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With the start of the New Year, there is a lot of reminiscing about the previous year.  This often comes in the form of top 10 lists – such as the top 10 movies for 2014. 

1-7-2015 4-31-10 PM.png

and the top 10 smart phones for 2014

1-7-2015 4-56-54 PM.png



There are those that provide us what they consider the major events that happened around the world during the year:

1-7-2015 4-28-31 PM.png


So I thought I would leave you with a view of what Control-M customers had to say in the year 2014.

Here are results from the BMC Control-M 2014 Survey. 


1-7-2015 4-34-06 PM.png


A few highlights:

  • Nearly 60 percent of organizations are managing workloads across mainframe and distributed systems.
  • Workloads continue to be on the rise, mostly due to new applications and business growth.
  • Adoption of self-service has nearly doubled year over year.


Enjoy the look back.