• Support AS400 discovery via SSH

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    We discover lot of AS400 devices. Currently discovery of AS400 is only supported via SNMP. However SNMP discovery does not discover key attributes like serial number, RAM, CPU, disk, hardware vendor. These attributes...
    Robert Karin
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  • Exporting/importing Custom User Groups?

    I have custom user groups that I've made on one appliance and want to export them into another appliance (from DEV to PROD). Can this be done, or must I recreate each group from scratch in the UI?
    Joshua Klarmann
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  • patterns only on the consolidator

    I had a student in class that said for the last 2 years they were only putting patterns on the consolidator and not the scanner & consolidator.  They were having no problems with their data.  I have neve...
    Bob Bailey
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  • TPL for Software Component on Software Instance

    BMC Discovery version:   Trying to write a fairly basic Software Instance + Software Component pattern.  There aren't many 'templates' out there, so I've been trying to steal a little bit fro...
    Jeff Sikorski
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  • Looking to build a Software Blacklist Query

    The customer here is requesting a Software Blacklist query/report, using DISA CAL - Banned software (~91 Products).  I am thinking of using Package, RuntimeEnvironment and SoftwareInstance in initial query, and I...
    Gene Slaughter
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  • ADDM Discovery appliance

    In order to configure Cisco SNMP configuration it required Engine IS of BMC ADDM server.   How can I get this information?
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Helix Support:  Your Discovery appliance is running low or is out of Disk Space.

    An issue that BMC Discovery customers sometimes encounter is when their Discovery appliance becomes either low on disk space, or runs out of disk space completely and will not start.  Below are some of the resour...
    David Miller
    created by David Miller
  • Replace remQuery with Powershell

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    35 votes
    In environments with strict security/compliance rules, automatic remQuery installation/uninstallation may be seen as a risk. As we know, currently there's no other way to get data requested by patterns or network co...
    Jacek Szlaczka
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  • Why application models are pushed to BMC_Application instead of BMC_BusinessServices

    Hi   I am quite new to Discovery.   I am wondering why - once a application model is created in Discovery - it is synced to BMC_application class instead of BMC_BusinessService Class... any reason for this...
    Foued BEN HADJ ALI
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  • Regarding ADDM scanner reboot issue

    Hi Team,   We have a standalone ADDM scanner. Recently it has been rebooted by VM team due to some maintenance activity. After reboot scanner did not come up and found in cluster manager logs as below. tail -f...
    Naveen Kumar N C
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  • BAI creation date

    Hi Experts,   Is there a way to find the creation date of BAI nodes in ADDM?   Thanks in Advance.   - Nirmal
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • Accurate information of NAT mappings from firewall in BMC Discovery

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    7 votes
    It will be great to have (find with BMC Discovery) information of network address translation (NAT) mappings from firewall, and that we save that information in CMDB.   Target data / information will be IP addre...
    Matija Bosnjak
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  • Windows Proxy server

    Hi,   We have requirement like we need to Discover desktop OS in our requirement hence we have configured a separate scanner and enabled desktop discovery. I was wondering if we can use existing proxy for that. ...
    Vishnu Parihar
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  • Need to discover storage devices - Dell EMC, HP, Oracle

    Hi experts,     We need to discover storage devices of below make and model : ------------------------- Dell EMC SC4020 HP MSA 2040 Oracle FS1-2 Oracle ZS3-2 ------------------------- We want to kno...
    Pooja Kausal
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  • How to stop CMDB sync services

    Hello,   Is it possible to stop only CMDB sync services (BMC Discovery 11.3) and leave all other services running? Discovery is probably running quite extensive SQL queries to CMDB which overloading the CMDB and...
    Ondrej Kieler
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  • Deploy and apply OS updates via API

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    13 votes
    We would like to request a way to administer the OS updates via API to allow us to deploy and apply those updates remotely.
    Tim Bearden
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  • Export CMDBsync shadow copy queries from the ui

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    1 vote
    It is possible to query the shadow copy from the ui but no "export" is available. A tw_query is required to export to csv but Helix does not allow OS access!   Can we add a button to the ui please?   Just...
    Matt Lambie
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  • Can any tell me if this is an issue with BMC Discovery or our Network

    We're running BMC Discovery, and recently I found a large number of hosts network interface displaying a red circle with a white cross x (see screenshot), when I place the cursor over the red circle a comment...
    Michael Rees
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  • EMC Isilon A Series Storage Device Discovery Supported?

    Are Isilon A Series Storage Devices supported yet? This link describes Isilon device discovery, but only mentions these as the supported platforms:   S-Series, X- Series, NL-Series, EMC Isilon OneFS operating s...
    Brian Morris
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  • Discovery questions

    how long should it take for a single host scan to complete ? I submitted an adhoc run of a linux host from a scanner that had no other runs in process. The scan took 22 minutes to complete. Once a scan is complete (...
    Jeremy Nicolls
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