• Relationships between the core switches with edge switches

    Product Team Review
    307 votes
    Even with dynamic relationship, it is very important that they display the relationships between the core switches with edge switches.   Thus being able to predict impacts and dependencies.   Besides assis...
    Tiago Sanz Fré
    last modified by Tiago Sanz Fré
  • Ability to scan Storage Devices

    234 votes
    Whether through SNMP or direct login to SAN switches and Storage management consoles, or directly to storage devices such as NetApps, Arrays, and suh to get a better mapping of storage connected to servers would be RE...
    Stephen Becker
    last modified by Stephen Becker
  • Discovery of SSL certificates using ADDM

    204 votes
    It would be beneficial for us for ADDM to discover web server SSL Certificates by checking all listening ports on a server and return all the available certificate attributes and return which Software Instance is usin...
    David Ewing
    last modified by David Ewing
  • Exporting ADDM visualization in Visio format

    Not Planned
    157 votes
    Application maps developed using ADDM can be viewed in ADDM visualization feature. Such visualization has information about relationships (like communication, dependency, association etc) between Software Instances, B...
    Swapnil Patil
    last modified by Swapnil Patil
  • Discovery of stacked and virtual switches

    148 votes
    Support the discovery of stacked switches and virtual switches.
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • Software (Non OS) Clusters

    144 votes
    One of two things on my mind that I am constantly faced with during ADDM implementations or Service / Application modeling. ADDM should support the discovery of software clusters, like clustered http servers, applica...
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • Load Balancers

    142 votes
    have noticed at customer POC of addm that loadbalancers as an area where we have very limited support.  being able to scan these devices, understand load balance configurations, load balance connectivity and wher...
    Seth Corder
    last modified by Seth Corder
  • ADDM Manager

    Product Team Review
    138 votes
    First of all, the ADDM Proxy Manager is a great step in the right direction.   Now, I would like to install this Proxy Manager on my laptop or some other more central location, to manage all ADDM Proxies on all ...
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • Control Duplicate Host Creation (ADDM)

    Product Team Review
    115 votes
    Idea - ADDM should NOT create duplicate hosts for Servers and Workstations that have been upgraded.  See Implementation details below.   Background - Many Companies are implementing a Private Cloud envi...
    Doug Connell
    last modified by Doug Connell
  • ADDM associate enclosures (aka Blade Centers) to their attached servers (aka Blades / Blade Servers).

    96 votes
    Currently in ADDM devices enclosures (aka Blade Centers) are displayed only as Network Device.   Create an TKU official where enclosures (aka Blade Centers) were treated as "Host Container" and the attached serv...
    Tiago Sanz Fré
    last modified by Tiago Sanz Fré
  • Improved TKU Updates

    Product Team Review
    94 votes
    With other software packages out there, you can check for updates within the tool itself.   Ideally I would like to go to the Knowledge Update screen under Administration and be able to check for an updated TKU ...
    Stephen Becker
    last modified by Stephen Becker
  • BMC Discovery - Support for 'Syslog' forwarding

    Product Team Review
    91 votes
    With the increased focus on Information Security, there is a need to send log files to analytical tools like 'Splunk'. 'Splunk' requires 'Syslog' forwarding as the mechanism to receive the log files. However, 'BMC Dis...
    Gokul Donthi
    last modified by Gokul Donthi
  • Facility to export all (or a selection of) Appliance Configuration Settings

    Product Team Review
    84 votes
    It would be very useful to be able to export all, or a selection of, appliance configuration settings. For instance, I've seen customers who need all configurations, such as scans or CMDB Syncs, to be tested on an acc...
    David Heydecker
    last modified by David Heydecker
  • Credential success statistics

    Product Team Review
    80 votes
    The old credential success statistics has been removed in Discovery 11 because of the extremely high cost in calculating them making viewing the credential pages very slow. It is cumbersome to identify credentials tha...
    Ludvig Cassel
    last modified by Ludvig Cassel
  • Ship containerized discovery (docker image(s))

    Product Team Review
    79 votes
    Hi,   BigCorp deliver a cloud native SaaS solution to 200+ customers. The information architecture for the SaaS offering requires some strict data segregation. BigCorp segregate the data and the infrastructure...
    Mikael Sandstrom
    last modified by Mikael Sandstrom
  • Adding load balancer objects to ADDM CAM Models

    Product Team Review
    74 votes
    CAM enhancement request, since Load Balancer is part of application architecture, CAM User should be able to connect Load Balancer objects like Load Balancer Service to a CAM Model. Currently only BAI, Detail, Databas...
    Ilan Sviry
    last modified by Ilan Sviry

    Product Team Review
    75 votes
    Send automatically or easly from ADDM some report or a query result via mail
    gal sonnenfeld
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  • Functions in web UI (ping, tracert, wmi, snmp walk)

    Product Team Review
    74 votes
    To help troubleshoot scanning issues it would be helpful to have functions like ping, tracert, wmi and snmp walk available from the web UI of Discovery. This would allow you to do troubleshooting without having to co...
    Andreas Enocson
    last modified by Andreas Enocson
  • Allow Datastore Disk Expansion in ADDM

    Product Team Review
    74 votes
    Recently I ran into an issue with ADDM when the 500GB disks which housed our datastore approached max capacity. I proceeded to add a 500 GB disk to the cluster appliances for expansion. I found that it was not possibl...
    Justin Sanford
    last modified by Justin Sanford
  • ADDM Should have a Web Services API

    73 votes
    ADDM should have a Web Services API that supports at minimum:   Running queries and returning the results Creating/Updating/Deleting Scan Schedules Initiating immediate scans
    Ian Zink
    last modified by Ian Zink