• Discovery - CMDB Unique Key

    Hi Experts,   I was just working on Discovery and CMDB, and I observed that some CI are creating duplicate entries(Duplicate entries I mean Host-Name, IP and Serial all are same). I was just wondering if we have...
    Vishnu Parihar
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  • Cloud AWS Supported Requests TPL Trigger and other AWS Component

    Hi All,   I am trying to find on what my Pattern should trigger when scanning AWS.   I see there are example of TPL that show the API to call like this :        da := discovery.ac...
    Alex Gravel
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  • Generic Application Modeling pattern help

    Hi Experts,   I just want to have a discussion with the community if anyone of you have come across the scenario which I have here. Also would love to have ideas around it if any.   Requirement: My custome...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Filter data to CMDB

    Hello, our client wants that when the information of the hosts is synchronized to the CMDB, only the attributes of this node are synchronized, without the relations being synchronized (for example, incoming and outgoi...
  • Switch Stack represented in CMDB - critical issues part 2

    Hi Jean Louis Deshairs, Mykola Bocharov, All   after the doubling of the serial numbers was solved after some months with the TKU 10/2019, it's time to address the many other inconsistencies in the CMDB sync. In...
    Stefan Hall
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  • CAM - Model with SI type containing a ' (single quote) issues

    I created a CAM model with a type containing a single quote, like in   si_type := "Nigel's Monitor";   I believe this has an extremely nasty performance issue. All my scanners suddenly went extremely slow...
    Bernard Stern
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  • Get Host out of DiscoveredProcess

    Hi,   When developping custom patterns, I often use this kind of query to get the process I'm interested in with the host names:   search DiscoveredProcess where ( condition ) show cmd, #Member:List:List:P...
    Rémi Chaffard
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  • Send location as an attribute to the CMDB

    Hi, is there any way to send the location as an attribute to the CMDB. Our intention is to use the same logic of the template_cmdb_location pattern but not to create a new CI, but to send it as an attribute of the CMD...
  • Wich is the better way to differentiate two endpoints with the same hostname?

    Hi all!   I'm discovering in a big datacenter thounsands of endpoints and I'm discovering some of theme with the same hostname and also any others with the same IP address (because they are in differente ip rang...
    David Jarne
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  • Error generating report in ADDM

    When we try to generate a report like 'Host profile'  finished in error.  
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  • Group Managed Service Account with Active Directory Windows Proxy

    Hi.   Can I use a Group Managed Service Account (not Managed Service Account) with Active Directory Windows Proxy to discover Windows endpoints in the domain.   Kind regards
    Michael D
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  • Can BMC Discovery 11.x use GMSA(group managed services account) for discovery?

    I am interested to know if we can use GMSA to discover.
    Rohit Bisht
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  • vcenter appliance serial number, model,and manufacturer

    We are discovering our Vcenter appliances using the Vcenter credentials but I noticed that we do not get a serial number, model, or manufacturer (just for the appliance, we get the ESX and VM data just fine). This cau...
    mike spaller
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  • TKU key changes

    Hi,   We're looking for some inputs on how to best manage TKU key changes. We've recently migrated some of the larger asset teams to CMDB - including database, web services, etc. These teams relate support, owne...
    Andrew Mark Shaw
    created by Andrew Mark Shaw
  • Data is full. Tried performing compaction but ended with an error

    Hello All, when I executed the below command getting an error as below.   [tideway@cltdvladmc01 ~]$ tw_ds_offline_compact --smallest-first   db_recover: BDB3015 p0002_nClusterService_hist: write failed...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Best Practices: Bank willing to talk to another big Customer?

    We've got big Customer (using several products in BMC's portfolio), who would like to talk Discovery details The discussion will focus on bank/FSI specifics.   If you're a bank, in the US, and willing to learn...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Why does a Scheduled exclude range cause 'blocked' discovery runs

    We have Discovery verion, with several exclude ranges defined.   We set one of the exlcude ranges as scheduled.   After setting the scheduled exclude range, several discovery runs were subsequentl...
    Bob Anderson
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  • No Model Rules Successfully Activated

    I don't know if this is because I'm using the demo appliance but for any "Model Rule" I choose to activate, I get the message: No Model Rules Successfully Activated.  Related to this, I also am unable to find any...
    Bob Bailey
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  • HPE Synergy 12000

    Hey   Are we the only ones around here who miss discovery of HPE Synergy 12000 frames?   HPE Synergy 12000 Frame
    Lars Vissing
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  • Tags

    Where in the Documentation can I find the instructions of how to create a tag / assign a tag, etc.?   thanks.
    Bob Bailey
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