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Kathryn Hanley
Hi, I am setting up a Control-M job that needs to be run on the last Sunday of every month.. The job is scheduled for a 4am execution and would need to be loaded to schedule the Saturday before.. I… (Show more)
in Control-M
mallikarjuna Tanikonda
I am going to unzip the zip file in control-M v9 using 7 zip, but in the zip file location i have some old files in same name.   How to pick the latest files which was placed recently in zip file… (Show more)
in Control-M
Peter Reuschlein
Dear Community,   i succeeded the Control-M Service from a former colleague and currently trying to get a feeling for the current setup and its pros/cons. I went through most of the documentation… (Show more)
in Control-M
Rachana Upadhyay
How to use MFT to transfer folders along with files? I can transfer files using MFT from 1 windows agent to another windows agent but if there is any folder inside the source folder it is not copied… (Show more)
in Control-M
Judy Wexler
Learn how to manage roles & authorizations using CLI and APIs   Learn how to create a user & assign roles to users and LDAP groups using CLI and APIs
in Control-M
Tully Krastins
We are considering implementing the SAP job intercept feature in Control-M. Does anyone have experience with it and can provide any insight into how well it works and what to consider when designing… (Show more)
in Control-M
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Control-M for z/OS COMPONENT:…
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Steven Franckaert
I would like to create a global variable via Rest API from an application, is this possible?
in Control-M
Prasanna Natarajan
When i try to run json job with interactive and am getting the below error, can some one help me to fix this.  … (Show more)
in Control-M
balaji ganesan
We have certain critical jobs which needs to be monitored during weekends, requirement is like If any of these jobs are not executing they need an alert to be thrown !!!!!!!!!!   They need to… (Show more)
in Control-M
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