• Move swap to New Disk

    Hi Experts.   I am configuring a new 12.1 appliance and we have separate 64 GB disk. Appliance has 32 GB memory.   We want to put swap on the separate 64 GB disk.   But in Disk Configuration I can on...
    Michael D
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  • Handle Location for multiple NIC

    Hi Experts,   In Discovery currently we have custom pattern to tag location based on Subnets. Below is one scenario that is creating issues: -> OCF -> MCR   an...
    Vishnu Parihar
    created by Vishnu Parihar
  • Discovery scan 11.3.5 and Windows Proxy 12.1 compatible?

    I am wondering whether a discovery 11.3.5 sanning appliance is compatible with a windows proxy manager 12.1. I could not find this in the documentation.
    Bernard Stern
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  • The ability to use winRM to discover windows Hosts

    2 votes
    It would be great if we could use WinRM to discover windows hosts instead of WMI.  The would greatly simplify firewall rules and issues Security teams have with opening all the required ports.
    Neil Rathbone
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  • Discovery: support the scan of 1 ip that points to 2 distinct hosts in 2 distinct nated/VDOM private networks

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    This implies the support of a "scope" that would be assigned to each Discovery Outpost. This scope would be used to distinguish hosts scanned via the same private ip address.
    Cedric FONTAINE
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  • Need to Destroy Desktops from ADDM

    Hi Experts, We have schedule discovery according to the regions where subnets are configured. We need to destroy the desktops from ADDM. Discovery of desktops from Discovery configurations is stopped. Continuous sy...
    A B
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  • Custom Taxonomy ADDM 12.1 - Invalid mode 'MERGE'

    Hello Community   I am currently upgrading from 11.3.5 to 12.1. I have a custom taxonomy that worked fine under 11.3 so far. I tried to import it as before, it failed with the error   ERROR: Invalid mode '...
    Bernard Stern
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  • Why doesn't this ServiceNow Syncmap extension work?

    Have a ServiceNow CMDB with data that has been imported.  The preexisting name is the shortname (not fqdn . The name from discovery is coming over fqdn so it doesn’t identify and creates a duplicate.  ...
    George Klarmann
    created by George Klarmann
  • Helix Discovery - Outpost for Linux

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    68 votes
    Hi, it would be great if the Outpost installer would be also available for Linux. In our case, Linux and Windows systems are strictly separated. That means I can't access Linux systems from Windows systems.
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Discovery: How to use tw_disk_utils; Cannot access UI, Insufficient disk space to start services. The datastore files or datastore transaction logs are too large.

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Discovery COMPONENT: BMC Discovery 11.3 APPLIES T...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Replica VMs and Unique Host Containment

    if using vSphere replication, it is possible to have replica VMs on different Vcenters, the only difference being one is powered on, one is powered off. In both cases the VMs are identical and have the same UUID. ...
    Mark Edwards
    created by Mark Edwards
  • Not able to install outpost.

    Hi Team,   We are not able to install outpost, getting error as Service 'BMC_Discovery Outpost Service' (BMC_Discovery_Outpost) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service...
    Swapnil Malewar
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  • Generic Query Size Limit Issue

    Hi,   We've run into issues with a Generic Query being too large, it is as follows except for 300 servers:   search NetworkInterface where description has subword 'server1' or description has subword 'se...
    Graeme Cruden
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  • Connected devices/hosts of Router

    Hi,   Can any one tell me the how to get the information of connected devices or hosts of discovered Network Device(Router)?   Thanks in Advance.   Best Regards, Rajesh
    Rajesh G
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  • Vcenter Hosts not discovered

    Hi,   I have added Vcenter credentials and discovered Vcenter appliance. Also the Vcenter SI was discovered, however, non of the Vcenter hosts were discovered. when I turned the debug logs on, I get the below. I...
    Eslam Farrag
    created by Eslam Farrag
  • Recent Run in Discovery hangs

    Recent Run in Discovery hangs and getting The appliance has been shutdown when click on Application. Has anyone seen this?
    Alex Kim
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  • To contruct parametrizable Query

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    12 votes
    Hi all, When building a query, it often happens that one or more criteria configurated in the Query Constructor tab are in fact search parameters. For example if you build this very simple query :     ...
    François SUTRE
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  • Run discovery on failed network device

    Hi Team,   I want to run discovery on failed device. please let me if this possible then how.   To build a cron job within discovery Step 1: scan the customer network via command line Step 2: once the sc...
    Deepak Rajput
    created by Deepak Rajput
  • Add remarks related on endpoints or devices

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    2 votes
    Dear all,   I using Helix Discovery. Add a manual remarks on a endpoint would be  realy usefull for help us when we analyzing end state status (no access, unsupported devices, ../..)  instead of expor...
    Yannick TENCE
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  • Add PRIV_PS functionality to Linux platform initialise (init) script and getProcessList

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    7 votes
    I suggest updating the out-of-box Linux platform initialise (init) scripts to use the PRIV_PS command:   # ps command requires super-user privileges #this allows Discovery to get all processes even with hidepid c...
    Jerod James
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