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WARNING:  Do not upload the August 2020 TKU to or

Before applying the August 2020 TKU, you must upgrade Discovery to


Documentation is here: Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2020-Aug-1 - Configipedia - BMC Documentation



Important Note for BMC Discovery


If you use BMC Discovery 12.0 (20.02), you must install Patch 2 before you install the August TKU. More information on the patch is available here, Patch 2 for version 20.02.





If you do upload the August 2020 TKU onto or, you will get this errors such as these upon the TKU Upload:


ErrorChange to module CMDB.OwnedManagementGroup_AdminDomain failed because at line 12 imports pattern module 'CMDB.CloudManagementGroup_AdminDomain' which has Unknown node or relationship kind 'CloudManagementGroup' in mapping traversal at line 25.


ErrorChange to module MicrosoftAzure.Storage.ManagedDisks failed because at line 13 imports pattern module 'Cloud.CommonFunctions' which has Unknown node kind 'CloudManagementGroup' in search at line 174.



Even with the errors, the "product content" in the Manage > Knowledge page will show 08/2020.


The CloudManagementGroup referred to in the error message is a new node kind with the August 2020 TKU.


To recover from this error, you must upgrade to Discovery version 12.0.02 and then re-apply the August 2020 TKU.


See also:  KA 000371956  -

Discovery: Upload of August 2020 core TKU fails with "Unknown node or relationship kind 'CloudManagementGroup'"