• BMC discovery for cloud?

    Has anyone successfully used BMC discovery for AWS, azure or any other cloud platform? Is there a way to discover them?
    Matias Malpica
    created by Matias Malpica
  • Discovery of Cisco ACI?

    Hi   I cannot see that BMC Discovery supports this but i need to check with you people if this is possible. Release of v11 stated that this was looked into but i cannot see if this is supported? Thanks   ...
    Tord Nilsson
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  • ADDM Discovery of Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Cloud Environments

    Is there any way to have installed instances as PaaS in some cloud like Azure and AWS be included in ADDM as a discovered software instance?   Example: - SQL DB instance as PaaS in Azure Cloud (therefore... the...
    Jessiele Rodrigues
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  • Start anywhere application modeling preview

    Hi everybody, we recently got started with start anywhere application modeling, and while the first results look pretty good I'm not sure I understand the logic behind it. As an example, here is a model for MyIT: ...
    Michael Kellner
    created by Michael Kellner
  • Has anyone used ADDM/BMC Discovery to discover CI's in a Cloud environment

    I'm working with a customer who has ADDM in place, and in the near future some of their enterprise systems will be migrating to a Cloud solution. They have asked me whether ADDM or BMC Discovery would be able to perfo...
    Donald McLellan
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  • Error encountered during large Full Scans: Committing Changes Failed

    Running Discovery 11.0.02     When running large full scans these ECA errors are encountered for some Discovery Accesses:   Traceback (most recent call last): File "./transactional_server.py", line ...
    David Rough
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  • Help on Exadata Discovery

    ok, one month into our setup and first question so be nice to the newbie.   looking through the TKU and reading Oracle Engineered Systems - Configipedia - BMC Documentation   My question since this entire...
    Anthony Valuikas
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  • Group Managed Service Account with Active Directory Windows Proxy

    Hi.   Can I use a Group Managed Service Account (not Managed Service Account) with Active Directory Windows Proxy to discover Windows endpoints in the domain.   Kind regards
    Michael D
    last modified by Michael D
  • How to discover Oracle Client on Linux servers

    Hi all,   I was asked to discover the Oracle Client installations on LInux Servers. I cannot find it on the product list in Configipedia.   We are on BMC Discovery (test) and (prod). ...
    Roland Bruegger
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  • Why Discovery scan ports different to snmp (161, 162) if only have SNMP Credentials configured?

    I have a Discovery 11 on production but when we monitor the traffic during the discovery process, we can see the use of multiple ports to achieve the task. Attached is the image of the firewall showing the traffic of ...
    Alfredo Camacho
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  • ADDM discovery in AWS

    Hi All,   Can ADDM discover AWS instances and if so what the best way to do this?
    Alan Lewey
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  • vm to storage relationship

    In VMware, the vmdk for each of our hosts are attached to specific file shares which are hosted by Netapp storage.  What we are looking for is the relationship that exists between the virtual host and the file sh...
    Ryan Nicosia
    last modified by Ryan Nicosia
  • network devices - switch stack in ADDM 10.0

    How can I see the modules of a switch stack in ADDM 10.0 ?
    Andre Herbst
    created by Andre Herbst
  • How does ADDM 10 discover and display stack switches

    We are implementing ADDM 10.01 and our network team would like to know how it handles stack switches   Not being a network expert, I need to understand how to answer this to them.   Thank you
    Roger Bayne
    created by Roger Bayne
  • Hosts not linking to OpenStack VM's

    I am not able to see the relationship created between the OpenStack VM (contained virtual host) and respective Host (containing VM) as part of the 'unscanned cloud hosts. As per the documentation  both the VMs an...
    Diwakar Vijayaraghavan
    last modified by Diwakar Vijayaraghavan
  • ADDM to get Last login user, date, CPU Utilization of target servers

    Hi All,   We have the requirement to get following details from servers we discover.        last logged in user, date (other than addm user)      CPU Utilization &#...
    Manjunath Badiger
    last modified by Manjunath Badiger
  • Container discovery access

    Hi, we've begun looking at container discovery enabled in Discovery 11.3. Technology is mainly Docker, Kubernetes, etc. The platform team have enabled SSH access to the targets along with sudo access to run the necess...
    Andrew Mark Shaw
    last modified by Andrew Mark Shaw
  • Read Notes Field from VM Annotations in VCenter

    Hi All,   Could you please suggest what would be best solution to read Notes attribute from VM's Annotations [ Which can be seen from Properties of a VM in VCenter Console]. Attached screen shot for your referen...
    Arjun Thakur
    last modified by Arjun Thakur
  • NSX discovery

    Does anyone knows if vmware NSX is supported by ADDM?
    Matias Malpica
    last modified by Matias Malpica
  • Serial Number of Blade server not coming in

    Discovery Condition ESXi 6.5 Blade - Configipedia - BMC Documentation   We appear to be experiencing the behavior outlined in that link.  However, we have found ESXi servers which are blades in an enclosur...
    Ryan Nicosia
    last modified by Ryan Nicosia