• How to schedule run discovery in ADDM to become every quarter

    can you please help us How to schedule run discovery in ADDM to become every quarter ( three months). I have: Weekly by days of week Once per week Monthly by day of month Monthly by week of month
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Ping Identity

    My customer wants to integrate Discovery v11.3 with their Ping Identity system for user authentication.   Is this possible? 
    Brandon Dias
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  • ADDM Playback mode

    I copied the pool and record data to the var directory i set the appliance into playback mode. I just cant seem to find documentation on how actually play it back?
    Neal Meagher
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  • special characters at Custom reports show clausule

    We are trying to define some Custom Reports that it contains some "special Characters" like "<" or ">" or "Ñ" at show clausule and although at "Query windows"  the query is executed correctly at "Cus...
    Juan Jose Algar Ortega
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  • Consolidation jobs are taking really long time

    Hello,   we are running the consolidation cluster (failover) consisting of three appliances (version with latest TKUs. All machines in cluster have 12 CPUs and 48 GBs of RAM and additional 32 GBs of sw...
    Ondrej Kieler
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  • Has anyone tried to discovery a Windows 10 IOT device?

    Hi All,   One of my users has just asked if I can discover a Windows 10 IOT device. I've asked him to confirm whether it's Windows 10 IOT Core or Enterprise but in the meantime, does anyone have any experience ...
    Nick Caulfield
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  • Change sync data from Discovery to CMDB

    We would like to add more information at BMC_ComputerSystem.ShortDescription. The default "Host -> ComputerSystem" TPL define this attribute as "host.name" and we would like to add more informaction as (Organisatio...
    Juan Jose Algar Ortega
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  • Understanding the TKU Command/File/DBQuery Matrix

    I'm trying to fully understand & share internally, the latest TKU Command/File/DBQuery Matrix information.  This is to support testing prior to upgrading & go-live to a new version of BMC Discovery + TKU....
    Mark Lemar
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  • Does BMC supports algorithm ED25519 ?

    Hi Team,   Our security team asked us to use SSH key algorithm ED25519 while discovering end servers, does discovery supports ED25519? I'vent find related supported documentation for it. Kindly advise
    Shwetali Thakare
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  • Doubt about clusters and consolidation

    Hi. I wanted to know if a device can be a cluster coordinator and at the same time be a consolidator. Thank you very much in advance. Regards.
  • Chrome browser in Visualization screen....

    When using Chrome, I don't see the information about each of the lines when I mouse over them in the visualization screen but when using firefox I do.  Not an issue with pop-ups because I enabled them.  Any ...
    Bob Bailey
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  • ADDM CMDB Sync

    Hello Everyone,   I need help for ADDM CMDB sync, once we have configured the all required things from ADDM-CMDB sync on configuration page and ready to sync the data in staging dataset. I would like to know ca...
    shital ekale
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  • Is Geneos ITRS currently discovered as part of the ADDM 2019-10 TKU/EDP?

    My company is running ITRS (Vendor=Geneos) and wants to be able to have ADDM discover existence of the netprobe on the server. Is this currently possible? If not, is it coming soon?   Also, if there is a link wh...
    David Fudger
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  • Linux Troubleshooting

    Hello Team,   when I tried to scanned rhel based servers getting an error as below. when I checked from the server end everything looks fine. But when I access the target endpoint via our discovery sourc...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Enrich discovery with product number

    Dears,   Currently we have a requirement to get the product number AKA SKU. A case was opened with BMC support and its not out of the box and it can only be customized. i found the below command that can be used...
    Eslam Farrag
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  • Unable to access ADDM Appliance using root/tideway user

    Hi All,   Greetings !   I recently deployed BMC discovery virtual appliance version 11.2. At first login it was mandatory to change the passwords for root and tideway users and I did it. Now am unable to ...
    Nischitha Markand Rao
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  • Can we schedule the CMDB sync.

    Hi Team,   I would like to know. Do we have any option to push the discovered data to CMDB in specific time period. As i am able to see "Continuous Sync on/off" & "Batch Sync" options for CMDB sync.   ...
    Amit Kumar
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  • 2 windows proxies with different versions on the same server?

    My client want to migrate discovery 11.1 to discovery 11.3 by installing new appliances. Is it possible to install a windows proxy 11.3 on the same server as windows proxy 11.1?
    Kjell Brodd
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  • Mongo Database Credential

    We are starting to use the Database credentials and associated patterns to discover deeper information in Databases. We have created credentials for MS-SQL & Oracle, but there is no option for creating a connectio...
    David Fudger
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  • Hostname_Shortname_Override

    Hello Experts,   When ADDM syncs Cis to CMDB, 90% of the time, we get short name in DNS Hostname field. But once in a while we get FQDN. We would like to get short name in DNS HostName field. This will maintai...
    Hitesh Jha
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