• Helix Discovery - Outpost for Linux

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    43 votes
    Hi, it would be great if the Outpost installer would be also available for Linux. In our case, Linux and Windows systems are strictly separated. That means I can't access Linux systems from Windows systems.
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • appliance certificate

    hi,   i have a .pfx file with a wildcard certificate for pur servers, can this be applied to discovery? the file contains a key pair and the conplete certificate chain   from the docs i think the key shou...
    Roland Pocek
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  • Better impact simulation result for network devices

    39 votes
    Discovery today perform edge connectivity link for the relationship between a server and nearest switch. This is synced to CMDB and can be used in impact simulation so that change planning and communication can be don...
    Petrus Johansson
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  • How Outpost is self-updating ? By using internet service ?

    How Outpost is self-updating ? By using internet service ? If I install outpost in network without internet , the outpost can  self-updating ?
  • Looking to test out ServiceNow CMDB API for Discovery 20.03 to push/pull discovery data into ServiceNow CMDB

    I would like to understand and test out ServiceNow CMDB API feature that will be available in Discovery 20.03 to push/pull discovery data into ServiceNow CMDB.  How does it work? Does it stage data before cre...
    Dinh Tong
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  • Unable to push value in Custom Attribute in RemedyForce CMDB

    Hi Experts,   I have got a pilot project where I'm trying to populate a custom created field in Remdyforce CMDB i.e Schema_Name. Although my code seems to work perfectly fine in ADDM GUI but yet fails to populat...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • syncmapping and list of aliases

    Hello, In BMC Discovery you can syncmap ComponentAliases to CMDB, then publish service models to SIM In BEM Classes, ComponentAliases is a list of strings so you can define multiple aliases for one CI.   How c...
    Baron Guillaume
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  • Need to be able to scan a single endpoint (like azure subscription) in cloud

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    36 votes
    Today we are not able to scan a single endpoint (azure subscription) in cloud. It is all subscriptions or nothing. When looking at a DiscoveryAccess for cloud, if we choose actions and rescan it triggers a full scan ...
    Petrus Johansson
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  • outpost architecture (big picture?)

    Hi there,   hope you're fine.   I was searching for a big picture of the new outpost architecture. What about communication ways? What about firewall ports? What about all changes in one picture? I know yo...
    Anja Jentsch
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  • Can I Performing a discovery run from an Outpost (without an appliance ?)

    Hello   Can I Performing a discovery run from an Outpost (without an appliance ?) I mean , can I install only the Outpost and performing discovery runs if I don't have an BMC Discovery appliance ?
    Christiane Menezes
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  • BMC Discovery License Count - Do Destroyed Hosts Count?

    Do destroyed hosts in BMC Discovery get picked in the license audit report? That is, do the hosts affect the average maximum number of discovered hosts for that month? For example, if I add about 10 servers to ADDM ...
    Shariq Basha
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  • Consolidation issue

    Hello,   We have prod and UAT environment and multiple scanners. The scanners will consolidate data to both UAT and PROD.   We are facing a wiered issue in the consolidation. Sometimes scans are consolidat...
    Richa Patil
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  • BMC Discovery 11.x Fundamentals Application Modeling: Seats Available

    Week Starting June 15 2020  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in:   BMC Discovery 11.x: Fundamentals Application Modeling   About the Course: This course ...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • Office 365 discovery

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    5 votes
    Hi,   Since Office 365 is not part of Azure but a specific service, we would like to have a discovery for it as well.   Discovery can include - The active subscriptions we have for the account (work, exce...
    Rémi Chaffard
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  • EMC Unity 450F Discovery

    We working towards configuring our EMC Unity arrays for Discovery scans and are starting to figure out that the normal means of scans (SSH,SNMP) won't be possible. EMC is no longer allowing SNMP polling of their devic...
    James Yant
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  • Backup ADDM Discovery y Proxy ADDM

    Buenos dias,   Estamos configuración los respaldo del ADDM Discovery y del Proxy Windows y  quisiera conocer los directorios y objetos a respaldar, así como la base de datos para cada uno de ellos.
    Carlos Sotillo
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  • Discover DDN Storage

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    5 votes
    Whether through SNMP or REST APIs and Storage management consoles, or directly to storage devices such as NetApps, Arrays, and suh to get a better mapping of storage connected to servers would be REALLY nice!
    Irfan bhati
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  • Playback a Record file obtain on a Discovery Appliance in another one.

    Does anybody know how to playback a Record file obtain from "Appliance Support" in another one?   We have made some personalization TPL for our "Production Environment" but we would like to have the possibility ...
    Juan Jose Algar Ortega
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  • Version 12: missing TPL funtion: MainframeModel.createTransaction(trn);

    Hello all   We upgraded to version 12 and got several problems with our TPL's. Thereby the following function is not supported any more: MainframeModel.createTransaction(trn);   I found only the similar ...
    Jan-Philipp Henkel
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  • Scan Filesystems via SNMP

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    10 votes
    Add capability for Discovery to discover filesystems via SNMP on Linux/Unix and Windows. Filesystem information can be accessed via SNMP, as seen in an example here: http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/docs/mibs/ucdavis.h...
    Sarah Kunz
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