• Ability to scan Storage Devices

    234 votes
    Whether through SNMP or direct login to SAN switches and Storage management consoles, or directly to storage devices such as NetApps, Arrays, and suh to get a better mapping of storage connected to servers would be RE...
    Stephen Becker
    last modified by Stephen Becker
  • Discovery of stacked and virtual switches

    148 votes
    Support the discovery of stacked switches and virtual switches.
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • Software (Non OS) Clusters

    144 votes
    One of two things on my mind that I am constantly faced with during ADDM implementations or Service / Application modeling. ADDM should support the discovery of software clusters, like clustered http servers, applica...
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • Load Balancers

    142 votes
    have noticed at customer POC of addm that loadbalancers as an area where we have very limited support.  being able to scan these devices, understand load balance configurations, load balance connectivity and wher...
    Seth Corder
    last modified by Seth Corder
  • ADDM associate enclosures (aka Blade Centers) to their attached servers (aka Blades / Blade Servers).

    96 votes
    Currently in ADDM devices enclosures (aka Blade Centers) are displayed only as Network Device.   Create an TKU official where enclosures (aka Blade Centers) were treated as "Host Container" and the attached serv...
    Tiago Sanz Fré
    last modified by Tiago Sanz Fré
  • ADDM Should have a Web Services API

    73 votes
    ADDM should have a Web Services API that supports at minimum:   Running queries and returning the results Creating/Updating/Deleting Scan Schedules Initiating immediate scans
    Ian Zink
    last modified by Ian Zink
  • Shared Reports

    71 votes
    In today's ADDM, you can save a custom query report to be a saved report.  Unless you share the raw query with someone else that may want the same report, have them run it, and then have them save it, it is not e...
    Stephen Becker
    last modified by Stephen Becker
  • Ability to enable/disable scheduled scans

    69 votes
    Would be great to have the option to enable and disable individual scheduled discovery scans. Why? You may have network maintenance on a certain subnet and wish to stop discovery of that subnet during the maintenan...
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • BMC Discovery integration with Beyond Trust

    59 votes
    Discovery now supports integration with CyberArk with AIM. We request support of Beyond Trust as this product is used in many high security industries. The need for the ever  increasing frequency of password chan...
    Karen Williams
    last modified by Karen Williams
  • Multiple CMDB Syncs

    62 votes
    In our environment, we have a Dev CMDB, a QA CMDB and a Prod CMDB instance.  Currently we can only sync to one at a time continuously.  It would be nice to be able to do this on all three so we have consiste...
    Stephen Becker
    last modified by Stephen Becker
  • Discover ILO cards on Servers

    55 votes
    We would like ADDM to discover information about ILO on HP Servers (and similarly for other IBM servers). It would be great for us to discover the firmware, port of the ILO on the server. Basic information about ILO ...
    Ruchir Aeron
    last modified by Ruchir Aeron
  • BMC ADDM discovery Amazon Web Service infrastructure

    49 votes
    We would like BMC ADDM to discover information about  Amazon AWS.
    Francesca Desimine
    last modified by Francesca Desimine
  • Discovery of Cisco UCS

    49 votes
    More than one customer has requested support for Discovery of Cisco UCS.  ADDM can discover most of the components separately, but does not discover the chassis and does not relate all of these components.  ...
    Phil Mayes
    last modified by Phil Mayes
  • RFE for VMware Virtual Centers Discovery

    48 votes
    Hi all, we need to discover additional attributes on VMware Virtual Centers with BMC ADDM. This attributes can be discover running PowerCLI commands. At the moment ADDM doesn’t support PowerCLI in custom patter...
    Giancarlo Palumbo
    last modified by Giancarlo Palumbo
  • CAM - creation of software instances

    47 votes
    Why cannot ADDM provide the ability to create custom SI's within CAM? At the moment, we are only permitted to build BAI's from standard SI's identified from TKU patterns, unless you create a custom pattern outside of ...
    Brandon Dias
    last modified by Brandon Dias
  • Provide discovery of integrated solutions such as Oracle's Exalogic, Exadata & SuperCluster

    44 votes
    We're seeing several customers that are purchasing Oracle's integrated solutions [Exalogic, Exadata, SuperCluster]. It would be nice if we had the ability to discover them and/or a whitepaper that talked about how we ...
    Kam Lane
    last modified by Kam Lane
  • ADDM 11 - visualize / model - Possibility to filter out Software Instance Types per default

    42 votes
    Hello,   while working with SAAM (Start Anywhere application Mapping) and the visualisation there are a few applications that I always have to delete out of the model.   For example: PatrolAgent - Doesn't...
    Ferry Groot
    last modified by Ferry Groot
  • Adding end of service life in Hardware Reference Data

    41 votes
    The addition of EOL and EOSL hardware data in the HRD would be useful from a financial management and life cycle managment prospective. Having this data along with the software EOL data would assist in planning activity.
    Robert Lafosse
    last modified by Robert Lafosse
  • RFE for SUN Solaris Discovery

    36 votes
    Hi all, we need to discover additional attributes on SUN Solaris with BMC ADDM. This attributes are:   pool; capped-memory; cpu-shares;   At the moment ADDM doesn’t discover these attributes in ...
    Giancarlo Palumbo
    last modified by Giancarlo Palumbo
  • Cluster discovery

    35 votes
    Hi all,   a useful improvement coul be to increase the information retrieved on the cluster, in particular on Microsoft cluster, Sun cluster, Veritas Cluster and Serviceguard Cluster. Currently many useful infor...
    Luana Ravenna
    last modified by Luana Ravenna