• Create Scheduled Discovery Run for Cloud using REST API

    Hi,   Is it possible to create a Scheduled Discovery Run for CLoud using the Rest API?   We have multiple accounts in the cloud and on the master account we have a user that can scan the account with ARN. ...
    Alex Gravel
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  • Duplicate servers

    Hello All,   while working on the discovery tasks found one issue as below. server Hsisrv was discovered from 2 different scanner. Clifton Scanner Canada Scanner Also the access method are different. SSH...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • CMDB syncmapping extension for SQL Server Database

    We need to be able to map SQL Server Database DB types directly to the BAI. The reason is, the Software Instance 'Microsoft SQL Server' containing the SQL Server Database does not contain the DB instance. An Oracle ...
    Bernard Stern
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  • Can we push MetaData information in CMDB

    Hi Experts,   Need to know about the metadata information push in CMDB. I have a requirement to push device create date for the servers in CMDB.   I referred the docs and found that creationTime() shows th...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Saved Query's

    Hi Team, Where can i get saved query's of ADDM. I need like as below.   New device discovery- Host- Network-Cluster- Nodes- Ip based Host destroyed.   Like this i need more saved quires. If any one have ...
    Imran Khan
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  • Customized_Query_Part1

    Greeting Experts,   I am working on the query as below. search SoftwareInstance where type = 'Microsoft SQL Server' show type, name, product_version, #RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:.name as 'Host', versio...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Regarding Juniper router/Switches discovery in ADDM

    Hi Team,   We are scanning Juniper routers in ADDM environment 11.3 For each router ADDM is listing two CI's of same name with different IP's.   One CI has serial number and other has not. But both has ...
    Naveen Kumar N C
    created by Naveen Kumar N C
  • Excluding cron jobs/directory from a Discovery backup

    I seem to recall that there's a config file used to control what files/dirs are included in a BMC Discovery backup?   If so, please could somebody remind me of what that file is?
    Mark Lemar
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  • Life cycle of the Network devices

    If a device exists in BMC Discovery and BMC CMDB but it is not discoverable now through discovery due to some reason. After how much time it will be removed from Discovery and CMDB?   I have noticed that the sta...
    Ali Shahid
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  • Text file comparison

    Hi, I have written a TPL to extract the data from text(WIndows) or rxt(Unix) file, that is working fine. That text file contains the data like: AppName=BMC Discovery OwnerName=John Wick OwnerContact=john.wick@gmail...
    Vishnu Parihar
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  • Mapping Error in Syncmapping patern

    with one of my pattern(This time for Network Devices) I tried adding log.debug() to capture some information in logs but I am unable find those messages in any of below log files. tw_cmdbsync_exporter.log tw_svc_cmd...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Regarding ADDM Integration ID, Token Id

    Hi Team,   Have some query on ADDM Integration ID, Token Id, as when these ID's gets created and what creates it.   For example for ADDM integration ID gets generated when CI gets creates in ADDM or when C...
    Naveen Kumar N C
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  • Syncmapping pattern does not work.

    Hi Experts,   I have written below code for pushing OS support details in CMDB. It is successfully uploaded but neither push any value in CMDB as expected not log any error. Not sure what is wrong.   tpl 1...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Problem importing Discover in AWS

    Hi,   We are trying to set up a POC with a Discovery appliance in AWS and the AWS team have followed the documentation from the BMC and the AWS site. However, they can't get it to boot up. Do any of you BMC sta...
    Daniel Br�nnstr�
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  • CMDB Sync for Azure App Logic, Azure application gateway, Azure Databricks

    Hi all,   Discovery find out app logic,application gateway and databricks as Cloud Ressource.   This product can't be added in CMDB even if have no filter in a specific dataset .   Is it possible the...
    Mathieu Cossette
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  • HostNames for Devices ended with skipped

    Hello All,   Is there any way to add the name details for the devices where result comes as skipped and end state popped out as optimizing on initial scan or not the best Ip to scan. Please help me the desired ...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Host Location TPL

    Hi Team,   I have about 10 scanners in my Infrastructure, Where the starting abbreviation and subnets vary very randomly.   So we places each scanners on each locations, So we have 10 scanners for 10 loca...
    Ajay Purushothaman
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  • Where Can I get syncmapping tpl logging.debug

    1) Where Can I get syncmapping tpl logging.debug 2) I have created a syncmapping tpl in my local consolidator which do not have any CMDB integration. Ofcourse I am not syncing anything right now. Is there a way to ...
    Santhosh Gade
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  • Synmapping pattern help

    I have written below code to push support details to computer system class. However it does not seem to be pushing values to it. Please advice.   13 tpl 1.6 module CMDB.Extension.Host_SupportDetails; 14 15 fr...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Discovery of Red Hat 8 and 8.1 with BMC Discovery 11.3

    Hi all -Is the discovery of Red Hat 8 and 8.1 supported with BMC Discovery 11.3?   If this is documented on BMC's website, I would appreciate a link.   Many Thanks
    Susan McLean
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