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How awesome would it be if you could see job dependencies on your mobile device?


Imobile flow with iphone frame.pngt’s been about 4 years since we released the first version of the Control-M Self Service mobile app. We started with an iOS app and then added support for Android devices as well. The next step was to make our app “tablet optimized” taking advantage of the additional real-estate available on devices with larger screens. Over time we’ve made many usability enhancements, including the highly requested features of the ability to order batch services from the mobile app and the ability to deploy the app using Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.


But there’s always been one capability which users have been asking for that was not available - at least not until today!


If you guessed the missing capability was the ability to see dependencies between jobs in a graphical job flow on your iPhone or iPad – you were right.  Today we are excited to release Version 6 of the Control-M Self Service mobile app that makes this a reality!!  And let me tell you – it is absolutely awesome!


You can download this version for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, and give it a try by connecting to our Control-M Self Service test-drive trial environment.


There are many more capabilities which we plan on adding to our mobile app, but if you are already using it – let us know which features you like the best and what functions you would like us to add next (and why)…