• Discovery Model to Existing CI Mapping

    Hello all,   Currently using Discovery to create actual models of my landscape but have an existing CMDB in Remedyforce with some very useful CI's with history that I would prefer not to dump.  How do I po...
    matthew behrens
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  • Discovery of Cisco ACI?

    Hi   I cannot see that BMC Discovery supports this but i need to check with you people if this is possible. Release of v11 stated that this was looked into but i cannot see if this is supported? Thanks   ...
    Tord Nilsson
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  • Switch Stack Represented in Atrium

    Hello All,   The March TKU made some more minor updates to the switch stack device representation and this is leading to questions from the config mgmt community here....   The logical entity "Switch Stack...
    Louis Troise
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  • Changing user's Dashboard name causes alert message in Discovery

    Hi Experts,   I am trying to remove the message which is shown below on the page screenshot. Previously this dashboard used to be Etrade Dashboard and then later on I renamed it to Etrade Dashboard -1. Since the...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Upgrade ADDM 9.0x to ADDM 11.3

    Hi all, someone can tell me the best way to support the following use case?     AS IS   Sanning engine :ADDM Appliance (9.03)--> OS:REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX V:6.6 SANTIAGO ADDM Consolidator (9.03)...
    Angelantonio alfonso
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  • Cluster user session drops

    Browsing to a Discovery Cluster setup using Round Robin DNS we logon to the first cluster member we reach. When continuing to browse the UI the DNS randomly resolves to a new cluster member and we get the logon again...
    Andreas Enocson
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  • Model -  Application

    If I have been using SAAM but I cannot include specific detailed nodes in an application model. it is feasible to perform?   I have proceeded to create the following: Pattern Module Application:Servicio001 Level...
    Martin T
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  • TokenID on all CIs in CMDB from ADDM

    Product Team Review
    61 votes
    Because TokenID is used as the first order standard Identification Rule in CMDB, it makes sense to expect that ADDM should populate the TokenID on all CIs it sync to CMDB. Currently this is not the case. Please enhanc...
    Petrus Johansson
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  • No access in logs for unix hosts in discovery

    Hi ,   I am getting the below in the logs after running the credential test for unix host ip's in BMC discovery :   debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password,keyboard-interactive debug...
    Apoorv Chaturvedi
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  • Is it possible to extract sudo version

    Hello  Experts, As we all know a new vulnerability has emerged which affects all Sudo versions prior to the latest released version 1.8.28. Is it possible to extract a sudo version report from Discovery for al...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • BMC Discovery Integration with Microsoft Power BI

    Integrating BMC Discovery with Microsoft Power BI – a video walkthrough showing how to overcome the challenges.   Have you ever thought of showing BMC Discovery data in your BI?   The organisation we...
    Nik Dimmock
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  • TPL regex.extract issue

    Hello Community   Trying to figure out why I am getting the following error when debugging a custom pattern.   // $ /var/app/oud/oud_ed/OUD/bin/status --version // Oracle Unified Directory
    Bernard Stern
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  • ExternalEvent triggering pattern

    Hello all and hello Andrew Waters,   I've defined event source and have also a pattern "listening" to it. Then I post events using swagger and REST client, doenst matter what I use events are comming and are lis...
    Viktor Marinov
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  • Format Discovered Memory over 100GB in a query

    Version Release 753624 TKU-2019-09-1-ADDM-11.3+   Looking to format this value to 320GB or even 391MB, but the function formatQuantity(value, format) doesn't seem to do more than show 391kb or 391Kb. ...
    Jon Trotter
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  • Software discovery for JAVA, .NET, middleware etc.

    Hi Team,   Is it possible to discover the following as a separate (so we know how many instances we have and on which box). Java (all) – distinguishing between OracleJDK and OpenJDK critical .NET –...
    Amit Kumar
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  • Is there a out-of-box cron-job for Discovery backups?

    Does anybody have a out-of-box discovery backup for version 11.3.05? Using the tw_backup....
    Robert Thomas
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  • Missing Daily Disk Usage Statistics

    Hi. After a small incident with full disk we lost our Daily Disk Usage Statistics. Now there is only "No data to display" We are running Discovery .      CentOS release 6.10 (Final) ....
    Odd Andreassen
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  • Manual modeling - Queue Manager in ADDM

    A discovery was made at the level of "Queue Manager". A software instance was detected:   Software Instance: IBM WebSphere MQ Series Queue Manager 6.0 identified as BWAS03 on pwasp03   It has the followin...
    Martin T
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  • ADDM - Facility for ADDM backup built on AWS

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    2 votes
    Hi Everyone,   This is really only of interest for anyone either currently or intending to run their Discovery appliance on AWS   Situation Current appliance backup solutions (on appliance, windows share...
    Tony Mottram
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  • GMSA Support (Group MAnaged Service Account) with active Directory Windows Proxy

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    20 votes
    Hi, currently GMSA ist not supported. https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-101542 Please vote for this function. More and More Clients works with this Access Methode and should be more secure as the normal AD Acces...
    Karim Ibrown
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