access from Control-M to the log and statistics information of a specific Informatica session
  • Job type forms for BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager
  • Support for Informatica PowerCenter v9.6.
  • New platforms support including Linux 64-Bit, Windows 8 Windows Server 2012 and others.
  • Support the ability to schedule concurrent executions of Informatica workflows and the ability to specify instance name attribute value.
  • Installation of Control-M for Informatica on Windows clusters.


These new Control-M enhancements provide users better control on their Informatica workloads, offering increased productivity, and faster ways to recover from failures. If you are already using Control-M for Informatica - please share your experience with us, tell us how it helps you to automate and manage Informatica workloads, and let us know which other Informatica related functionality you require.