• Integration b/w Openshift and BMC Discovery

    Hello Experts,   Just wanted to check Is it possible to integration between Openshift 4.x platform with BMC  Discovery?   Thank You Hitesh
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Reset Root password for ADDM appliance

    Hi Gurus,   I have an ADDM appliance installed on a linux server but i dont remember the root password anymore. I'm using hyper v to manage my virtual linux machine. Is there a way i could reset the password for...
    Deepak Nair
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  • Find Local Groups

    Hello Community   I got a problem with splitting this list I get from this command: discovery.runCommand(h, 'wmic.exe group where "localaccount=true" get Name > c:\\ADDM-2Gfil' );   The result I get fr...
    Arne Kaj Winther
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  • Report for current network connections and processes shows no result

    BMC has implemented some shortcuts to view the current network connections and current processes off a hosts. I'm talinking about the "Reports" button in the top of a Host node page:   I observed that these r...
    Danny Fleer
    created by Danny Fleer
  • Synchronization between "BMC Helix Discovery (SASS)" and "BMC CMDB" (ON PREMISE)

    Hi guys,   Have any of you already performed this Synchronization in a hybrid environment? "BMC Helix Discovery (SASS)" and "BMC CMDB" (ON PREMISE)? Can you share this experience please, I have the following sce...
    Anderson Amaro
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  • most recent DiscoveryRun

    I've got a query which shows the last 2 days of Discovery Runs with counts of Dropped, Error, No Access, No Response, Skipped and Success. search DiscoveryRun where scan_level = 'Sweep Scan' and discovery_endtime >...
    Karen Williams
    created by Karen Williams
  • Help with syncmapping

    Hi.   I am trying to do a syncmapping but it doesn't work as expected. This is what I am trying to do.   Sync mapping source: Management URL attribute in Management Controller datastore Node. Sync mapping...
    Michael D
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  • obj[a] vs obj.a

    Hi,   I'm evaluating August TKUs for us and noticed the KubernetesFunctions pattern has been changed a lot, especially regarding tags.   instructions like   tag_set := meta['labels'];   has been...
    Rémi Chaffard
    created by Rémi Chaffard
  • Cent OS 7 and BMC Discovery / 767189

    Hello to all, please could you help me, how do you recommend to update the appliance to the newest version of Cent OS and Discovery 20.0x? I have installed: Cent OS 7 and Discocery / 767 189 2 Scanner 1 C...
    Monika Jung
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  • Discovery CSV API issue

    Hi Team,   Trying to execute the following query through CSV APi but not getting the result. Please suggest https://<appliance>/ui/api/CsvApi?query=search SoftwareInstance where type has substring 'Oracle...
    Amit Kumar
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  • Credential proxy generating Audit Failures on target Windows machines

    Scenario:  Windows Credential Proxy running 11.3.05.  Service on the proxy itself is running as a local admin account on the proxy called bmc_discovery   We are integrated to Cyberark and pull all of o...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • tideway services fails to star after upgrade to v12.01

    Hi Experts,   I am upgrading my test/dev environment to discovery v 12.01. We are currently running on 6). After restoration of the backup tideway services are not coming up and throwing error as...
    Nirmal Sharma
    created by Nirmal Sharma
  • Post 12.02 upgrade issue

    Anybody seen the following issue after upgrading to 12.02?   Scans of any Windows or Unix machines come back with "Unable to get the deviceinfo: UNKNOWN" errors.
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • backup restore's test connection fails

    Hi Experts,   Trying to upgrade from discovery v11.3 to 12.02 and have backed up the v11.3 appliance on it locally. However while I am trying to make a connection from my new appliance using SSH and testing the ...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Best practice for deleted configuration item

    Hi All, What it the best practice for configuration items which are decommissioned. For Example: If a server is added, we update ADDM by discovery.  What has to be done when the server is removed from the netwo...
  • Discovery Pattern Configuration Changes

    Has anyone created a query/report of pattern configuration changes? This would be really handy when applying TKU updates and general upgrades. I started playing with a query but its tricky to get all old/new values out.
    Ryan Wiltshire
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  • recognisng the UDID used by the scanner

    I have been working with one of my colleagues in Networks to get the correct ports open to scan some Windows servers in some remote locations.   My colleague asked   "based on the documentation, the firewa...
    Nick Caulfield
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  • Software Instance vs Package

    We have some windows servers where SafeNet Authentication is installed. It is an application for two-factor authentication. When we discover those servers, I've noticed that SafeNet is created as a Package node inste...
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  • "modified" trigger kind

    Hi,   I would like to know if the "modified" trigger kind will trigger only on attributes modification, or also on relationships.   I have a scenario where I trigger on Host created and confirmed. However,...
    Rémi Chaffard
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  • Linux clients/workstations are classified as servers in CMDB

    Hello All, Currently we have seen lot of Workstation devices coming under server class. Need to fix this from Discovery perspective. So that the entry is not created under Server class.     Action plan: ...
    Hitesh Jha
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