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Part of the regular delivery rhythm for BMC Control-M is  providing new add-ons that make it easy to integrate applications with Control-M.  The decision about what development works on comes from YOU.


Every year the Control-M team performs a survey that includes questions about which applications you are using.  Control-M R&D uses that information to decide which applications they need to add integration for.  (So if you have been ignoring that survey – think twice next year.  It’s your opportunity to tell us what’s important to you).

Based on survey results, we just delivered Control-M for Backup – a new Control-M add-on that integrates IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and Symantec NetBackup with Control-M.

Here’s a summary of the functionality delivered with the new Control-M for Backup:

backup table 1 v2.png

backup table 2.png


BMC Control-M for Backup is compatible with v6.4 or higher.  You can download it from the Electronic Product
(EPD) portal in the BMC Support site.

For more information, here's a few resources:

Enjoy.  Would be great to hear your comments about this new add-on.