• Integration of BMC Discovery with BMC Remedyforce CMDB

    Hi Team,   Thanks in advance!!   I am working on Integration of BMC Discovery with BMC Remedyforce CMDB.   But I am facing below error.   PFBSS,   Can you please help me?I have to work ...
    Sonali Sutar
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  • Subnet to Location for Storage Devices / Mgt Controllers

    BMC Community   Is it possible to assign a location to Storage Devices and Management devices the way that you can to Hosts,  Network devices and Printers ?     If so, what would the trigger cond...
    George Sheehey
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  • BMC Discovery returns 'Unable to get the deviceInfo: NoAccessMethod' while Credential Test does work

    Hi I can successfully test credentials (SNMP) to a device, but when the discovery run tries it, the result is NoAccess, with Reason = ' Unable to get the deviceInfo: NoAccessMethod' Please help, all these NoAccess re...
    Riaan Muller
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  • How is discovered Huawei's FusionSphere?

    My Customer is adding to their datacenter almost 400 servers from Huawei.   We are goint to try via SSH by creating a user but it's not posible to configure the next commands:   o   /usr/sbin/esx...
    David Jarne
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  • Data Domain Discovery

    Data domain discovery failed with the below error.  checked user authentication it was successful. Do i need to make any changes?   Welcome to Data Domain OS ------------------------------...
  • Last scan report

    Is there a predefined report for last scan results? We need to know how many servers failed, successful, network devices, storage system... All scanned systems and scanned results
  • AutoComplete Attribute Not Disabled for Password in Form Based Authentication

    Hi,   Question: AutoComplete Attribute Not Disabled for Password in Form Based Authentication This is one of the vulnerabilities that came up while performing a VA scan of discovery server I tried to edit the ...
    Ramya Simharaju
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  • Regarding duplicate CI's by hostname in ADDM

    Hi Team,   In ADDM environment where we scan some test environments, we used to come across duplicate CI's on daily basis whenever some reinstall or update happens in old CI's and when ADDM see it as a major cha...
    Naveen Kumar N C
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  • windows proxy - no windows ports open

    hi,   got this on an appliance where on another appliance its using the proxy and credentials correctly for this ip     what exaclty does the 2 windows credential proxy messages mean?   is tha...
    Roland Pocek
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  • Looking to test out ServiceNow CMDB API for Discovery 20.03 to push/pull discovery data into ServiceNow CMDB

    I would like to understand and test out ServiceNow CMDB API feature that will be available in Discovery 20.03 to push/pull discovery data into ServiceNow CMDB.  How does it work? Does it stage data before cre...
    Dinh Tong
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  • Scan different Linux endpoints with different permissions

    Hi Experts.   Is it possble to scan different linux endpoints with different permissions?   I mean. Can I scan some endpoints with sudo and other endpoints without sudo? Or, can I have one linux scripts s...
    Michael D
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  • How to send multiple values to a single cmdb attribute?

    Hello, we are trying to send all the values from the Discovery 'Endpoint' column to a single attribute of the ComputerSystem class of the CMDB. The query is as follows: search Host show name, #DeviceWithAddress:D...
  • Activate pattern modules after TKU update

    Hi Experts.   I have upgraded Discovery from 12.0 to   The 2020 May TKU was included too.   When I look at the Knowledge page, I see 38 inactive Pattern Modules and they all "belong" to the...
    Michael D
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  • Query for Hosts with RDP Port Open

    Hello All   Is there a query that will show the following:   What Hosts have RDP Port 3389 open   or perhaps some other variant that will provide the same type of data   Thanks!
    Cory Garcia
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  • vCenter event handling

    Hi,   We tried vCenter event polling a couple of years ago and was not completely satisfied because the ADDM model was back then updated but a move of a vm for instance was not synced to CMDB. We are looking in...
    Daniel Br�nnstr�
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  • Consolidation issue

    Hello,   We have prod and UAT environment and multiple scanners. The scanners will consolidate data to both UAT and PROD.   We are facing a wiered issue in the consolidation. Sometimes scans are consolidat...
    Richa Patil
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  • Can we stop, Communicating nodes getting added in SAAM Application model after Scheduled Discovery?

    Hi Experts,   Currently we are Using BMC Discovery v11.3   We have observed that Application model getting changed continuously after scheduled full network discovery. Changes have been reflected in revie...
    Sonali Sutar
    created by Sonali Sutar
  • subnet location isn't work for network devices

    Customer is working with ADDM 9.0.1   We used the subnet_2_location tpl to divide the organization to locations, and that works fine for hosts, but we saw that it's not works for all the other devices like: Net...
    Erez Frenkel
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  • Symmetricom Time Servers

    Hopefully this has possibly been addressed by other users with these devices. We have several Symmetricom XLi time servers that are being reported by Discovery as all having the same sysname value, "XLI". When a Disco...
    James Yant
    created by James Yant
  • syncmapping and list of aliases

    Hello, In BMC Discovery you can syncmap ComponentAliases to CMDB, then publish service models to SIM In BEM Classes, ComponentAliases is a list of strings so you can define multiple aliases for one CI.   How c...
    Baron Guillaume
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