• Exporting ADDM visualization in Visio format

    On Roadmap
    152 votes
    Application maps developed using ADDM can be viewed in ADDM visualization feature. Such visualization has information about relationships (like communication, dependency, association etc) between Software Instances, B...
    Swapnil Patil
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  • Detecting of Ressource Groups for AIX Clusters

    On Roadmap
    44 votes
    I would like ADDM to find out information about ressource groups in AIX Clusters. In my opinion, this is necessary since applications are in a sense running on ressource groups rather than running on the cluster or o...
    Ralf Altmeyer
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  • Integrity check for the ADDMRemQuery executable

    On Roadmap
    25 votes
    Until now there is no integrity check for the ADDMRemQuery executable. If the proxy gets compromised attackers could insert malicious software under the name of ‘ADDMRemQuery’ which would get distributed ...
    Christian Weber
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  • ADDM script support for Power Broker and other security products

    On Roadmap
    20 votes
    ADDM needs to support full integration with third party security products. For many installations providing the ADDM account with sudo root is not an option.  In our case we are required to use Power Broker to pr...
    John Swann
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  • Discover IBM PureFlex and Flex systems

    On Roadmap
    16 votes
    Similar to the requests for discovering CISCO UCS and Blade Enclosures... IBM PureFlex and Flex systems are to a degree similar and discovery of those and model the "containers" and what the "contain" would be very be...
    Petrus Johansson
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  • Cisco Ace Load Balancers

    On Roadmap
    15 votes
    ADDM currently does not support Cisco ACE Load balancers for discovery, only as a network device.   Do we have an ETA of when they will be supported by ADDM, or the estimates TKU release for support?   thanks
    Anthony Barghout
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  • UNIX Slave (and DaaS?)

    On Roadmap
    15 votes
    Idea  How about expanding the capability of the Slave to include UNIX?  The slave would simple act as a gateway and receive commands from the Appliance on a single port/IP-Address and then forward those req...
    Doug Connell
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  • Utility to mask out IP and hostname in logs to be forwarded to BMC support

    On Roadmap
    14 votes
    Many Telcos have security obligations which include not sharing IP addresses and host names of servers and network devices. BMC support require logs to resolve support cases this is a given however by sending these lo...
    Brett Skippen
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