• Is there a way to import a server in discovery

    Dear Experts,   We have a HP tandem system which BMC Discovery does not support to be discovery.   Is there a way by which we can import that system BMC Discovery with available configuration and update th...
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  • Export CMDBsync shadow copy queries from the ui

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    It is possible to query the shadow copy from the ui but no "export" is available. A tw_query is required to export to csv but Helix does not allow OS access!   Can we add a button to the ui please?   Just...
    Matt Lambie
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  • Discovery: Add a theme engine within the solution to switch to Dark Mode

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    Request for Enhancement (RFE)No control is never good - the application should respond to the user's browser setting and adapt the display to the wanted mode for an optimal user experience.   Designing for dark m...
    Sreejith Sasidharan
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  • Rebrand Helix Discovery screen

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    Hi guys.   Even though it is an end-user solution, it would be interesting to have this resource available to meet this need of some customers.   Tks, Anderson Amaro
    Anderson Amaro
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  • Accessing REST API in TPL Pattern

    I'm trying to access a REST API on one of our local servers through a custom pattern but I'm getting hung up on how to store and pass authentication. The API uses basic authentication where I send a username and passw...
    James Yant
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  • Integration Points for Web APIs

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    Currently BMC Discovery offers only SQL as a method for Integration Points. This is not sufficient if the applications exposes the data only through an Web API (for example Infoblox or Red Hat Satellite). In this cas...
    Danny Fleer
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  • Discovery: When does OS vendor support end for CentOS version 6 and RedHat version 6?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Discovery COMPONENT: BMC Discovery 11.2 APPLIES T...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Error in tw_svc_eca_engine.log

    Hello,   I would like to understand how to troubleshoot the warnings/errors in tw_svc_eca_engine.log with regards to some (not all) JBoss Appservers. These hosts are basically some servers where we expect to ...
    Alex Genstrom
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  • Need to discover storage devices - Dell EMC, HP, Oracle

    Hi experts,     We need to discover storage devices of below make and model : ------------------------- Dell EMC SC4020 HP MSA 2040 Oracle FS1-2 Oracle ZS3-2 ------------------------- We want to kno...
    Pooja Kausal
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  • How can I model applications and their different environments?

    I  need to  separate servers from each environment like TESTING, UAT and PRODUCTION.
    Javier Ivars
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  • How to Explode Attribute Keeping Entries with Only One Value

    I now that ADDM explode query removes lines where the exploded list is empty (Explode - ADDM 10.2 - BMC Documentation), however I have a situation where some entries are not empty but have only one value (not a list)....
    Jessiele Rodrigues
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  • Windows Proxy server

    Hi,   We have requirement like we need to Discover desktop OS in our requirement hence we have configured a separate scanner and enabled desktop discovery. I was wondering if we can use existing proxy for that. ...
    Vishnu Parihar
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  • How to stop CMDB sync services

    Hello,   Is it possible to stop only CMDB sync services (BMC Discovery 11.3) and leave all other services running? Discovery is probably running quite extensive SQL queries to CMDB which overloading the CMDB and...
    Ondrej Kieler
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  • Default Vault Passphrase

    Hi All,   We have installed new ADDM 10.1 Appliance in our environment. We got the default tideway/system password and configured the system after changing it. However we are not able to configure other things a...
    Guhpriyan VD
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  • Can any tell me if this is an issue with BMC Discovery or our Network

    We're running BMC Discovery, and recently I found a large number of hosts network interface displaying a red circle with a white cross x (see screenshot), when I place the cursor over the red circle a comment...
    Michael Rees
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  • How to get NetworkInterface with IPv4Address exported

    I try to export NetworkInterface and the IP adresses they are configured with, but the exporter stop with an error: main      2020-01-23   16:17:56,721    ...
    Arne Kaj Winther
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  • EMC Isilon A Series Storage Device Discovery Supported?

    Are Isilon A Series Storage Devices supported yet? This link describes Isilon device discovery, but only mentions these as the supported platforms:   S-Series, X- Series, NL-Series, EMC Isilon OneFS operating s...
    Brian Morris
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  • Discovery questions

    how long should it take for a single host scan to complete ? I submitted an adhoc run of a linux host from a scanner that had no other runs in process. The scan took 22 minutes to complete. Once a scan is complete (...
    Jeremy Nicolls
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  • BBSA Integration

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    Hi all,   it would be very useful to integrate ADDM capabilities with BBSA functionalities. The integration between ADDM and BBSA could be perform enabling the usage of BBSA agent for ADDM. In particular it woul...
    Luana Ravenna
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  • ADDM:  What happens in the CMDB when the identity of a host changes?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Discovery COMPONENT: BMC Atrium Discovery and Depen...
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