A structured, managed workload change process with the power of automation

Join us to learn how to bring new visibility, efficiency, and speed to your workload change processes in this free 30-minute webinar.

  • Give users clear visibility into your workload automation environment
  • Help users and IT communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • Automate the generation of agreed-to workflows

This session is the second in a three-part webinar series, “Simplify Workload Creation to Get Applications Faster,” designed to help you deliver applications more quickly, at a lower cost. Register today for “Let Users Show You How Their Jobs Should Look,” as well as for “Get Hands-On with BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager,” the final session in the series. You’ll also gain access to the first session in the series on-demand—to learn how to streamline and automate your workload change management processes.

Let BMC show you the way.

April 22, 2014
11:00am - 11:30am CT


Robby Dick
Lead Technical Marketing Consultant
BMC Software