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The Control-M/Server 8.0 FP3 is now available with one of the enhancements that I would like to highlight. The full list of fixes and enhancements - along with the installation steps can be found on the Control-M/Server product home page at:


Here are some more details on one of the enhancements in FP3:


1. Ability to disable Control-M/Agent automatic discovery (CAR00044984)


The Control-M/Agent automatic discovery is to minimize the need for Control-M admin to add the new agent in advance before the scheduler defines a job with the new agent name. Once the job with the new agent name runs, the Control-M/Server will try to communicate to the new agent to submit the job. For the environment where this functionality is not desired, there is following configuration parameter available to be configured in config.dat file under Control-M/Server's data folder(for both Unix/Linux and Windows platforms):




To activate the setting, issue the following command to the CE process of the Control-M/Server:




Customers are encouraged to apply the latest fix pack available. Additionally, the fix packs are cumulative so it contains FP1, FP2 and FP3. If you have already installed FP1 or FP2, then this fix pack will only install necessary fix pack up to FP3. If you have not already installed any fix pack, then this fix pack will install all fix packs - FP1, FP2 and FP3.