• Regarding CMDB changes as Per BMC discovery Monthly TKU releases

    Not Planned
    16 votes
    Hi BMC Team,   Before we implement a TKU update, we have to know what, if anything will change in the CMDB.  We had a recent TKU break all stacked switches and this caused lots of rework and changed how we ...
    Jamila Khan
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  • Utility to mask out IP and hostname in logs to be forwarded to BMC support

    On Roadmap
    15 votes
    Many Telcos have security obligations which include not sharing IP addresses and host names of servers and network devices. BMC support require logs to resolve support cases this is a given however by sending these lo...
    Brett Skippen
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  • Facility to export all (or a selection of) Appliance Configuration Settings

    Product Team Review
    79 votes
    It would be very useful to be able to export all, or a selection of, appliance configuration settings. For instance, I've seen customers who need all configurations, such as scans or CMDB Syncs, to be tested on an acc...
    David Heydecker
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  • Regex assist

    I've got a sync mapping that I want to parse out the 4 - 7 characters to set into a field in CMDB.   I'm having issues with figuring out the regex syntax   Name:  01-abcd-efgh-a-001   What I nee...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • Text file comparison

    Hi, I have written a TPL to extract the data from text(WIndows) or rxt(Unix) file, that is working fine. That text file contains the data like: AppName=BMC Discovery OwnerName=John Wick OwnerContact=john.wick@gmail...
    Vishnu Parihar
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  • Discovery CAM database relationship issues/reporting

    Hello all. I've recently looked into using CAM's instead of SAAM's for certain applications where a SAAM isn't necessary, however, in doing so it relates the software instances and components, but for databases it onl...
    Angela Hall
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  • Baseline information is not available

    Hello,   I have uploaded TKU as belows and started facing issue for appliance baseline which is showing message "Baseline information is not avaiable". I have referred this thread and ran "tw_baseline --rebas...
    A B
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  • Switch Stack Represented in Atrium

    Hello All,   The March TKU made some more minor updates to the switch stack device representation and this is leading to questions from the config mgmt community here....   The logical entity "Switch Stack...
    Louis Troise
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  • Switch Stack represented in CMDB - critical issues part 2

    Hi Jean Louis Deshairs, Mykola Bocharov, All   after the doubling of the serial numbers was solved after some months with the TKU 10/2019, it's time to address the many other inconsistencies in the CMDB sync. In...
    Stefan Hall
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  • GMSA Support (Group MAnaged Service Account) with active Directory Windows Proxy

    Below Review Threshold
    21 votes
    Hi, currently GMSA ist not supported. https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-101542 Please vote for this function. More and More Clients works with this Access Methode and should be more secure as the normal AD Acces...
    Karim Ibrown
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  • HPE Synergy 12000

    Hey   Are we the only ones around here who miss discovery of HPE Synergy 12000 frames?   HPE Synergy 12000 Frame
    Lars Vissing
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  • a scan of Virtual center should capture more info on the VM, like CPU/Cores, disk space and memory

    Not Planned
    11 votes
    a scan of Virtual center should capture more info on the VM, like CPU/Cores, disk space and memory. This information is available from vCenter. It would be nice to see this information for those cases where the VM its...
    Steve Karney
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  • Functions in web UI (ping, tracert, wmi, snmp walk)

    Product Team Review
    69 votes
    To help troubleshoot scanning issues it would be helpful to have functions like ping, tracert, wmi and snmp walk available from the web UI of Discovery. This would allow you to do troubleshooting without having to co...
    Andreas Enocson
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  • ILOM version 4.0.1

    We have a problem with an ILOM v4.0.1.3.b that we can access with SNMP. When we try to Discover the MIB only getDeviceInfo is obtained. No data from getMACAdresses is obtained. When we try to obtain the mib data of M...
    Juan Jose Algar Ortega
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  • Have ADDM Discovery pick up the "nameserver" IP information for UNIX systems from /etc/resolv.conf

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    Since the UNIX discovery scripts are already checking resolv.conf to get the Domain Name , it would not be difficult to also get the "nameserver" information while you are at it ( BMC Engineering ) . Having the name s...
    David Distel
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  • Upgrade ADDM 9.0x to ADDM 11.3

    Hi all, someone can tell me the best way to support the following use case?     AS IS   Sanning engine :ADDM Appliance (9.03)--> OS:REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX V:6.6 SANTIAGO ADDM Consolidator (9.03)...
    Angelantonio alfonso
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  • BMC Discovery Storage

    Dears,   I'm facing that the appliance has been shut it down because insufficient available disk space,   Can you provide us the exact steps to increase the storage
    Majd Alsadi
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  • No Access/No Response reports integrated into the CMDB?

    Hello Experts,   Since the No Access/No Response reports are based on the number of failed scans, is it possible to get the “Number of Failed Scans” integrated into the CMDB?   Regards Hitesh Jha
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Consolidate Data using record and playback options

    Hello Experts, Could you please let me know if there any drawbacks in order to sync data from scanner to consolidator using record and playback options. I have built an appliance in Germany DCs and our Consolidator is...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • option to configure discovery schedule after completion of earlier schedule

    Below Review Threshold
    12 votes
    While creating schedule there should be option of selecting earlier schedule after which current schedule will start. We cannot know when particular schedule will complete due which it becomes very difficult to predi...
    Somnath Shilimkar
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