• How to use Sweep Scans to get ready for Full Discovery - our approach

    Dear Community,   I was facing the situation there I had to scan an enormous IP range (multiple /16 subnets) on a daily basis. I'd like to share my solution and I hope it helps you getting the daily work done. ...
    Patrick Rauhut
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  • Discovery: The rules added in a SAAM model definition disappear after publishing. Is this normal? Where are the rules?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Discovery COMPONENT: BMC Discovery 11.3 APPLIES T...
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  • Appliance SSH keys for Unix discovery

    I have found the link BMC Atrium Discovery Community | ADDM 9.0 | Using SSH keys referring to the keys, but cant seem to find instructions to generate the keys. Can someone send me down the right path?   Thank ...
    Roger Bayne
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  • BMC Discovery: Error en el log de Windows proxy 'domain\user must have SE_ASSIGNPRIMARYTOKEN_NAME and SE_INCREASE_QUOTA_NAME privileges'

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Discovery COMPONENT: BMC Discovery 11.3 APPLIES T...
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  • DIEBOLD KIOSK Discovery

    Trying to discover Die-bold Kiosk machines, which are running on windows 7. Desktop discovery is disabled in our environment.   Configured SNMP on windows 7, credentials check was successful. Still the discover...
  • BMC Discovery Outpost is not an appropriate replacement in "Restricted (policy) networks".

    From the Doc: "BMC Discovery Outpost is not an appropriate replacement is in "Restricted (policy) networks", where a line of business requires visibility of their, and only their, discovered services and infrastructu...
    Deepika Gautam
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  • Discovery: support the scan of 1 ip that points to 2 distinct hosts in 2 distinct nated/VDOM private networks

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    This implies the support of a "scope" that would be assigned to each Discovery Outpost. This scope would be used to distinguish hosts scanned via the same private ip address.
    Cedric FONTAINE
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  • SAP HANA Database

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    11 votes
    Currently the "SAP HANA Database" instances are mapped, into the Atrium CMDB, only as software instances as described in the SAP.HANA.Database pattern:     Pattern for SAP HANA Database. Active and package...
    Marco Del Papa
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  • BMC Discovery Issues with scan.

    Hi everyone. For the past weeks I have been creating a virtual lab in my machine with BMC Discovery, Windows Server, CentOS and OpenSUSE for study purposes. For some reason all scans for the Virtual Machines don`t ...
    Gustavo Petruff
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  • Getting the data of latest last scan using the label.

    We  have 5 scheduled scan running every week 2 time I want to get the lastest scan results for each of the 5 scan.       I used the below query but this query doesnt give the proper results becaus...
    Jagadish Gowda
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  • ECA Error on scanning Storage Device NetApp

    Hi, Need help understanding the error from scanning storage device NetApp.   ECA Error: RuleError on rule tpl_defn__netapp_restful__fn__updateQtrees_body_1 due to: Error while executing a rule -- ValueError: in...
    Renee Riego de Dios
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  • Scan Filesystems via SNMP

    Not Planned
    10 votes
    Add capability for Discovery to discover filesystems via SNMP on Linux/Unix and Windows. Filesystem information can be accessed via SNMP, as seen in an example here: http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/docs/mibs/ucdavis.h...
    Sarah Kunz
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  • ADDM: Allow for multiple LDAP configurations

    Product Team Review
    32 votes
    Enhancement Request:  Allow for multiple LDAP configurations. Example allow ADDM LDAP configuration so that users from multiple domains are able to access the appliance.
    Juan Carlos Figueroa
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  • Sample Override Syncmapping pattern:  Conditional Impact relationships for BMC_SoftwareServer.

    ============================================================================================================================ How to get Started creating CMDB Syncmapping Extension patterns:  Getting Started creat...
    Lisa Keeler
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  • Helix Support: Discovery: How to resolve common TKU upgrade errors

    BMC Discovery provides monthly Technology Knowledge Updates (TKU). These updates include: Support for new software products Enhancements and fixes for existing software products New integrations for Network Devices...
    Keith Larkin
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  • BMC Discovery 11.x Fundamentals Application Modeling: Seats Available

    Week Starting August 17 2020  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in:   BMC Discovery 11.x: Fundamentals Application Modeling   About the Course: This cours...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • Always show outpost version in the Web UI

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    4 votes
    By default the version of an outpost is not displayed in the Web UI:     Enabling the debug mode displays the version of the connected outposts and of the outpost installer:   In my opinion this i...
    Danny Fleer
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  • ADDM capability to discover the HP converged infrastructure (HP OneView)

    Dear All,   We have a HP converged infrastructure (HP OneView) in our environment and we need to discover it.   Generally, HP converged infrastructure has, • Logical resources are items such as netw...
    Yogeesh Kompa
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  • error performing creation of non-shared CIs - custom sync pattern to custom namespace/class

    hi Andrew Waters Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux   i have a pattern that creates detail nodes on a host node with additional information. now i am trying to create a sync pattern for these detail nodes to sync them to a...
    Roland Pocek
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  • Send Alert When An Application Model Needs Reviewing

    Not Planned
    21 votes
    When an application model undergoes a number of changes it gets flagged as needing reviewed. Right now the only way to see that a model needs reviewed is to login to the UI and click and look at the changes. It would ...
    Clint Barnett
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