• Accessing REST API in TPL Pattern

    I'm trying to access a REST API on one of our local servers through a custom pattern but I'm getting hung up on how to store and pass authentication. The API uses basic authentication where I send a username and passw...
    James Yant
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  • sync template for additional product attributes

    Hi I need to sync additional attribute for BMC_Product CMDB Class and I have some issue with the mapping.   Anyone has a template or a tpl to share?   Thanks Maurizio
    Maurizio Zaccaria
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  • VPN Tunnel between output on the customers site and Helix Discovery (Cloud BMC)

    Hi Guys!   Does anyone have information on how to configure a tunnel between an output on the customers site to the Helix Discovery server   I already have the customers VPN information and I am waiting f...
    Anderson Amaro
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  • Report of devices that ended with "Dropped" status

    Hi Guys,   Is there a way to extract a report with devices that ended with "Dropped" status? I need to make the customer available and identify if there is a block in the firewall or something.   Tks. And...
    Anderson Amaro
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  • No Model Rules Successfully Activated

    I don't know if this is because I'm using the demo appliance but for any "Model Rule" I choose to activate, I get the message: No Model Rules Successfully Activated.  Related to this, I also am unable to find any...
    Bob Bailey
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  • Add a new root node kind in Default CDM Mapping

    Hi all!   Hope you are ok!   My customer would like to map some kind of network device in a BMC_CustomClass instead of mapping them to the BMC_ComputerSystem class.   Is that possible? I know it's p...
    Ana Lorite
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  • Discovery No Access = DNA

    How can I get a DNA report that does not include things that have already been found by Discovery?   DNA is an in house term we have been using for discovered services that we have not been granted access to.
    Mary Ngwenya
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  • try to run sync mapping Tpl

    Is someone can send me the step to run a sync mapping tpl? I know it's not the same like run manualy TPL. Please add screen shot of example. Thanks
    TAKOULO Jules
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  • Creating custom TPL patterns for modeling an application.

    Creating custom TPL patterns for modeling an application.   1. When creating a TPL, it is defined by queries in ADDM that are related to a software instance. Example in the imagen: level0 := search(SoftwareIns...
    Martin T
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  • ADDM with EasyVista

    Hi, Anyone is using ADDM with EasyVista? What type of integration did you set up? If you're using the Export feature, can you share your mapping files?   Thanks
    Lionel ARISTOTE
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  • Oracle database rac nodes

    From what I can see, BMC Discovery does not discover the individual RAC node instances for a clustered database. The event/incident team is getting events from Oracle instances and not seeing an configuration item in ...
    Ryan Wiltshire
    created by Ryan Wiltshire
  • VMWare Cloud Discovery - BMC ADDM supported?

    Hi All,   I just wanted to know if ADDM supports VMWare cloud discovery. I have checked the ADDM documentation for the supported clouds , and below are the ones   Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Pl...
    shruthi vijay
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  • How to Explode Attribute Keeping Entries with Only One Value

    I now that ADDM explode query removes lines where the exploded list is empty (Explode - ADDM 10.2 - BMC Documentation), however I have a situation where some entries are not empty but have only one value (not a list)....
  • how to add a custom attribute in an ADDM Application CI

    is it as simple as adding a line in the metadata section?
    Jaime Rivadelo
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  • SNMP Device discovery failure

    Hello All,   We are trying to discovery SNMP network devices in our environment using BMC Discovery 11.2.06. But many of the devices are failing with error message "Skipped (Device is an unsupported device)". Af...
    Abhijit Pradhan
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  • Discovery of Cisco ACI?

    Hi   I cannot see that BMC Discovery supports this but i need to check with you people if this is possible. Release of v11 stated that this was looked into but i cannot see if this is supported? Thanks   ...
    Tord Nilsson
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  • What is limit of scanner for CI discovery ?

    We are having a new Discovery implementation which includes below to be discovered 1) 18000 hosts 2) 85000 Networking devices 3) 1200 Storage devices     What is the best approach of scanners to get abo...
    Sudharshan Mohire
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  • IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler

    Hello All, I need to compile a report of how many servers are using certain software such as IBM Workload Scheduler or IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler. When I executed the query as below getting the count very less. ...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Disabling the TLS 1.0

    Hi Team,   For some of the Discovery Application  we have Vulnerability to Disable the TLS 1.0 and enable the TLS 1.2.   I want to know that after  Disabling  the TLS 1.0 is it going to impa...
  • CMDB sync errors

    Hi Experts, Discovery version 11.3 CMDB version 9.1.03   I have noticed sudden increase in sync errors. Below is the transcript of the errors picked using `cat  tw_cmdbsync_exporter.log| grep ERROR` comma...
    Nirmal Sharma
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