• ADDM Server Disk Issue

    Hi Team,   The BMC Addm server is unable to start. It is showing an I/O error on dev sda3. Please see the below screenshot of the ADDM server.   I have checked with the Infrastructure team & there is...
    Pritam Shelke
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  • How to sync cloud AWS Tags on CMDB vm class (VirtualSystemEnabler)

    Hello everyone,   we would like to understand how can we bring the "AWS Tags" dicovered with the Cloud API on the relative CMDB classes (we have already created the new fields for those tags on the classes) ...
    Marco Del Papa
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  • Consolidate Data using record and playback options

    Hello Experts, Could you please let me know if there any drawbacks in order to sync data from scanner to consolidator using record and playback options. I have built an appliance in Germany DCs and our Consolidator is...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Clusters and weight

    Hi.   I get the impression that clusters that are synced to Atrium CMDB are not weighted by default. Is that correct? If yes, why not?   Discovery version: CMDB version: 9.1.05   Kind regards
    Michael D
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  • No Access/No Response reports integrated into the CMDB?

    Hello Experts,   Since the No Access/No Response reports are based on the number of failed scans, is it possible to get the “Number of Failed Scans” integrated into the CMDB?   Regards Hitesh Jha
    Hitesh Jha
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  • ExternalEvent triggering pattern

    Hello all and hello Andrew Waters,   I've defined event source and have also a pattern "listening" to it. Then I post events using swagger and REST client, doenst matter what I use events are comming and are lis...
    Viktor Marinov
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  • Report for open ports on device

    Hi Experts,   The customer is looking for the report which tells them that which are the ports opened on their devices. Can we extract that report from BMC Discovery E.g.: Suppose ADDM discovers a Sw...
    Shubham Mittal
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  • Integration of BMC Discovery with BMC Remedyforce CMDB

    Hi Team,   Thanks in advance!!   I am working on Integration of BMC Discovery with BMC Remedyforce CMDB.   But I am facing below error.   PFBSS,   Can you please help me?I have to work ...
    Sonali Sutar
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  • ECA error whilst testing 11.3 with May 2018 TKU

    I'm currently testing Discovery 11.3 with the latest May 2018 TKU and have observed the following ECA error when scanning a Windows Server 2008 host with this version of discovery.   Scanning the same host with ...
    Mark Lemar
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  • Problem importing Discover in AWS

    Hi,   We are trying to set up a POC with a Discovery appliance in AWS and the AWS team have followed the documentation from the BMC and the AWS site. However, they can't get it to boot up. Do any of you BMC sta...
    Daniel Br�nnstr�
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  • Adding ranges to existing scheduled run through REST API

    Hello Experts,   As a part of vRealize Orchestrator integration, can anyone let us know if it is possible to add IP addresses in range section of an existing scheduled run through REST API. We are able to trigg...
    Soumya Ghosal
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  • Can we restrict the API access to discovered data only, rest APIs should not be accessible.

    Hi Team,   On the BMC Discovery API console, by using the bearer token access. We can access the data API for discovered data. Along with that we are also able to use other operations which are available on Swag...
    Amit Kumar
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  • Need assistance setting up PuTTY

    So I've recently received a new laptop but my PuTTY configuration was wiped. Can someone point me in the direction or provide how to configure PuTTY for connecting to Discovery?   Thanks,
    Ben Seba
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  • want to export Custom Report Queries

    BMC Discovery 11.1   I have over two dozen custom report queries.  Explore  >  Query  >  User Queries   I select "All" and export as CSV.  All I get is 27 lines of Title...
    Eric Plunk
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  • any way a backup be taken using an ssh public key ?

    Hi All,   looking to create a backup (off appliance), new appliance is on AWS and password based login is disabled to all EC2 instances (for security purposes), so anything SSH has to use public key. Anyone have...
    Tony Mottram
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  • Enrich discovery with product number

    Dears,   Currently we have a requirement to get the product number AKA SKU. A case was opened with BMC support and its not out of the box and it can only be customized. i found the below command that can be used...
    Eslam Farrag
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  • Getting "Timed Out" on Windows Credential Proxy for one of the Cluster Member

    Getting "Timed Out" on Windows Credential Proxy for one of the Cluster Member where as for rest of the cluster members it is working fine. I also verified under BMC Discovery Proxy Manager it is added as Known Applia...
    Amit Shrivastava
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  • Discovery CAM database relationship issues/reporting

    Hello all. I've recently looked into using CAM's instead of SAAM's for certain applications where a SAAM isn't necessary, however, in doing so it relates the software instances and components, but for databases it onl...
    Angela Hall
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  • ADDM Discovery NoAccess

    Dears,   I want to generate NoAccess report for all devices and i want to add for each row the device name, product name, the reason of NoAccess.   Anyone can help me on that ??   And also i have dis...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • Need to know the scanner's name connected to Consolidator

    Hi All, In our environment 12+  scanners are connected to consolidator with unknown connection names, due to some restriction we cannot disconnect and reconnect scanners also due to Firewall access policy the sc...
    Shwetali Thakare
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