• Get users on SNMP discovered devices

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a way to retrieve configured users and related information on devices such as firewalls and serial terminal servers that use SNMP for discovery via a pattern. I've found OIDs that can d...
    James Yant
    created by James Yant
  • improved Baseline emails

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    8 votes
    Currently have BMC Discovery   Two recommendations for the Baseline emails: Group the entries by Severity, with most severe at the top and least severe at the bottom.  Make it easy to find the is...
    Eric Plunk
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  • expand & traverse

    hi expert,   can any one explain me with example the difference between expand and traverse     thanks & regards Raju
    Raja Patil
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  • stop discovery service

    hi expert, can any one explain me the correct sequence for stopping bmc discovery service from the command line     thanks & regards suresh
    Suresh Dagde
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  • Mock Question

    hi expert, can any one expalain me to solve this question, Q) customer has some server which is very confidential, they don't want these servers to be discovered by bmc discovery, write down step to achieve this in...
    Raja Patil
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  • Application upgrade using the latest TKU version

    Once released and available on the EPD site, I don't believe that application upgrade files are continually updated with the latest monthly TKU available?   Therefore, is it possible to configure an application ...
    Mark Lemar
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  • Top Viewed Discovery Knowledge Articles

    August 2019 list of top viewed Discovery knowledge articles, this will be regularly updated.     Article # Title 000142105 Cyberark / Discovery integration fails with APPAP297E/APPAP292E/APPAP100E/ITADB...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • Extend Discovery Conditions for Windows NIC

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    3 votes
    BMC Discovery uses WMI and RemQuery to discover a Windows Server. Both of these methods have to work to get detailed data about the Server. For RemQuery to work, "File and Printer Sharing" must be enabled on the Netw...
    Danny Fleer
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  • Discovery - Capacity to Also Edit Application Model by the same way it is done for Discovery CIs Groups (CIs like pills)

    Not Planned
    2 votes
    Hi Guys,   I would like to suggest to BMC to develop some kind of text editor to make changes in modeled applications, in some way like the editor we have available to edit Groups (see image below).   A ki...
    Edison Santos
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  • Discovery – Ability to create/edit SAAM models with a command-line utility

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    In some cases, the information about components of an Application to be modeled comes through some kind of digital documents (list of HOSTS, Data Bases, etc.   I think that the possibility to do this Application...
    Edison Santos
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  • Use predefined Application to during CyberArk integration

    Not Planned
    12 votes
    CyberArk integration with ADDM:   While installing the CyberArk agent on the BMC Discovery appliance, it tries to creates its own Application (\BMC_Discovery) into the CyberArk vault. In some scenario, it is d...
    Turshit Singh
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  • Consolidations seems to be stuck on cluster.

    Hello Experts,   I have around 120 consolidations that are running on the cluster, but out of which only 2 consolidations are showing as started and rest are showing as "Not Started".   Any idea it is show...
    Sumit Shende
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  • Query for Application Model name with Host

    Dear Experts,   want to know that may I get the application model name with the host details via a same query .   We want to have a table which shows that server is a part of which application model . &#...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • problem with appliance starting...

    Any ideas on this error message?    OSError: [Errno 13] Permission Denied: 'usr/tideway/lib/python2.7/site/packages/WALinuxAgent-2.2.41-py2.7.egg-info'   I logged into the appliance using PuTTY as ti...
    Bob Bailey
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  • tw_appserver restarted

    Could anyone please let me know how application server service restarted automatically.   when I checked in the tw_appserver log it is showing something as below.   what is watchdog managed process ?
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Calculate or estimate RF CMDB storage usage

    How would you go about estimating the amount of RemedyForce CMDB storage is required by a given 11.3.x Discovery system? Assuming the base OOTB integration and no filters.   After that, how much space savings i...
    Brian Morris
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  • Send Data to RemedyForce CMDB 'Lookup' Field

    Is it possible to send data to a RemedyForce CMDB Winter 19 Patch 1 "Lookup" field? Discovery is version 11.3.05 and August TKU, EDP, and Storage packs are installed. We've added the field name (Location) to the BMCDi...
    Brian Morris
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  • db_verify process stuck

    Hello All, I have started the db_verify activity on the consolidator on 9th Aug.As checked now it is still not completed.Our appliance is still down . Please help .  
    Hitesh Jha
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  • How to do using template_cmdb_hostname_override.tpl

    Hi team, Can you help me.   I need to change the Hostname of the a devide: I have 4 nodes, I need to change the name the all.   eg .:   admin1.com to exadb01.com.br admin2.com to exadb01.com.br a...
    Victor Moises
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  • Hostname_Shortname_Override

    Hello Experts,   When ADDM syncs Cis to CMDB, 90% of the time, we get short name in DNS Hostname field. But once in a while we get FQDN. We would like to get short name in DNS HostName field. This will maintai...
    Hitesh Jha
    last modified by Hitesh Jha