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Thanks to everyone that participated in the pre-release community prior to our 20.02 release.  We are ready to ramp this community up again with the upcoming 20.08 release (On-Premise & SaaS).  If you are already a member of the "BMC Helix Discovery Pre-Release Program" community, there's nothing that you have to do and look out for a forthcoming post in that community with further details on the first pre-release candidate.


If you are interested in joining the pre-release community so that you can get early access to these builds, test new features, and provide feedback to R&D, please send me a private message so that I can get you setup.  If you are discovering resources in the cloud or are looking to do so, you might find a new feature in 20.08 of interest to you!



Greg DeaKyne

Product Manager, BMC Discovery