• Upgrade ADDM 9.0x to ADDM 11.3

    Hi all, someone can tell me the best way to support the following use case?     AS IS   Sanning engine :ADDM Appliance (9.03)--> OS:REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX V:6.6 SANTIAGO ADDM Consolidator (9.03)...
    Angelantonio alfonso
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  • BMC Discovery Storage

    Dears,   I'm facing that the appliance has been shut it down because insufficient available disk space,   Can you provide us the exact steps to increase the storage
    Majd Alsadi
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  • No Access/No Response reports integrated into the CMDB?

    Hello Experts,   Since the No Access/No Response reports are based on the number of failed scans, is it possible to get the “Number of Failed Scans” integrated into the CMDB?   Regards Hitesh Jha
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Consolidate Data using record and playback options

    Hello Experts, Could you please let me know if there any drawbacks in order to sync data from scanner to consolidator using record and playback options. I have built an appliance in Germany DCs and our Consolidator is...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Regarding CMDB changes as Per BMC discovery Monthly TKU releases

    Not Planned
    9 votes
    Hi BMC Team,   Before we implement a TKU update, we have to know what, if anything will change in the CMDB.  We had a recent TKU break all stacked switches and this caused lots of rework and changed how we ...
    Jamila Khan
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  • a scan of Virtual center should capture more info on the VM, like CPU/Cores, disk space and memory

    Not Planned
    8 votes
    a scan of Virtual center should capture more info on the VM, like CPU/Cores, disk space and memory. This information is available from vCenter. It would be nice to see this information for those cases where the VM its...
    Steve Karney
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  • Functions in web UI (ping, tracert, wmi, snmp walk)

    Product Team Review
    66 votes
    To help troubleshoot scanning issues it would be helpful to have functions like ping, tracert, wmi and snmp walk available from the web UI of Discovery. This would allow you to do troubleshooting without having to co...
    Andreas Enocson
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  • option to configure discovery schedule after completion of earlier schedule

    Below Review Threshold
    12 votes
    While creating schedule there should be option of selecting earlier schedule after which current schedule will start. We cannot know when particular schedule will complete due which it becomes very difficult to predi...
    Somnath Shilimkar
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  • ADDM - Facility for ADDM backup built on AWS

    Below Review Threshold
    3 votes
    Hi Everyone,   This is really only of interest for anyone either currently or intending to run their Discovery appliance on AWS   Situation Current appliance backup solutions (on appliance, windows share...
    Tony Mottram
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  • TokenID on all CIs in CMDB from ADDM

    Product Team Review
    62 votes
    Because TokenID is used as the first order standard Identification Rule in CMDB, it makes sense to expect that ADDM should populate the TokenID on all CIs it sync to CMDB. Currently this is not the case. Please enhanc...
    Petrus Johansson
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  • Query to extract local users and corresponding groups

    Hello Experts, I need to query all the local users and their corresponding groups on all our windows machines. Any advise !!!!
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Error (Error detected by the ECA engine)

    Hello All,   I'm getting below error messages which I'm not able to understand..   When do we get these ECA errors like below? I get this error when I try to scan new hosts.. if the host is per-existing I ...
    baban shrestha
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  • TPL regex.extract issue

    Hello Community   Trying to figure out why I am getting the following error when debugging a custom pattern.   // $ /var/app/oud/oud_ed/OUD/bin/status --version // Oracle Unified Directory
    Bernard Stern
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  • Format Discovered Memory over 100GB in a query

    Version Release 753624 TKU-2019-09-1-ADDM-11.3+   Looking to format this value to 320GB or even 391MB, but the function formatQuantity(value, format) doesn't seem to do more than show 391kb or 391Kb. ...
    Jon Trotter
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  • Is it possible to extract sudo version

    Hello  Experts, As we all know a new vulnerability has emerged which affects all Sudo versions prior to the latest released version 1.8.28. Is it possible to extract a sudo version report from Discovery for al...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Changing user's Dashboard name causes alert message in Discovery

    Hi Experts,   I am trying to remove the message which is shown below on the page screenshot. Previously this dashboard used to be Etrade Dashboard and then later on I renamed it to Etrade Dashboard -1. Since the...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • ADDM Discovery - Container contains all related LPARs but not all host members

    Hi Guys!   Here I'm again with new questions.   I have a Container IBM Power8 in my environment.   It was nicely Discovered through the HMC console, but, looking inside its CI, although I can see all...
    Edison Santos
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  • Model -  Application

    If I have been using SAAM but I cannot include specific detailed nodes in an application model. it is feasible to perform?   I have proceeded to create the following: Pattern Module Application:Servicio001 Level...
    Martin T
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  • Edge Connectivity discovery is not finding relationships between servers and switches

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Discovery COMPONENT: BMC Atrium Discovery and Depen...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Discovery Model to Existing CI Mapping

    Hello all,   Currently using Discovery to create actual models of my landscape but have an existing CMDB in Remedyforce with some very useful CI's with history that I would prefer not to dump.  How do I po...
    matthew behrens
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