• Need to Destroy Desktops from ADDM

    Hi Experts, We have schedule discovery according to the regions where subnets are configured. We need to destroy the desktops from ADDM. Discovery of desktops from Discovery configurations is stopped. Continuous sy...
    A B
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  • Custom Taxonomy ADDM 12.1 - Invalid mode 'MERGE'

    Hello Community   I am currently upgrading from 11.3.5 to 12.1. I have a custom taxonomy that worked fine under 11.3 so far. I tried to import it as before, it failed with the error   ERROR: Invalid mode '...
    Bernard Stern
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  • Why doesn't this ServiceNow Syncmap extension work?

    Have a ServiceNow CMDB with data that has been imported.  The preexisting name is the shortname (not fqdn . The name from discovery is coming over fqdn so it doesn’t identify and creates a duplicate.  ...
    George Klarmann
    created by George Klarmann
  • Replica VMs and Unique Host Containment

    if using vSphere replication, it is possible to have replica VMs on different Vcenters, the only difference being one is powered on, one is powered off. In both cases the VMs are identical and have the same UUID. ...
    Mark Edwards
    created by Mark Edwards
  • Move swap to New Disk

    Hi Experts.   I am configuring a new 12.1 appliance and we have separate 64 GB disk. Appliance has 32 GB memory.   We want to put swap on the separate 64 GB disk.   But in Disk Configuration I can on...
    Michael D
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  • Not able to install outpost.

    Hi Team,   We are not able to install outpost, getting error as Service 'BMC_Discovery Outpost Service' (BMC_Discovery_Outpost) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service...
    Swapnil Malewar
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  • Generic Query Size Limit Issue

    Hi,   We've run into issues with a Generic Query being too large, it is as follows except for 300 servers:   search NetworkInterface where description has subword 'server1' or description has subword 'se...
    Graeme Cruden
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  • Connected devices/hosts of Router

    Hi,   Can any one tell me the how to get the information of connected devices or hosts of discovered Network Device(Router)?   Thanks in Advance.   Best Regards, Rajesh
    Rajesh G
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  • Vcenter Hosts not discovered

    Hi,   I have added Vcenter credentials and discovered Vcenter appliance. Also the Vcenter SI was discovered, however, non of the Vcenter hosts were discovered. when I turned the debug logs on, I get the below. I...
    Eslam Farrag
    created by Eslam Farrag
  • Recent Run in Discovery hangs

    Recent Run in Discovery hangs and getting The appliance has been shutdown when click on Application. Has anyone seen this?
    Alex Kim
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  • Run discovery on failed network device

    Hi Team,   I want to run discovery on failed device. please let me if this possible then how.   To build a cron job within discovery Step 1: scan the customer network via command line Step 2: once the sc...
    Deepak Rajput
    created by Deepak Rajput
  • REST API returns array and I need to convert it to string

    Does anyone know of a query language function that would allow me to talk an array result and remove the brackets and quotes, possibly also just providing the first result alone.   I have query that for Software...
    Luc Bouchard
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  • How does ADDM determines capabilities for an SNMP device?

    Hi Experts,   There are few devices which are in questions from our client side. They doubt on the device type ADDM is categorizing them in ADDM. I tried to investigate for the logic/criteria ADDM used to catego...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • ADDM discover IP phone

    I need to know if we can discover IP phones, I have seen one on communities stating its not supported but the article was published in 2013. One of the suggestion says below: "Enable a SNMP v2c credential with gener...
  • How to collect record and pool data on Discovery Outpost

    I've rasied a support case and BMC has sent me this link to gather record and pool data: https://bmcsites.force.com/casemgmt/sc_KnowledgeArticle?sfdcid=kA33n000000XhB3CAK-FAQ .   It looks like this article is no...
    Danny Fleer
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  • Syncing Management Controllers into CMDB?

    Hello,   We're working on discovering HP iLO and OA systems, one of the things I've noticed is that they're showing up as management controllers in Discovery, however I'm not able to find these in the BMC_Comput...
    Minh Nguyen
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  • Query to find the Primary IP in BMC Discovery

    Hi,   Need help with the query to find the Primary IP of the Host in BMC Discovery, through which it got scanned successfully and not the others which got skipped.   Regards, Amit Shrivastava
    Amit Shrivastava
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  • Skipped device in a discover

    Hi communitie,   Could you tell me why in some cases the status of the scan is skypped if the ports are open?   Thanks in advance
    Alfredo Montes de Oca
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  • Whats the difference between Observed Communication and Communication relationships in visualization

    Hi Experts.     Best regards
    Michael D
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  • Upgrade 20.02 to 20.08 or 12.1 or again?

    We started with v12.0.0.2 build 815073.   We downloaded ADDM_Upgrade_12.1_821596_CentOS7_ga.tgz from EPD and ran the upgrade against it in the UI.   The upgrade failed.   e found /var/log full, for ...
    George Klarmann
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