Think about the creation and modification of jobs in your batch workload environment for a second. How is it done?  Is it streamlined and efficient?  Is it perfect?  Or is there room for improvement?


We know the process you use today for this might not be the best.  It might involve lots of back and forth between application developers and the scheduling team.  It might require many different forms, diagrams, helpdesk tickets, and voicemails or emails that need to be transcribed and translated and demystified! It might be something you have made more manageable with processes and procedures, but how about a shot in the arm? A little booster perhaps that will make some of the pain go away?


Well, that boost is now here.  Meet BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager.  It is a collaboration tool that simplifies the creation and modification of application batch workflows.  With features like sites standards, site customizations, notes and drag and drop job creation it aims to take much of the time (and pain) away from the job creation process.  Here is a brief introductory video:



But before you jump over to the BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager web page tell us your story! Add a comment to this blog post that describes how painful new job creation (or job modification) is in your environment today.  Don’t spare us the details….let us know how error prone and inefficient it is.


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Let the stories begin!