- by Joe Goldberg, Lead Technical Marketing Consultant, BMC Software, Control-M Solutions Marketing


Let’s say you are using some tool with its own built-in scheduler and it does whatever you need it to do. Maybe Windows Task Scheduler or cron, a reporting application like Informatica or Relational Databases like Microsoft SQL Server or VMware’s vCenter. Why should you consider Control-M?


You may have already guessed part of the answer from the way I asked the question. If you are in a typical “enterprise”, you probably have all of the platforms and applications I mentioned and then some. In case you haven't guessed, here as some reasons:


  • Use one tool instead of many    less time, fewer people and less chance of a hiccup switching from one tool to another.
  • Functionality                              Can you schedule a job to run on the third Thursday of the accounting period but only if it is not holiday...and if it is a holiday, run it the day before?
  • Business awareness                  Power up a VM only before month-end processing, and then snapshot and shut it down after month-end has completed successfully?
  • Visibility                                    See the relationships among the SQL Server stored procedure that extracted some data, the file transfer that uploaded that data to the ERP system, the load of that data into a Data Warehouse and a report against the newly updated information.


  • Workload Automation                If you need Service Level Management, and who doesn’t, Auditing and Reporting, Dynamic Workload Management, Integrated File Transfer, support for many business applications including ERPs (SAP, etc.) and BI (Infromatica, Cognos, etc.) and a bunch others, then I would bet my bottom dollar your tactical “mini-schedulers” will not be up to the task (pardon the pun).


Many IT folks think of a workload automation solution (job scheduler) as belonging to the business and applications side. Although this has never been true, it was sometimes assumed to be the conventional wisdom. Today’s environments are just too intertwined to allow anyone the luxury of taking such a narrow view.

When peoples’ time and budget dollars are stretched to the max and expectations for service quality and agility just keeping going up, every bit of savings and flexibility you can gain becomes immensely valuable. Control-M has been helping businesses to realize such savings and quality improvements.


Give Control-M a try in your IT Operations Management space too. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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