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Learning to use software products is an ongoing education.  And everyone learns differently.  What’s great is that we now have educational venues that didn’t exist in the past -- including social sites like YouTube, SlideShare, and public communities to name a few.  These accommodate different learning styles, different delivery formats and let expert users contribute their industry specific knowledge.


The BMC Control-M team continues to look for new ways to help users of Control-M acquire and expand their knowledge.  We now have a new BMC Control-M YouTube channel dedicated to Control-M education.   


You can find a Self Learning Series that consists of short videos created by our knowledgeable Control-M Support staff.  They have already created several videos – such as:


self learning archive.png


How to configure archived viewpoints


or Control-M Server and Agent Communications

self learning connet to server.png


Another educational option is the Connect with Control-M webinar series.  These webinars are presented by the Control-M Support team.  Every month they give a technical presentation on a topic they tend to get a lot of questions about.  If you attend the live webinar – it’s a great chance to ask questions and engage with other Control-M users (that’s what the Connect part is about).  And if you miss them, you can find a recording of the webinar on the BMC Control-M YouTube channel or on the web site -- recorded webinars.


Some recent Connect with Control-M webcasts have been about using Control-M  Audit and Annotations and Control-M SAP Integration.


Like demos?  Check out  the Control-M demos on  These demos let you see Control-M in action  and highlight specific functionality and features.  Here’s an example of what’s available -- a demo on Control-M application integration.




sap screen shot.png


So pick the method by which you learn best and the topic you are interested in. 


And don’t be shy.  If you have a topic that you would like the team to cover in a webinar, learning series video or demo – let us know.