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You’ve just been assigned to develop some new business application using Hadoop. You’re excited to learn this new technology or even if you are an experienced Hadoop veteran, each new Big Data application offers interesting challenges and the opportunity to expand your knowledge, never mind enhancing an already impressive resume.


Truth is, it doesn't matter what kind of apps you are building, eventually you're going to run them. That is kind of the point after all.


What do you do today? You may initially run your code by hand, typing in command lines, piping the output to a file then using some “cat” or "more" or “grep” to read your log and figure out what went wrong.


Eventually or maybe right from the start, you write a quickie script; which you then debug and then enhance and then debug, etc.


Once you are all done, you may be ready to go on to your next project. But wait; SOMEBODY is running that script and every once in a while it fails. They call you and then it's back to the debug/enhance cycle. You or someone may ask “can't this thing just send you an email when it fails?”. Guess who's back in the enhance/debug loop.


Then someone may say "hey when other stuff around here fails, we open an incident in our Help Desk system. Can you do that?”. You guessed it - back to the cycle.


This can be an endless process and instead of going on to the next project guess what you wind up doing.


BMC Software can fix this. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY! This has been done by thousands of companies and it's quick, easy, robust, reliable and best of all you don't have to code or debug a single thing. It's what we do for a living and it's called BMC Control-M.


You may be tempted to say "Yeah but it costs money!" Yep, it sure does;  but a lot less than all the programming time you are spending and all the time your company is NOT getting to use the great application you are not writing because you are looping in the enhance/debug" loop and all the time your competition IS using THEIR Hadoop applications to extend their competitive advantage. And that doesn't even begin to take into consideration operational delays, integration with BA/BI/ETL and file transfer and relational databases and cloud and virtualization tools that somebody has to build.


Finally, Hadoop is not any different from lots of technologies that have come before it. You can choose to re-invent the wheel or you can leverage mature solutions to accelerate your development and shorten the time it takes to deliver services your business is desperately waiting for. BMC Control-M is that solution. Your company will thank you, your development manager will thank you and you will be able to spend more time honing your Hadoop skills instead of re-inventing the wheel.


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