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This month’s Connect with Control-M webinar was about how to use the Control-M  for SAP.
Like other Control-M control modules – Control-M for SAP makes it easy to integrate Control-M with your applications so you can use Control-M to manage your SAP jobs.

If you missed the webinar, you can view the recorded webinar by clicking here.

What is not included in the recording is the question and answer session that followed the webinar. That’s what I want to provide you here.  So here they are:


QUESTION:  In SAP there are two modes, extended that requires transports and normal. What is the difference?

ANSWER:  The "normal" function modules are already part of XBP 2.0 and 3.0 that  SAP provides, and they contain almost all of the functionality that is used by Control-M. The Extended Function Modules provide a couple of additional functions that SAP does not provide. These are documented both in the Control-M for SAP Administrator Guide, and in BMC Control-M Support Knowledge Article KA325829.  If you decide to use any of this extended functionality, then you need to set the Use Extended flag in the Profile/Account in Control-M to "Yes" and also install these additional Transports in SAP.  If you do not need to use these extended functions, then leave the Use Extended flag set to No in the Profile/Account and nothing additional is needed.

QUESTION:  Is there a process for converting from Redwood to Control-M SAP?

ANSWER: This functionality is tentatively planned to be added to the Control-M Conversion Utility in late 2014.  There is a manual conversion method that may be possible to use.  Please open an issue with Support to investigate this further.

QUESTION:   If a process chain disappears would that cause tracker errors? 


ANSWER:  There could be errors in both the Control-M/Agent Tracker log and the cmsap log in the proclog directory on the Agent that will be seen at the time the Process Chain was running in Control-M and the time it disappeared as seen in the Control-M Job Log.  Some things that can help are to review Knowledge Article KA393887 which relates to the "Consider only overall chain status".  The key is to make sure that the I_DONT_POLL parameter is enabled on the SAP side.  Large Process Chains are a problem for SAP and how they return the status to third party vendors such as Control-M via the RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_STATUS API function, so they created a workaround called I_DONT_POLL that only gets the overall status of the chain, not that of each step.

QUESTION:  We have “Consider only overall chain status” parameter checked but we are still seeing a problem.

ANSWER:  Verify that the I_DONT_POLL parameter is enabled on the SAP system (see KA393887).  The "Consider only overall chain parameter is not from Control-M, but rather from SAP.  So even if you set it in Control-M, that does not necessarily mean that it is enabled in SAP.  If there are continuing problems, open an issue with Support to investigate further.

QUESTION:  Are there any Knowledge Articles about Data Archiving -- or demos?

ANSWER:  The BMC Control-M for SAP Administrator Guide gives very good and detailed information about Data Archiving.  This will be considered for a future Connect with Control-M session and/or an individual video demo.

QUESTION:  Is authorization of SAP level being provided to Control-M?

ANSWER:  Authorizations are on the SAP side. The necessary authorizations for different job types (Process Chains, R/3, etc.) are documented in the BMC Control-M for SAP Administrator Guide.

Listen to the recorded webinar any time. 

The next Connect for Control-M webinar will be about Control-M Self Service on May 15.  Be sure to join us.