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Steven Franckaert
I would like to export all jobs except jobs starting with HR* I found you can use "EQ", "NEQ" or "LIKE" but i can't fine how to use "NOT LIKE"   emdef exportdefjob -U user -P pwd  -s GUI_SERVER… (Show more)
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Ingemars Griskevics
Hi,   I'm a bit lost, hope you can help. I feel like some configuration somewhere is not set up correctly.   Do I really have to enable SSL for webserver/clients to access API?   Currently SSL is… (Show more)
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Steve Rathbun
We have a job that runs on a Monday. However, this same job is requested to be added to the schedule on other days of the week periodically. When we order this job in on these occasions, the… (Show more)
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Shahabaz Hamza
Hi,   How can I configure the action as "set to ok" based on the value of the variable captured in the same job?
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Prasanna Natarajan
Hello Team,   We are using and we have a few agent with disabled status.   When i check in CMM and it is showing the status but i can see the agent disabled status in CTM_MENU.   Can… (Show more)
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davide aliperti
Hi guys, I'm trying to put in place a file watcher job that detectes file with order date in the name   This is the script I prepared :   ON_FILEWATCH… (Show more)
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Hi everyone,   Quick question. I have a job that runs on all host in group (NAPACDIC).     The problem is when one of the job finish OK. It gives the condition to the next one (NAPACDIA). What… (Show more)
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Darin Miyashiro
Hi, I have a cyclic job that runs every 5 minutes and runs everyday. The user wants to stop the job from running from 5pm to 6:30pm.  Any idea how I would do this?   I can create two separate… (Show more)
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Haw Kor
Hi All,   Does anyone have any best practices they would like to share around smart folders vs regular folders? Because of the additional functionality offered by smart folders, I would think there… (Show more)
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Gee Jay Toca
Hi All,       I have a problem. How to fix this? Connection to the Web Server failed      Please help me thanks      
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