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Join us for a new series of technical webinars.  


A panel of Control-M experts will be hosting monthly technical webinars and be ready to answer questions you have.  Each technical webinar will include a 20-minute demo and 15 minutes for questions. 


This is your chance to ask questions and get answers from the folks that work with Control-M on a daily basis and help Control-M users on a daily basis.


The first webinar in the series is on the Control-M Reporting Facility – one of the most asked about features of Control-M.  At this webinar you will see a  demo that will include:


  • Quick overview of the Reporting Facility
  • Creating reports showing jobs by application that did not run on previous day
  • Create report used for chargeback based on CPU utilization
  • How to schedule a report to run in batch
  • Go over Reporting Facility configuration options
  • Reporting Facility authorizations


September 12 at 11:00 a.m. CT

Control-M Reporting Facility


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Don’t miss this chance to talk with the experts and get your questions answered.


Have a topic you would like the Control-M experts to cover in a webinar?  Let us know by replying to this discussion.


Other webinars being scheduled soon include: 

  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery – A review of the recently release white paper about High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • LDAP – Demonstration of how to configure LDAP along with some common pitfalls
  • Advanced File Transfer – Demonstration of how to configure AFT along with some common pitfalls


Register now for the Control-M Reporting Facility webinar on September 12 at 11:00 a.m CT :


Hope to see you there.