• CMDB Sync Filter question

    BMC Discovery 11.1   We have 200+ unnamed devices where Discovery uses the IP Address for the name.  As in, "Scanned Via" is, so the "Name" becomes 10_3_48_248.   These devices are spread ...
    Eric Plunk
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  • Missing Serial number

    We have around few servers for which ADDM is not able to fetch serial number. All these servers are VM's (Unix RHEL, Solaris ) But these servers has serial number in them . By seeing session logs we are not able to g...
    Savita G
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  • BMC Discovery (11.3) Storage System/ Volume

    BMC Discovery (11.3) Storage System/ Volume - The last TKU had some Storage, however the storage not triggering down to host as it should be.  Any recommendation appreciated. Regards, RT ! 
    Robert Thomas
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  • Is it possible to extract the list of all Discovery account ID's used fr scans

    Hello Experts,   If we can create the query something like to extract the list of all Discovery account ID's used fr scans ?   ~Hitesh
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Customized Query

    Hello Experts,   I am working on the query to extract scheduled scans that have failed to scan ANY devices and are not associated to any undestroyed hosts.   search DiscoveryAccess where not _last_interesti...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • please VOTE for improved IDEATION

    Vote here.fix the IDEATION process
    Eric Plunk
    created by Eric Plunk
  • Using VSCode? I published a TPL extension

    So I have recently switched to Microsoft's VSCode for working on my TPL. I had been using Notepad++, but I like VSCode for it's ability to manage an entire project of files and search among there files. One common use...
    Christian Pautsch
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  • Discovery Access Issues

    Hello Experts,   I am working on the No access servers list while troubleshooting few servers  I found  where Discovery access were showing No Discovery Access Details.   Few queries popped up ...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Window 2003 standalone scanning error

    Hi all,   I'm using the standalone Windows scanning tool to discover a windows 2003 host and I'm getting this error:   The host has been restarted and the tool is displaying the same error I mentioned ab...
    Ana Lorite
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  • To extend my understanding on

    Ageing: When does actually aging starts: Does is start from the first credentials failure?   Access Regression: What does it mean in nutshell. I am having hard time explaining this to my management.
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • HPE Synergy 12000

    Hey   Are we the only ones around here who miss discovery of HPE Synergy 12000 frames?   HPE Synergy 12000 Frame
    Lars Vissing
    created by Lars Vissing
  • SAAM Bulk nodes removal in 11.3x without Visualization

    @Hi Community,   We have a situation here. There is an application model with huge number of nodes aprox 2000 and there is a request to untag some hosts and components . Normally we remove the nodes in edit mode...
    Subrata Paul
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  • How to capture unauthorized access of ADDM through UI as well as SSH.

    Hi Team,   How to capture unauthorized access of ADDM through UI as well as SSH.   Regards, Amit
    Amit Kumar
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  • Daily Disk Usage Statistics - no data to display

    Hello   6 days ago I migrated my datastore data from a 100 GB to a 200 GB disk - no problems. Today I wanted to check the disk usage statistics, this particular picture is empty.     I manually ran...
    Bernard Stern
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  • BMC Discovery - Type of tools ?

    Hi Team , can anybody provide -  list for Type of Devices getting scanned by BMC Discovery ?
    Imran Khan
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  • Host changing identity issue - BMC Discovery

    Hi,   We have an issue with some servers that is changing keys every day pretty much. Not every scan if the scans are done in the same day. But every day after the scan taking place during the night a new host w...
    Daniel Br�nnstr�
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  • ADDM has stopped getting events  from vcenter 6.7

    Hi,   For some reason, ADDM 11.3 has stopped getting events  from vcenter 6.7 even though the authorization is succeeding. Which Log do you need to get more information about the issue?
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Visualize

    Why is it that the "Model" in visualize is grayed out. I searched for a particular server which I wanted to add to an existing model but I wasn't able to add the server because model was grayed out We're using 11.3...
    Michael Rees
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  • Pattern to convert registry key value conversion

    I am trying to create a pattern which can pull hexa-decimal value from registry key and convert into decimal value. There is one customized pattern which performs above operation using WMI access method but with REMQ...
    Jagan Deep Singh Walia
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  • BMC Helix Discovery vs BMC Discovery

    Judging by Overview - Documentation for BMC Helix Discovery - BMC Documentation , it seems Helix Discovery is cloud-based and does data center discovery.   Maybe I misunderstood, and maybe I missed the marketing...
    Eric Plunk
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