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Kaiquan Mah
Hi all,   1. The moment a Control-M File Transfer job has successfully completed, the source file would no longer be in the source system folder. True/False?   2a. Is there a way to archive the… (Show more)
in Control-M
himanshu khandelwal
Hi All,   I am trying to create a Job in which I need to schedule the shell script with passing the parameter to it. For example: date   How to get it done, while defining a job as I am… (Show more)
in Control-M
Muhammad Faisal Syed
Hi,   I need to find what value ctmvar has set through an embedded script such as :   CTMVAR -ACTION SET -VAR %%%%\%2 -VAREXPR %FLD%\%FILE%   on a windows machine, . How may i find what the… (Show more)
in Control-M
Robby Dick
  This blog is the third in a 5-part series in which we are answering questions attendees submitted during our live Control-M 19 launch webinar on March 26. In case you missed them, here are links… (Show more)
in Control-M
Mandar Ingale
Hi Folks,   has any one implemented control-m EM and Server production with Vmware Vmotion?   My environement contains - 3 control-m server on EM on Redhat linux virtual machines. And each server… (Show more)
in Control-M
Varun Ivalkar
Hello Friends   I need the below details to search a specific string/path specific Jobs.   Control-M Job's on-do actions is saved in which schema table in database.????   Kindly need your… (Show more)
in Control-M
Rick Westbrock
Is there any way to promote Service Definitions to another environment? We have been manually creating service definitions in production by visually copying how they are configured in DEV which is… (Show more)
in Control-M
Guy Desmarais
I am trying to access a Viewpoint in CONTROL-M 9.0 and I get the message Failed to open viewpiont (.,code 20 )
in Control-M
Robert Davis
Getting this output when executing a control-m report job.  This works using an O/S job and executing the same as a .bat script.  Any ideas?  Thanks
in Control-M
Roberto Hermosilla
Hello! Why can't i see the <SSIS Catalog> option on Job Form..? Control-M v 9. Agent has For Database Agent version is   Thanks!!!
in Control-M
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