• BMC Discovery 11.x Administering: Seats Available

    Week Starting October 07 2019  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in: BMC Discovery 11.x: Administering About the Course: This instructor-led course provides informatio...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • Extended Data Pack syncmapping?

    I searched the TPL files for "syncmapping" and found none.  Just want to confirm any EDP discovered data is not sent to Remedy CMDB.  Any big changes going to Remedy require approval from a managerial board....
    Eric Plunk
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  • Setup RSSO on BMC Discovery 11.3 > RSSO Server is too old or is not an RSSO server

    Hello We found the following document : RSSO error 'Remedy SSO Server is too old or is not an RSSO server' after integrating it with Discovery 11.x   About the RSSO error message displayed in the configuratio...
    Mathieu Marquet
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  • automatic modeling of applications Discovery

    how to perform automatic modeling of applications only with your servers ADDM
    Martin T
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  • Can we find any particular file on Windows servers using BMC Discovery 11.3

    Can we find any particular file (PatrolAgent.exe) on Windows servers using BMC Discovery 11.3 scanning   Version: 11.3   Objective: To find the file "PatrolAgent.exe" on all the windows servers, does not m...
    Amit Shrivastava
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  • WMI commands through RemQuery

    Product Team Review
    28 votes
    We find it difficult to make our firewalls configured for WMI (especially in some heavily secured DMZ network compartments). Could BMC Discovery translate every call made by WMI into RemQuery and execute it through fo...
    Jarek Ostrowski
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  • The Relation between Database and BusinessApplicationInstance doesn't  appear in the Visualization of the Model

    Hello,   I have the following tpl code in the pattern:   for si in db_si do       dbs := search(in si traverse ElementWithDetail:Detail:Detail:Database);     ...
    Judith Meyer
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  • TPL working partially

    Greeting !   I am working on a custom TPL and trying to read the data from Unix box present in a directory in abc.rtx file. TPL is working almost 90%. This is not working for a particular attribute. Example giv...
    Vishnu Parihar
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  • Baseline capability in SAAM

    Product Team Review
    42 votes
    Daily run scenario: The model is built by the configuration management team and approved by the application owner. The application owner now has ci ownership of the content in the model. The configuration managemen...
    Mikael Sandstrom
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  • ADDM OS account authentication & authorisation controls

    Product Team Review
    33 votes
    We have a mandate to implement user access controls across our estate, which would enable to us track which human users were logged on or attempted to log on to our ADDM appliances at the OS level, at any given time.&...
    Mark Lemar
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  • Displaying additional relationships

    Hi,   I am running Discovery 11.3 and trying to figure out how to display additional relationship on nodes. Example: Dependency relationship between SoftwareComponent and DatabaseDetail -> the relationship i...
    Ludvig Cassel
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  • IBM VIO Physical servers

    Hello Experts, Could anyone please let me know what is the discovery mechanism placed for IBM VIO Physical servers.
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Restful functions limits

    Hello all and hello Andrew Waters,   a customer needs to get additional data to hosts already been scanned from Discovery. This data comes from REST API on one of the machines which is also being scanned. After ...
    Viktor Marinov
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  • BMC discovery cannot start cluster and omniNames service

    Hello all,   We are running the consolidation appliance (physical box) on version Yesterday I found out that UI is stucked and I could not perform any action there so I decided to restart the server. A...
    Ondrej Kieler
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  • Oracle 12c CDB/PDB discovery and results

    Hello   I am attempting discovery of Oracle 12c CDB and PDB databases. The documentation is not entirely clear on the account requirements for discovery to work. I want the discovery to capture the CDB details a...
    Ryan Wiltshire
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  • how to manually model an application with its network elements (Create group for mapping(Create Legacy CAM)

    it is feasible to model a manual application with its network elements
    Martin T
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  • Unable to start the tideway service

    Hello Experts,   I am getting an error as below when I am trying to restart the tideway service.   [tideway@JSPVSLADMA01 ~]$ sudo /sbin/service tideway start Starting local BMC Discovery application servi...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Enhance package discovery to include install date

    Product Team Review
    43 votes
    On linux date can be obtained like:   rpm -qa --queryformat %{NAME}:%{INSTALLTIME}:%{INSTALLTIME:date}@   I believe HU-UX's swlist can display something similar with -a "mod_time" or "-a mod_date"   ...
    Nick Smith
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  • Synchronise to CMDB relationships from Cluster and Storage System nodes to Business Application Instance

    Not Planned
    7 votes
    I have built a large number of application models using SAAM that contain a variety of components; Hosts, Software Instances, Software Components, Storage Systems, Clusters etc. I've noticed that when I publish these...
    Tom Moram
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  • Installing CA Root certificate on a Discovery Appliance

    Good day,   I would like to know if installing Webproxy/Websense CA Root certificate will cause any issues on the Discovery Appliance, the reason we need to install this is so that we can successfully connect to...
    Sibusiso Masina
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