• BMC Discovery 11.x Fundamentals Application Modeling: Seats Available

    Week Starting February 10 2020  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in:   BMC Discovery 11.x: Fundamentals Application Modeling   About the Course: This cou...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • Creating custom TPL patterns for modeling an application.

    Creating custom TPL patterns for modeling an application.   1. When creating a TPL, it is defined by queries in ADDM that are related to a software instance. Example in the imagen: level0 := search(SoftwareIns...
    Martin T
    created by Martin T
  • What is limit of scanner for CI discovery ?

    We are having a new Discovery implementation which includes below to be discovered 1) 18000 hosts 2) 85000 Networking devices 3) 1200 Storage devices     What is the best approach of scanners to get abo...
    Sudharshan Mohire
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  • Exclude duplicate IPs from scans when using CIDR ranges

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    14 votes
    The "Add a new run" feature already excludes duplicate IP addresses when individual IPs are put into the RANGE window.  I would like to have a checkbox added (checked by default) that says "Remove duplicates" tha...
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  • Automatic Sudo (or Agent)

    Not Planned
    21 votes
    Problem Statement Managing sudo rules for BMC Discovery is difficult.  Administrators are always several months or years behind the requirements.  We recently had a request to discover "Docker" on Linux - so...
    Doug Connell
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  • IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler

    Hello All, I need to compile a report of how many servers are using certain software such as IBM Workload Scheduler or IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler. When I executed the query as below getting the count very less. ...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Disabling the TLS 1.0

    Hi Team,   For some of the Discovery Application  we have Vulnerability to Disable the TLS 1.0 and enable the TLS 1.2.   I want to know that after  Disabling  the TLS 1.0 is it going to impa...
  • Console(ssh) LDAP authentication for users with sudo rights to tideway

    Product Team Review
    30 votes
    Hello,   I suggest enabling an integration with AD for ssh authentication to have a better control  and audit of administrators and not share the tideway password among multiple persons. This is a security...
    Vali Vasile
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  • Top Viewed Discovery Knowledge Articles

    January 2020 list of top viewed Discovery knowledge articles, this will be regularly updated. Article # Title 000090338 Discovery: Troubleshooting Windows WMI discovery failures 000025567 ADDM: What to do in ...
    Keith Larkin
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  • CMDB sync errors

    Hi Experts, Discovery version 11.3 CMDB version 9.1.03   I have noticed sudden increase in sync errors. Below is the transcript of the errors picked using `cat  tw_cmdbsync_exporter.log| grep ERROR` comma...
    Nirmal Sharma
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  • HasImpact, ImpactWeight, ImpactDirection attributes

    Dear community I need your help with understanding the following behavior.   As we all know, BMC Discovery (we have version 11.3) has the ability to detect the impacted components such as for example Clustered sy...
    Alex Genström
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  • Discovery backup stuck

    Hi Team,   We have initiated the Discovery 11.2 backup from UI. But even after long time it has not progressed at all. Our discovery setup is cluster environment. Logs are as follow   139917541738240: 2...
    Amit Kumar
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  • Switch Stack represented in CMDB - critical issues part 2

    Hi Jean Louis Deshairs, Mykola Bocharov, All   after the doubling of the serial numbers was solved after some months with the TKU 10/2019, it's time to address the many other inconsistencies in the CMDB sync. In...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Baseline Email Alert Interval Configuration

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    Hello Team,   We have noticed that when configuring our Appliances to send an Email on Critical or Major Baseline alerts that the email will be sent every hour until the alert is addressed. We have confirmed wi...
    Kyle Kroeker
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  • REST API server-side logging

    Not Planned
    8 votes
    As of now there's no way to get any kind of server-side API logs to troubleshoot.   It would be very helpful to see what API requests are coming in, from what source, using what token and the status (server resp...
    Jacek Szlaczka
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  • Discovery Scan Windows Hosts

    Hi everyone! This is my first post in the Community!! When discovery is running and scan windows hosts it uses two different methods: RemQuery or WMI. I’ve seen that when executing one method or another the re...
    Ezequiel Piriz
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  • Is there any way to remove the records from Recent Runs?

    Hi Communities members,   One of my customer wants to remove the records from the Recent Runs from Discovery Page. Is there any way to remove the records from Recent Runs?
    Pranali Mohite
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  • BMC Discovery Upgrade to v11.2 from v11.1 patch 5

    Hi, i just upgraded our BMC Discovery from v11.1.0.5 to v11.2 but reasoning service is getting stuck to start and application is not able to come up. i'm getting below error. could someone help please:  
    Sumeet Verma
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  • Finding what TPLs were run on a discovered host

    I am asking this question because I would like to add a customization in order to have a file read for every red had VM in our environment. Such file would contain custom or additional info to be carried over to the ...
    Thierry Robelin
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  • Discover Cisco Phones through REST.

    Hello all!        Attached is a TPL that I created and tested in our DEV environment. The purpose of this TPL is to navigate via REST to the Cisco IP Phone's web interface and extract the tab...
    Nicholas Lane
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