Hi,   I'm trying to use discovery.restful* functions. The edpoint I should use is on a loadbalancer. I wonder then what should be the "device" parameter for the function ? If we setup the network device, I gues...
    Rémi Chaffard
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  • NetworkDevices location TPL

    Hi Team,   I just wrote a TPL which fetches a location name for the network devices using 3 letters/characters of their name using regex commands. But i am facing some problem in my TPL. Please try to assist. &#...
    Ajay Purushothaman
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  • BMC Discovery - Vulnerabilities

    Dear,   The Information Security team identified some vulnerabilities points at the BMC Discovery and I stayed with doubts if is possible ( or not ) to do the configurations that are request.   1 - Unsecur...
    created by GABRIEL FERREIRA
  • Why are the disks of Azure VM not directly connected to the virtual machine?

    (seems like we cannot attach SVG files here - that's a pity)   Looking at the following setup of a pretty plain Azure Windows VM with two disks (osdisk and datadisk1) and 7 filesystems on them. The picture below...
    Marcin Cieslak
    created by Marcin Cieslak
  • Azure Cloud Host OS level discovery

    Hi Experts,   We are doing Azure discovery POC in our environment, and we have found through Azure cloud credential we are able to read all VMs, Load Balancers, and Storage Volumes information across all subscri...
    Soumya Ghosal
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  • Generic Application Modeling pattern help

    Hi Experts,   I just want to have a discussion with the community if anyone of you have come across the scenario which I have here. Also would love to have ideas around it if any.   Requirement: My custome...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Filter data to CMDB

    Hello, our client wants that when the information of the hosts is synchronized to the CMDB, only the attributes of this node are synchronized, without the relations being synchronized (for example, incoming and outgoi...
  • Continuous sync and BAI

    Hi.   I have Continuous Sync enabled for one CMDB connection.   If I publish a application model (SAAM)/Create a BAI:   How long does it take before it syncs the BAI to CMDB? Or is it just "some time...
    Michael D
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  • I can't logon into BMC Discovery

    Hello everyone, I have BMC Discovery Version And I can't logon for CMDB by Web Browser. I get text "Permission denied". Acorrding Administartor guide "If you cannot log in through a web browser, tr...
    Dulat Kusainov
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  • backup Discovery appliance to another appliance

    Hi   I need to do a backup of my CentOS 6 Discovery Appliance in order to Migrate the data to a new CentOS 7 appliance. The backup is estimated to be 105 GB.   The problem is customer is limited to SMBv2 ...
    GeirJohan Birkeland
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  • VM Storage information on discovered hosts

    When you login to vCenter and look at a VM, there is a STORAGE USAGE detail which our customer is asking us to populate in the CMDB.   We have Storage TKU installed and scanning the host successfully, but I'...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • Can we discover CISCO IP Phones which are managed by CALL MANAGER ?

    Hi All,   We have requirement here that we want to discovery IP Phones, even though IP Phones are not directly supported in ADDM, we can write SNMP Recognition rule and get it discovered.   here most of th...
    Somnath Shilimkar
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  • Searching host without a specific software

    I want all host that doesn't have a specific software installed .   Here is a query to retreive host with software "oracle"   search SoftwareInstance where type has substring 'oracle' and nodecount(travers...
    BERNARD Laurent
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  • Relationship in BMC discovery

    When does addm detect these types of relationships?   Observed communication  -- when does this relationship appear ? Communication -- when does this relationship appear ?   what is the functionalit...
    Martin T
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  • Switch Stack represented in CMDB - critical issues part 2

    Hi Jean Louis Deshairs, Mykola Bocharov, All   after the doubling of the serial numbers was solved after some months with the TKU 10/2019, it's time to address the many other inconsistencies in the CMDB sync. In...
    Stefan Hall
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  • A question about Complete Resync

    Hi.   When I do a Complete resync from Discovery to CMDB and then do a Complete resync again. After the second sync, I can see it does update every CI in the Discovery UI.   In Atrium Explorer I can see it...
    Michael D
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  • Mapping containerized applications

    How is the community approaching the mapping of containerized applications? Simple docker only deployments and/or deployments to Container platforms such as OpenShift?
    Ryan Wiltshire
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  • CAM - Model with SI type containing a ' (single quote) issues

    I created a CAM model with a type containing a single quote, like in   si_type := "Nigel's Monitor";   I believe this has an extremely nasty performance issue. All my scanners suddenly went extremely slow...
    Bernard Stern
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  • BMC Discovery CMDB Sync failing

    Good day,   'm currently facing an issue on BMC Discovery, the sync is failing with this error : CMDB Connection error: Error retrieving server details, i then check the tw_svc_cmdbsync_exporter.out log...
    Sibusiso Masina
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  • Consolidator Activity Record System Duplicates

    In our Activity Records we have duplicate entries for the same update done by the system... The picture shows it all. Any idea why it shows so many times? This is a cluster of 9 members all running 11.3.05. Does this ...
    Gian-Paul Quinones
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