• Trying to report Unix OS type discovered hosts

    Hello,   I'm very new to DIscovery (only about 5 months thus far). However, I'm picking things up pretty decently.   Within my BMC Discovery 11.3.04 appliance server, there's a report section that is for O...
    David Hicks
    created by David Hicks
  • BMC Helix Discovery:

    Hi team,   A customer talked to me that the company has a pain and ask me if I can help them to (using discovery). He ask me if I could send a step-by-step guide on how to track all "Jobs/batch" through "BMC Di...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Distinctions between current ADDM and Discovery Multi-Cloud

    Hi,   Please provide me with some major differences between on Premise discovery discovering devices by adding credentials on to the appliances and discovery multi cloud. Are there any advantages/limitations/di...
    Jamila Khan
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  • BMC Discovery : Want to know how to get hostname for Discovered process,package,Service and Package

    Want to know how to get hostname for Discovered process,package,Service and Package       My required to get the crowd strike software running on how many system . Let me know if I may achieve ...
    created by ABHAY BHAGAT
  • BMC Discovery : Wanted to know  the meaning/difference of Discovered process,package,Service and Package

    Dear Experts, Want to know the meaning/difference of Discovered process,package,Service and Package
    created by ABHAY BHAGAT
  • Can ADDM scan VMware vRealize Operations Manager systems

    We have VMware vRealize Operations Manager configured, and wondered if it was possible to scan this with ADDM.   We configured an account, and confirmed that we were able to log into the console, however, so far...
    Andrew Wakefield
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  • BMC discovery tideway user not working from ssh

    Experts,   We have deployed BMC discovery appliance. After deployment we were able to login with tideway user from putty. After 3-4 days tideway user working through GUI console but not through putty. We hav er...
    ishant walia
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  • Discovery with different IP origin

    I try to discover an IP and the problem is that the connection is with a different IP than the one configured in Windows proxy.   I have a server with 3 networks, 1 network for BKP, 1 network for management and ...
    Alfredo Montes de Oca
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  • CMDB connection error - CORBA.TIMEOUT

    Since a couple of weeks we have this kind of errors on the consolidator   140556830754560: 2020-07-03 14:53:37,564: cmdb_sync.target: INFO: CMDB Main: Failed to contact server. 13 attempts so far. 1405568307545...
    Bernard Stern
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  • Interface and IP

    Hello,   I want to retrieve information from a Device with all of the interfaces and for each interface, the list of its associated IPs. Is this possible via a request ?   Sincerely
    BERNARD Laurent
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  • Automation of application mapping

    Hi Experts,   Is there way to automate application map through TPL scripting instead of manual intervention.   Requirement: Customer's application deployment team will set an APP ID in to registry for wind...
    Ankush Deshmukh
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  • Compatible BMC Products Matrix

    Is Discovery 12 (20.02) centOS 7 compatible with Discovery 11.3 CENTOS 6 ? I mean , can I integrating scan appliance 11.3.0 CentOS 6 with consolidator Discovery 12 (20.02) CentOS 7 ?   Is Discovery 12 (20.02) com...
    Christiane Menezes
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  • time.formatLocal v11 vs v12

    hi Andrew Waters Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux   i have a pattern that uses the time.parseLocal function like that   last_login_time := result_attributes[6]; converted := regex.extract(last_login_time, regex "(...
    Roland Pocek
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  • Is there any way to take reports of scheduled Discovery?

    Hi Experts,   I am using BMC Discovery v11.3,   I want to take report of scheduled Discovery.   Can somebody let me know how should I proceed?   Regards, Sonali
    Sonali Sutar
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  • Can I export AD accounts from Windows Proxy and Import into Outpost ?

    Hello , Can I export AD accounts from Windows Proxy and Import into Outpost ?
    Christiane Menezes
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  • Owner information lost configuration item

    Need some help with below query Whenever there is any change in configuration item of (Server) there are two CI shown in ADDM one with valid IP and one without IP Owner information is with old CI without IP Address ...
  • Nutanix Appliance scanning through BMC Discovery 11.3

    Hi,   We are trying to scan Nutanix appliance through BMC Discovery 11.3, however getting Error as "No Access"   I have gone through Nutanix Cluster - Configipedia - BMC Documentation   And added th...
    Amit Shrivastava
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  • Oracle Discovery User Permissions

    I am sure this question has been asked several times but I am having issues distilling the answer from older posts.   The TKU has all the select statements required to complete discovery. The TKU is missing the ...
    Ryan Wiltshire
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  • BMC Discovery 20.02 migration to use of Outposts

    We're keen to explore the deployment opportunities offered by the use of BMC Discovery Outposts in 20.02.  In particular, reducing the number of Discovery appliances in our environment & leveraging the benefi...
    Mark Lemar
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  • Improving Scan Performance

    We're working on improving scan performance for our 3 node Discovery cluster. We have scheduled scans setup to run every day but one run in particular, a run that scans all subnets with over 69000 endpoints, is schedu...
    James Yant
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