• model.addDisplayAttribute - values remain empty in GUI

    I'm adding a few custom attributes on Oracle Databse Server SIs. I have tried both model.addDisplayAttributes and adding the attribues using the _tw_meta_data_attrs function. Sadly the values on the GUI remain empty...
    Bernard Stern
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  • BMC Discovery - Vulnerabilities

    Dear,   The Information Security team identified some vulnerabilities points at the BMC Discovery and I stayed with doubts if is possible ( or not ) to do the configurations that are request.   1 - Unsecur...
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  • Generic Application Modeling pattern help

    Hi Experts,   I just want to have a discussion with the community if anyone of you have come across the scenario which I have here. Also would love to have ideas around it if any.   Requirement: My custome...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • A question about Complete Resync

    Hi.   When I do a Complete resync from Discovery to CMDB and then do a Complete resync again. After the second sync, I can see it does update every CI in the Discovery UI.   In Atrium Explorer I can see it...
    Michael D
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  • GMSA Support (Group MAnaged Service Account) with active Directory Windows Proxy

    Not Planned
    27 votes
    Hi, currently GMSA ist not supported. https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-101542 Please vote for this function. More and More Clients works with this Access Methode and should be more secure as the normal AD Acces...
    Karim Ibrown
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  • Indicate which exclude range prevented discovery of a blocked group of endpoints

    Not Planned
    36 votes
    When examining the results of a DiscoveryRun and going into the 'Dropped' endpoints list, it is very difficult to find which exclude range has excluded the discovery of the given endpoints because all excluded IPs are...
    Mihail Virlan
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  • TKU2019-10: Host-Device "GNU/Linux 4.12" is changing to Network Device "NoviWare"

    Hi   we have imported the TKU-Files "October, 2019" last week.   Now, we have many changes of "GNU/Linux"-Gateway-Systems, they were all installed on VMware-nodes.   In this screenshot you will see t...
    Marc Zbinden
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  • REST API Call

    Hi,   I'm trying to use discovery.restful* functions. The edpoint I should use is on a loadbalancer. I wonder then what should be the "device" parameter for the function ? If we setup the network device, I gues...
    Rémi Chaffard
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  • Nutanix storage containers not discovered

    On my Nutanix cluster, the storage containers are not discovered. Manually running the pattern Nutanix.NutanixStorage.NutanixStorage shows this error: Nutanix Prism Server 5.10 on ntnx--------cvm (0): 22044ms: Faile...
    Lionel ARISTOTE
    created by Lionel ARISTOTE
  • Set Virtual attribute as "No" for physical hosts in BMC Discovery

    Below Review Threshold
    2 votes
    For some hosts, Virtual attribute is "Not Set". It is valid for physical hosts and for those hosts where it is not able to identify whether it is physical or virtual due to some challenges. Please set this attribute ...
    Jagan Deep Singh Walia
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  • Send Alert When An Application Model Needs Reviewing

    Below Review Threshold
    20 votes
    When an application model undergoes a number of changes it gets flagged as needing reviewed. Right now the only way to see that a model needs reviewed is to login to the UI and click and look at the changes. It would ...
    Clint Barnett
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  • Add Functionality for HTTPs Certificate Requests to allow the ability to add additional Server Names from a clustered Environment.

    Below Review Threshold
    13 votes
    Add Functionality for HTTPs Certificate Requests to allow the ability to add additional Server Names from a clustered Environment.   The Generate Key request form only allows a single Server Name to be popula...
    Fred Stubbe
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  • Exclude list for Cloud scans

    Below Review Threshold
    4 votes
    Similar to an exclude range for IP scans, it will be nice to have an exclude range for Cloud scans.   Large enterprises usually have multiple cloud account/subscriptions/projects going under a master account or ...
    Santosh Kunnothmannur
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  • NetworkDevices location TPL

    Hi Team,   I just wrote a TPL which fetches a location name for the network devices using 3 letters/characters of their name using regex commands. But i am facing some problem in my TPL. Please try to assist. &#...
    Ajay Purushothaman
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  • Why are the disks of Azure VM not directly connected to the virtual machine?

    (seems like we cannot attach SVG files here - that's a pity)   Looking at the following setup of a pretty plain Azure Windows VM with two disks (osdisk and datadisk1) and 7 filesystems on them. The picture below...
    Marcin Cieslak
    created by Marcin Cieslak
  • Azure Cloud Host OS level discovery

    Hi Experts,   We are doing Azure discovery POC in our environment, and we have found through Azure cloud credential we are able to read all VMs, Load Balancers, and Storage Volumes information across all subscri...
    Soumya Ghosal
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  • App Modeling UI - Add Host

    Below Review Threshold
    3 votes
    Provide the ability to add the host from the App Modeling screen. Right click and search for Host Name. Results presented in a preview pane before adding to the model
    Santosh Kunnothmannur
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  • Filter data to CMDB

    Hello, our client wants that when the information of the hosts is synchronized to the CMDB, only the attributes of this node are synchronized, without the relations being synchronized (for example, incoming and outgoi...
  • UI navigation - Reviewing scanned entities result

    Below Review Threshold
    2 votes
    When reviewing the results of a list of scanned entities it would be great to be able to advance to the next item on the list from this screen rather than having to return to the list and select the next one.
    Santosh Kunnothmannur
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  • Skip Hosts if they have been scanned within a certain timeframe

    Not Planned
    4 votes
    A feature that provides the ability to skip hosts that have been scanned in the past X number(configurable) of days.
    Santosh Kunnothmannur
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