• improved Baseline emails

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    Currently have BMC Discovery   Two recommendations for the Baseline emails: Group the entries by Severity, with most severe at the top and least severe at the bottom.  Make it easy to find the is...
    Eric Plunk
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  • How do we get to know the first successful scan date of the device

    How do we get to know the first successful scan date of the device(Server) in BMC Discovery 11.3, I tried to look into the taxonomy, however I was not able to find the information   "search Host"   Any inf...
    Amit Shrivastava
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  • Sort Order seems to not work

    As seen here --> Discovery   The "newest" content at the top of the list was created over six years ago.
    Eric Plunk
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  • Skip Hosts if they have been scanned within a certain timeframe

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    A feature that provides the ability to skip hosts that have been scanned in the past X number(configurable) of days.
    Santosh Kunnothmannur
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  • Check Enabled Apache Modules

    Experts, Is it possible to get the list of all enabled apache loaded modules through Discovery. I have ran the below command on our appliance through CLI and found below o/p.   [root@cltdvladmc01 ~]# apachectl...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Scheduled Runs CSV

    Hi Team,   My requirement is pretty simple, all I need to do is to maintain a excel/csv sheet of all the scheduled runs across all the scanners for periodic maintenance activity of addition/removal of subnets. &...
    Diwakar Vijayaraghavan
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  • BMC Discovery need to improve the MySQL patterns to discover the MariaDB Server deployed in IBM Private cloud

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    Hi Team BMC Discovery need to improve the MySQL patterns to properly discover the MariaDB Server deployed in IBM Private cloud, As of now discovery unable to search MariaDB server in IBM Private Cloud.   Regard...
    Raju Singh
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  • Release CAM as Open Source

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    Hi,   We are still heavily use CAM for application mapping because we have a strong process for this and does not match our needs finally. However, we are struggling with CAM limitations preventing us to do man...
    Rémi Chaffard
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  • 11.3 Playback issue

    I'm currently playing back some discovery data taken from an 11.3 appliance configured in record mode.  However, I've noticed a number of playback failures with the error 'NoResponse' - 'Pool data is required but...
    Mark Lemar
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  • The Relation between Database and BusinessApplicationInstance doesn't  appear in the Visualization of the Model

    Hello,   I have the following tpl code in the pattern:   for si in db_si do       dbs := search(in si traverse ElementWithDetail:Detail:Detail:Database);     ...
    Judith Meyer
    created by Judith Meyer
  • Switch Stack Represented in Atrium

    Hello All,   The March TKU made some more minor updates to the switch stack device representation and this is leading to questions from the config mgmt community here....   The logical entity "Switch Stack...
    Louis Troise
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  • Problems discovering a Network Device

    Hello everyone. The problem is the following: 1) I do a credentials test and it is successful. 2) I do a sweep scan and it is successful. 3) I make a full discovery and the result is Skipped (Device is an unsuppo...
  • Read data from two different directories

    Hi Experts,   I am working on one TPL and trying to read the data from two different path. Path is listed below:         1. /discovery/data.rxt      ...
    Vishnu Parihar
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  • The BMC Discovery documentation has a new look

    Hi,   The BMC Discovery documentation looks a little different today. We have applied a new presentation layer for the content. It provides: A responsive design to handle mobile and desktop users. A version pi...
    Duncan Tweed
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  • expand & traverse

    hi expert,   can any one explain me with example the difference between expand and traverse     thanks & regards Raju
    Raja Patil
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  • BMC Discovery 11.2: relation between Provider:StorageVolume.key and Consumer:StorageVolume.key

    Hello, we were asked to provide ADDM query, which result should be list of all Provider:StorageVolume.keys and their related Consumer:StorageVolume.keys and additional column for last_seen e.g something like last_upd...
    Alena Stejnarova
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  • Which logfile is used for info messages in ORACLE.ENTERPRISEMANAGER TPL?

    Please tell me which logfile will i see debug INFO messages in if I put in debug messages on the Oracle.EnterpriseManager TPL?   I tried to search for it in the tw_svc_discovery logfile but see none of the debug...
    Riaan Muller
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  • Query to search host start from MAC Address

    I have been writing query to get host's mac address where the query will start from example "search Host show name, #DevideWithInterface:DeviceInterface:InterfaceOfDevice:NetworkInterface.mac_address as 'Mac Address'....
    Fang Huei Sim
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  • stop discovery service

    hi expert, can any one explain me the correct sequence for stopping bmc discovery service from the command line     thanks & regards suresh
    Suresh Dagde
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  • Mock Question

    hi expert, can any one expalain me to solve this question, Q) customer has some server which is very confidential, they don't want these servers to be discovered by bmc discovery, write down step to achieve this in...
    Raja Patil
    last modified by Raja Patil