• Outpost Name values not populated

    Using Helix DAAS to discover multiple LOBs where each LOB has there own Outpost(s). Started to make some reports for each LOB to see their servers and cloud services based on the Outpost Name on the DiscoveryRun. ...
    George Klarmann
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  • Credentials lock frequently

    Added the credentials in ADDM for non-windows servers. ADDM is trying to check the credentials in sequence and we have a policy to lock the user after three consecutive failure. This results in user lock and device ...
  • Infrastructure Report

    Is there any pre-defined query to generate infrastructure report which includes (Desktop, Laptop, Servers, Network Devices, Storage, Main Frame, Load Balancers, Firewalls, Hypervisors, etc) I need only active devices...
  • Access Denied/Provider Failure scanning windows hosts

    Hi,   We are having problems to discover some windows hosts.   The user created to discover the windows host has these access permissions:   DCOM: Remote access enabled WMI: Root\CIMV2 namespace: R...
    Ana Lorite
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  • Issue while Discovery appliance backup to Windows share.

    Hi Team,   Facing issue while taking Discovery backup to Windows share. Below is the error screenshot. Pleas suggest.
    Amit Kumar
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  • How to discover disabled network adapters on windows hosts

    Customer has a requirement to discover all network adapters on windows hosts. From the platform script page I can see that BMC uses the query "SELECT * FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter" to discover network interfaces. Analy...
    Danny Fleer
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  • StorageDevice Location

    Hi Experts,   I am trying to tag storage device location based on subnets but below pattern is not working. I go through lot of community thread and no one helped. Few referred communities - Re: Subnet to Locat...
    Vishnu Parihar
    created by Vishnu Parihar
  • Dark Space

    Just want to make sure I understand this correctly.  If you have Dark Space setting "To keep most recent" does that mean that for every endpoint that ADDM doesn't get a response back that it will remember that IP...
    Bob Bailey
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  • Run_ID to trigger REST calls

    hi,   i am trying to automate getting and analyzing the results for a scheduled discovery run. to do this i need to use the rest api but therefor i need the run_id for the latest run of the scheduled task. i che...
    Roland Pocek
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  • Legacy CAM

    Are there plans to depreciate CAM from Discovery?
    Edward Dickinson
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  • VM's sharing same serial number issue

    Anybody else run into this and know of a work around?  Here is the scenario:   server1.domain is deployed on vCenter East with IP   server2.domain is deployed on vCenter West with IP
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • Discovery showing incorrect switch connections

    Hi,   We are seeing an inconsistency with several servers where Discovery is incorrectly reporting a server to switch connection, for no discernible reason. The MAC address of the servers are not found anywhere ...
    Raj Shah
    created by Raj Shah
  • Find Local Groups

    Hello Community   I got a problem with splitting this list I get from this command: discovery.runCommand(h, 'wmic.exe group where "localaccount=true" get Name > c:\\ADDM-2Gfil' );   The result I get fr...
    Arne Kaj Winther
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  • /dev/sda7 full

    Hi ADDM Experts,   We have one ADDM appliance which is on 9.0.1 & tried upgrade to 10.1 directly, during upgrade found mentioned error post that /dev/sda7 showing 100% full, please help us to resolve the sam...
    Kamal Sharma
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  • duplicate devices in bmc discovery

    Hi,   I am getting duplicate network devices being discovered by ADDM. They have the same  details for all the attributes except the IP address. Please help me understand the rootcause of the issue and how ...
    Depanker Pandey
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  • Appliance SSH keys for Unix discovery

    I have found the link BMC Atrium Discovery Community | ADDM 9.0 | Using SSH keys referring to the keys, but cant seem to find instructions to generate the keys. Can someone send me down the right path?   Thank ...
    Roger Bayne
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  • DIEBOLD KIOSK Discovery

    Trying to discover Die-bold Kiosk machines, which are running on windows 7. Desktop discovery is disabled in our environment.   Configured SNMP on windows 7, credentials check was successful. Still the discover...
  • BMC Discovery Outpost is not an appropriate replacement in "Restricted (policy) networks".

    From the Doc: "BMC Discovery Outpost is not an appropriate replacement is in "Restricted (policy) networks", where a line of business requires visibility of their, and only their, discovered services and infrastructu...
    Deepika Gautam
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  • BMC Discovery Issues with scan.

    Hi everyone. For the past weeks I have been creating a virtual lab in my machine with BMC Discovery, Windows Server, CentOS and OpenSUSE for study purposes. For some reason all scans for the Virtual Machines don`t ...
    Gustavo Petruff
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  • Getting the data of latest last scan using the label.

    We  have 5 scheduled scan running every week 2 time I want to get the lastest scan results for each of the 5 scan.       I used the below query but this query doesnt give the proper results becaus...
    Jagadish Gowda
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