• How can we get IP address and hostname for Huawei Oceanstor 18500_V3?

    Hi all,   I have discovered Huawei Oceanstor 18500_V3 storage device through SMI-S proxy agent and I am able to fetch almost all the information but I can't see the actual IP & hostname for the storage syste...
    Irfan bhati
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  • Discovery backup stuck

    Hi Team,   We have initiated the Discovery 11.2 backup from UI. But even after long time it has not progressed at all. Our discovery setup is cluster environment. Logs are as follow   139917541738240: 2...
    Amit Kumar
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  • Switch Stack represented in CMDB - critical issues part 2

    Hi Jean Louis Deshairs, Mykola Bocharov, All   after the doubling of the serial numbers was solved after some months with the TKU 10/2019, it's time to address the many other inconsistencies in the CMDB sync. In...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Updating Discovery

    Hi everyone!   Yesterday I updated Discovery 11.1 to 11.3 succesfully. My doubt is about the olds TKU. I desactivated them but I don't know if is neccesary purgate them.   Thank you!!!!
    Ezequiel Piriz
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  • Discovery Scan Windows Hosts

    Hi everyone! This is my first post in the Community!! When discovery is running and scan windows hosts it uses two different methods: RemQuery or WMI. I’ve seen that when executing one method or another the re...
    Ezequiel Piriz
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  • Best method for integrating BMC Discovery with other CMDB tools

    HI Experts,   i have use case where i need to export discovery ci data with it's relationship to other CMDB tools beside BMC. How to do this ? is there any rest api method that provide by BMC Discovery to migra...
    Ricky R
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  • Patch

    Hi All,   The January patches for Discovery contains a release. So far there are not of explantions of what is included in this release except 3 Defect Resolved. Raphael Chauvel , Jean Louis Deshairs ...
    Michel BIGAULT
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  • Is there any way to remove the records from Recent Runs?

    Hi Communities members,   One of my customer wants to remove the records from the Recent Runs from Discovery Page. Is there any way to remove the records from Recent Runs?
    Pranali Mohite
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  • BMC Discovery Upgrade to v11.2 from v11.1 patch 5

    Hi, i just upgraded our BMC Discovery from v11.1.0.5 to v11.2 but reasoning service is getting stuck to start and application is not able to come up. i'm getting below error. could someone help please:  
    Sumeet Verma
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  • Finding what TPLs were run on a discovered host

    I am asking this question because I would like to add a customization in order to have a file read for every red had VM in our environment. Such file would contain custom or additional info to be carried over to the ...
    Thierry Robelin
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  • Please let me know how to query "list all servers and their default gateway from the Discovery tool"

    Please let me know how to query "list all servers and their default gateway from the Discovery tool"
    bhupesh singal
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  • How-to rebrand the Helix Discovery screen

    Hi guys.   I would like to know how-to rebrand Helix Discovery screen. Even though it's an end user tool, I would like to know how   Tks Anderson Amaro
    Anderson Amaro
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  • How to include storage devices and volumes in application models and inlude them in reports?

    In the visualization I can see the storage devices and volumes.       But in the information listed below it doesn't appear   So when I generate a model report the devices don't appear.   &#...
    Javier Ivars
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  • Discover Cisco Phones through REST.

    Hello all!        Attached is a TPL that I created and tested in our DEV environment. The purpose of this TPL is to navigate via REST to the Cisco IP Phone's web interface and extract the tab...
    Nicholas Lane
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  • Pre-Release Community for Next On-Premise Version

    Happy New Year Discovery Communitiy!!   As we enter 2020, the Discovery R&D team is very busy in preparation for the next on-premise release.  As we work towards our final release candidate, we have the...
    Greg DeaKyne
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  • Discover Cisco IP Phones

    Hello Community,   I am trying to discover Cisco IP Phones which is managed by a virtual appliance called Call Manager working with Linux RedHat OS.   Each IP Phone has IP Address and we can view the IP Ph...
    Omar Abushanab
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  • Can we discover CISCO IP Phones which are managed by CALL MANAGER ?

    Hi All,   We have requirement here that we want to discovery IP Phones, even though IP Phones are not directly supported in ADDM, we can write SNMP Recognition rule and get it discovered.   here most of th...
    Somnath Shilimkar
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  • report based on RedHat.OpenShift tags?

    Hello all and a happy New Year!   How is it possible to get a report based on the RedHat OpenShipft tags?   I've this query: search LoadBalancerService show dns_names as 'DNS Names', ip_addr, port as 'P...
    Jan-Philipp Henkel
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  • Deletion of node in datastore and MaD

    Hi.   If I have Discovery and Atrium CMDB connection.   When I destroy a host node in the datastore. Will MarkAsDeleted = Yes be sent to corresponding bmc_computersystem CI and child CIs in "BMC.ADDM" or n...
    Michael D
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  • Integration method to send Discovery data to New Remedy Helix CMDB.

    Hi Team,   Would like to know if do any integration method to send Discovery data to New Remedy Helix CMDB.   Regards, Amit
    Amit Kumar
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