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The Control-M/Server 8.0 FP2 is now available with some enhancements that I would like to highlight. The full list of fixes and enhancements -  along with the installation steps can be found on the Control-M/Server product home page at:


Here are some more details on just 3 of the enhancements in FP2: 


  1. Security enhancement for the utility "ctmsec" (CAR00048471)

A new security mode has been added, in which the Control-M/Server will not check authorizations of requests coming from Control-M/EM. This way the user authorizations maintenance can be done at the Control-M/EM level only. Control-M command line utilities can still be checked by the Control-M/Server authorizations(Using the ctmsec utility). The mode can be set by the Control-M/Server system parameter EM_BYPASS_CTMSEC (the default is N).

Here is a screenshot of this parameter in the CCM: CTMS_parms.png


When EM_BYPASS_CTMSEC=Y,  then the Control-M/Server will NOT apply the ctmsec security settings to the
requests coming from the EM.  The Control-M/Server will still apply the ctmsec security settings for requests
that are not coming from the EM such as the command line utilities. With this enhancement, the security for EM requests only has to be configured in the EM and not also duplicated in the Control-M/Server.

2. Variables can now be used for quantitative resources, conditions, application and sub application names(CAR00048047)

When ordering a job (either via command line or the Workload Automation GUI) variables that are passed to the order command can now be used in quantitative resource names, condition names,  application and sub application names. These variables are resolved with the values at the order time.  Here is a screenshot of order the folder “New_Production_Jobs” with 2 variables (RUNNUMBER and QRCOUNTER):


        3. Control-M Server now supports Oracle 12c

You can now use Oracle 12c for the Control-M database. At installation time you will need to have the Oracle DBA add (or verify that this is already set) the following parameter to the Servers listener file sqlnet.ora:


         If this parameter is not set, then the installation will receive the following error,

"The host has refused your TCP/IP connection. Verify that the connection proprieties are correct, and that the connection is not being blocked by a firewall"


This parameter can be removed after the Control-M installation.  See KA405428 for information regarding this error message.


Customers are encouraged to apply the latest fix pack available. Additionally, the fix packs are cumulative so it contains both FP1 and FP2. If you have already installed FP1, then this fix pack will only install FP2. If you have not already installed FP1, then this fix pack will install both FP1 and FP2.