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I live in a large city where mass transit has been and continues to be a frequent topic of public discussion.  There is always a lot of lively debate with many city residents supporting the idea.  But when I ask my neighbors if they would use the new transportation services – most will say “no.”  However, they think it is a great idea for the other neighbors to use it.  It’s not until the city works out the kinks and we start hearing positive reviews from our neighbors that we are willing to make the change. 


Implementing new versions of software garners a similar reaction – sounds great, you go first.


Like any change, a new version of a product is met with both fear and excitement.   That is, excitement about the new features and functions; fear of how that change will affect their current operations.  Consequently – there is always a hesitation to being an early adopter.


Because this hesitation is well understood, the BMC Control-M team provides a variety of options for customers to get the additional support, knowledge and ultimately the confidence they need for moving forward sooner rather than later.   Here's three things that can make a difference in your upgrade timeline and success.



AMIGO, which stands for Assisted Migration Offering, is a Support service that is available to Control-M customers at no charge.  The Control-M Support team has assisted customers with over 1,000 upgrades – so there is plenty of expertise there.  A technical support representative provides guidelines for an upgrade plan and will review your plan with you to make sure there are no gaps and oversights.   When you are ready to upgrade to a new release of Control-M, this same Support representative will be “on call” for you – just in case you run into problems.  The majority of the AMIGO serviced upgrades are completed problem-free.   For more information about the AMIGO support services, check out this video


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Control-M Communities

Many of the BMC Control-M users are experts and eagerly share their knowledge in the Control-M Communities.  There are a several Control-M Communities – the BMC Control-M and BMC Workload Automation communities on the web site, BMC Control-M LinkedIn group and Control-X Yahoo! group.  There are a few more, but these are the most popular communities.  So ask your peers questions about upgrading.  Learn from those that have gone before you.  One thing about the Control-M users – they have a huge sense of community and are always willing to share.  Remember – you are not alone!



Early Evaluation Program

BMC is constantly investing in Control-M, which means new functionality is always in progress.  The Control-M team continually works with customers to gather requirements, and validate and test new releases of the product.  This isn’t your standard Beta testing.  The Control-M team visits customers for requirements and design validation early in the development process.  The Control-M team works with the Control-M users that want to be involved in this early assessment and development, providing early releases of the product, early education on the new features and more.  By the time the product is released, these users have had ample opportunity to learn about and test the new version (not to mention influence design).    This gives these users the hands-on testing and knowledge to make decisions early on for planning an upgrade.   Want to know more?  Send me an email or ask your sales or support rep.


All of these options are free to Control-M customers -- so take advantage of them.